Saturday, July 31, 2010

What Kim did at a tractor plant

It hardly needs saying, does it?
He highly estimated the revolutionary work style and enterprising work approach of the officials, workers and technicians of the plant making uninterrupted innovations and advances, noting it is laudable that they have changed its appearance as required by the era of knowledge-based economy through a dynamic mass technological innovation movement and are stepping up the vigorous advance to hit the higher goal of latest science.
And now for some real news from North Korea:
North Korea's football team has been shamed in a six-hour public inquisition and the team's coach has been accused of "betraying" the reclusive leader's heir apparent following their failure at the World Cup, according to reports. [...]

The entire squad was forced onto a stage at the People's Palace of Culture and subjected to criticism from Pak Myong-chol, the sports minister, as 400 government officials, students and journalists watched.

The players were subjected to a "grand debate" on July 2 because they failed in their "ideological struggle" . . .
Not like the chaps in the tractor factory. (h/t: Soccer Dad)

Update: The latest Haveil Havalim does not fail in its ideological struggle.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

On Sherrod's suit against Breitbart

The suit might succeed, but I don't think the facts are on her side. The video was not diabolically edited. It wasn't stitched together from tiny fragments of the speech in order to make it look as if she was saying something utterly unconnected to what she was saying. As a number of people have pointed out, the excerpt even included some of the moralizing at the end that was meant to make her story more palatable. I did not see it until I knew about the controversy, but I think an intelligent person watching it would have taken it as a confessional moment. It was an excerpt.

Here is what I take to be Breitbart's version:

This little episode from Sherrod's speech is what it is. I grew up in the Deep South. I'm not old enough to exactly remember Jim Crow, but I can remember a very brief bit of time before desegregation and a long time afterward when there was still a certain smell in the air. Feelings of superiority, disdain, hostility usually evoke reciprocal feelings. It's just human nature, so I can cut Sherrod some slack--I don't think it is reasonable to expect her to be the world's most post-racial person. Breitbart seems to be guilty of nothing more than the crime of disagreeing with me.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Brief Items (Neo-linkim?)

Michael Ledeen has a good round-up on Iran.

Matthew Yglesias has betrayed the Progressive Movement. And they're nasty when they're betrayed.

Khaled Abu Toameh: "Many Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have a dream: to work or live in Israel. Some even say they are prepared to pay large sums of money to obtain Israeli citizenship." (h/t: Israel Matzav)

What are there, five Kos Diaries about this story?

Der Spiegel says "China's Soft Power Is a Threat to the West"

Wasn't this the idea of a Dr. Seuss book? (h/t: Instapundit)

Remember the story about an Israeli lawsuit against Al-Jazeera? Norman Finkelstein post title: "10 Israelis to sue Al-Jazeera for unflattering angle shots that accentuate their 'Semitic probosces'" (I guess he wants to make sure that his academic career stays dead.)

Bell, California just isn't supposed to be in the news.

Great News!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Concert celebrates victory in Fatherland Liberation War

Otherwise known as the Korean War. Today was the anniversary of the, ahem, North Korean victory, and obviously that calls for some Juche tunes "permeated with the spirit of devotedly defending the leader":
[...] The performers in the orchestral music "Song Devoted to Marshal Kim Il Sung" and "Our Victory-Day July 27" and other numbers highly praised the immortal feats President Kim Il Sung performed by leading the war to victory with his Juche-based military idea, war methods, outstanding strategy and experienced commanding art and thereby shattering the myth of "mightiness" of the U.S. imperialists for the first time in history and demonstrating the dignity and honor of the country and the nation before the whole world.

They also put on the stage numbers vividly representing the indomitable spirit and feats of the servicepersons of the People's Army and people who dedicated their youth and lives to the motherland without hesitation and courageously struggled to boost the wartime production and assist those on the front.

Orchestral music "Our General Is Best", mixed quartet "Let's Have Toast", chorus "Give Us Order,"etc. helped the audience harden their faith and will that the day of victory-- July 27 will shine forever as long as the DPRK is led by Kim Jong Il, brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu.

The concert was acclaimed by the audience as it was permeated with the spirit of devotedly defending the leader and the spirit of defending the country and the stamina of heroic Korea that prevailed in the country in the 1950s. [...]

Khomeinist vertebrate mocks mollusc

From IRNA:
President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad here Friday unveiled truth about new US-Zionist scenario against Iran, expressing sorrow that Russia, too, is now harmonizing with it. [...] The president also referred to some western propagation methods and superstitions, such as highlighting the news on the predictions of an octopus, or some fortune tellers on the results of the 2010 Football World Cup, arguing, “Such people cannot be the leaders of the world nations towards human perfection, while the Iranian nation with its love for the entire blessed values, is after establishing a humane world that would move towards absolute perfection.”
Octopi, of course, have always been the bulwark of the World Arrogance. This one, for instance: Or this one. According to Wikipedia,
Octopuses are highly intelligent, probably the most intelligent of all invertebrates.
No wonder Ahmadinejad hates them. By the way, the latest Haveil Havalim is also after establishing a humane world that would move towards absolute perfection. (h/t: memeorandum)

All the morbid curiosity about Andrew Sullivan's opinons is just inappropriate

Come on, there aren't enough political issues of real substance we can talk about? The sad, embarrassing spectacle of Sullivan's obsessions belong in the private sphere. His pathetic lurches into complete personality collapse just don't have to take place on the public stage . . . it just isn't necessary. Can't people have some sensitivity? Sullivan's mental lapses are just out of bounds, man.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Maan News: "Fatah and Hamas hold joint scout camp"

"Scout camp" as in the Boy Scouts? Campfires? Marshmallow roasting? That sort of thing? I need help figuring this out. That's a picture of a camper or a counselor?
Representatives from the student blocs of rival political factions Fatah and Hamas united, for the first time since the national split, for a joint scout camp.

Organizers, the Life Makers club, concluded the camp, held in the Gaza strip, with calls for higher levels of the parties to take the "brave decision" to reconcile.

Huffpo on the Wikileaks story: "Evidence Of War Crimes"

Does this mean President Obama will have difficulty traveling abroad now?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fars News: "US Warships . . . Easy Targets for Iranian Navy"

A mainstay of the Iranian Press is the they-wouldn't-dare-attack-us-we're-really-powerful story. In this one we learn that the US Navy is outnumbered 100 to 1:
A senior Iranian military figure underlined the Iranian Navy's preparedness to repel possible attacks on the country, saying that each hostile US warship would be swarmed by over 100 Iranian military vessels in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman if war breaks out between the two arch foes.

"We have seen over 100 combat vessels for each (US) warship" for the time of war or whenever necessary, Former Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Naval Forces Rear Admiral Morteza Saffari told the Persian-language Panjareh (Window) Weekly. [...]
Also at Fars, we learn the great news that "Iran Able to Mass-Produce Ballistic Missiles":
A senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) announced on Sunday that Iran is now capable of mass-producing its home-made ballistic missiles.

"We have reached a never-ending point in (increasing) the quantity of ballistic missiles," IRGC Lieutenant Commander General Hossein Salami said, noting that Iran has made great progresses in this area based on its home-grown capabilities and capacities.
All these stories involve the IRGC, which is also prepared to counter ideological and cultural threats:
Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari warned the Iranian youths against enemies' soft war plots, and called for further preparedness to confront soft threats against Iran and the Islamic Revolution. [...]

Last year, Jafari had stated that the IRGC was preparing infrastructures for confronting military, hard and soft threats, adding that the IRGC had entrusted the duty for confrontation against soft threats to the Basij forces.

Jafari said that fighting enemies' soft threats is the most important task of the Basij forces.

"Today, the most important and main mission of Basij is confronting the soft threats and cultural invasion which is stealthily targeting the (Iranian) youth," Jafari said.
Wikipedia explains:
From its origin as an ideologically driven militia, the IRGC has taken an ever more assertive role in virtually every aspect of Iranian society. Its part in suppressing dissent has led many analysts to describe the events surrounding the 12 June 2009 presidential election as a military coup, and the IRGC as an authoritarian military security government for which its Shiite clerical system is no more than a facade
So we can easily imagine the pride and pleasure felt by the average Iranian in reading stories like the above and being reminded that the folks who make their country a police-state are on the job!

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"The face of Baruch Goldstein on the 20 shekel bill. A national holiday celebrating our spiritual founding father, Rabbi Meir Kahane."

Sounds like a leftist kid's art-project.

SANA (Syria): "Nasrallah: Martyrs' Bloods defeated Conspiracy Plots in the Region"

Interesting rhetoric:
Secretary-General of Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Sunday said that the bloods of the martyrs have defeated the conspiracy plots against the region over the last thirty years.

Speaking at the first Central Honor Festival for the sons of martyrs of the resistance, Nasrallah said that the resistance has put an end to the 'Greater Israel' Project, imposed an unconditional Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon and failed the 'New, Greater Middle East' Project in 2006.

He said that targeting the resistance will continue because it doesn't accept an imposed American or Israeli settlement, affirming that the U.S project in the region has failed.

"Hezbollah will not deal with anyone on the basis that there is an accused in the party and we have to find away out, it will deal with all facts of the international investigation into the assassination of the Late Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri on the basis that there is a conspiracy plot against Lebanon and the region and this plot must be confronted," He said.

Nasrallah called for bringing the false witnesses and investigating with them to find out who fabricated their testimonies and has misled the investigation for four years, considering that this matter should be the first priority of the international investigation commission.

"All the Lebanese have paid, in a way or another, the repercussions of al-Hariri assassination, therefore the truth on this issue is no longer belong to individuals or families, it is a case that concerns Lebanon and all Lebanese People," Sayyed Nasrallah said.

He added that investigation into al-Hariri assassination will not lead to the truth or achieve justice because it is non-professional and this is a second assassination of al-Hariri. [...]
If that doesn't convince you that Hezbollah is guilty . . .

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Bava Metzia?

From a HuffPo article called "Social Justice and Orthodox Judaism":
Twelve excited, idealistic college students are gathered around a long conference table, discussing a text about worker's rights. A closer look, however, shows that this group is different. All the males at the table wear kippot (skullcaps), and several of the women sport long sleeves and skirts despite the 90-degree weather. The text they are discussing is not a contemporary justice article; it is over 1000 years old and in Aramaic.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stuff that could be tweets

Tantawi's 1969 Anti-Semitic "Dissertation" is worse than I expected, although I should know better.

The Sherrod Case reminds Andrew Sullivan of Octavia Nasr. Come to think of it, that links back to Tantawi, who got the Fadlallah treatment when he died.

Angry Arab notes how badly educated people are in the area where he is employed as an academic. Fitting.

North Korea develops potato yogurt.

"Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says Iran and North Korea are both revolutionary and independent nations trying to resist the world's 'greedy' powers."

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Chassidic approach to Tisha B'Av

Chassidic Jews emphasize joy, so their approach to Tisha B'Av has an interesting tonality. I often hear this story told in Chabad cricles at this time of year:
The Holy Ruzhiner (Chassidic master Rabbi Israel of Ruzhin, 1797-1851) rejected all feelings of sadness, even of bitterness. So his chassidim would engage in all sorts of practical jokes on the Ninth of Av (in order to mitigate the sadness of the day). They would throw burrs at each other. Then they conceived of the following prank: they opened a skylight in the roof of the study hall and dropped a snare; when someone walked into the study hall, they would yank on the rope so that the snare fastened itself around him, and pull him up to the roof.

It happened that the Ruzhiner himself walked in to the study hall. Those who were up on the roof could not see clearly who was coming in, so they pulled him up. To their dismay, they saw that they had pulled up their rebbe! As soon as they recognized who it was, they let him down.

Cried out the Ruzhiner: "Master of the Universe! If Your children are not properly observing Your 'festival,' take it away from them!"
Here is the general link for the Three Weeks and Tisha B'av at

I hope it's operating from an undisclosed location

I noted a story a few months ago about Jihad-training camps in Waziristan, catering particularly to German-speaking recruits. Here's another sign that Germany has a problem. From J-Post:
The German government set up a 'suicide bomber hotline' Monday to aid Muslims who feel pressured into advocating extremist ideas, reported DPA.

The service should not be confused with a standard 'suicide hotline,' which provides help to individuals who are considering hurting themselves. [...]
I.e. only themselves.
The service is intended as an outlet for Muslims who feel pressured into espousing extremist ideas, and provides advice and help with gaining qualifications, changing locations, and taking "appropriate measures" against threats.
Zionist psy-ops!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Angry Arab on Amiri: "I feel that the US wants him dead because he did not cooperate"

Linking to a headline in the New York Times that states that Amiri helped the CIA while still in Iran, Asa'ad asks, "I mean, if this was really true, would the US really be revealing it?" Maybe I'm missing something, but why not? It will shut down the possibility of Amiri's becoming a triple-agent? It will let the cat out of the bag that the CIA seeks informants in enemy territory? Why am I not surprised that Mr. Hezbollah's-rockets-aren't-big-enough is taking the Khomeinist point of view? Oh, and see him on Walid Jumblat. Jumblat has evidently decided that sucking up to Iran and Syria is good for his health. MEMRI would never cover that . . .

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More pine-related great leaps forward

Remember the one about pine needle soda? Well, you ain't seen nothing yet, silly Imperialist!
The Pyongyang Natural Perfume Institute developed and introduced very efficacious green pine perfume into various fields.

Generating ozone in the air, this green pine perfume, natural perfume, helps people feel refreshed and it is widely used in the environmental protection, public health and food industry and other fields for its wonderful efficacy.

The institute succeeded in producing the above-said perfume on the basis of a scientific clarification that essential oil extracted from pine trees, pine-nut trees and other trees is of diverse nature such as sedation, antibiosis, insect-killing and the adjustment of plant growth.

This perfume giving off the same fresh fragrance as that of pine and citrus fruit is good for the prevention and treatment of the high blood pressure, cerebral hemorrhage and thrombosis and the enhancement of heart function and treatment of diabetes, stomach trouble, etc. as it helps reduce cholesterol level to normal, promotes digestion and purifies blood.

It is particularly good for protecting the health of computer users, developing IQ of children and increasing the kinesthetic reaction of sportspersons. It is also good for keeping the air in the room fresh. [...]
Ah, that delightful smell! And my cerebral hemorrhage feels sooo much better . . .

Update: The latest Haveil Havalim is particularly good for protecting the health of computer users, developing IQ of children and increasing the kinesthetic reaction of sportspersons.

BBC: "On the face of it, the Iranian version now sounds a lot more credible"

It is hard to follow the reasoning here of the BBC's "Tehran correspondent." Perhaps it is odd for a defector to ask to go home, but it is also odd for an abductee simply to be released:
There are two diametrically opposed versions of the story. Iran says Shahram Amiri was kidnapped. American sources said that he defected and was giving them high-grade information on the Iranian nuclear programme.

On the face of it, the Iranian version now sounds a lot more credible, as Shahram Amiri has made his way to the Iranian diplomatic mission in Washington, apparently of his own accord.

However the United States continues to insist that Mr Amiri came to them freely, and has now left them freely.

And despite all the American actions over recent years, including the use of extraordinary rendition, and the existence of Guantanamo Bay, the seizure of a foreign scientist would surely be something of a different order.
The article goes on to spend several paragraphs discussing the fact that "Iranian exiles" are often threatened by the Revolutionary Guards, but concludes "Nevertheless there is no evidence of any such pressure on Mr Amiri." Like what, for instance? Meanwhile, at PressTV, Amiri's statements seem to fit right in with the usual offerings of the Iranian press.

[...] "While I was being interrogated by US intelligence agents, they urged me to announce that I carried a laptop containing important information and applied for asylum," he said.

He further added that he had resisted pressure by the US government and Western media.

The Iranian scholar said the US agents had threatened to "transfer me to prisons of the Zionist regime if I refused to cooperate with them." [...]
And we're supposed to believe he wasn't terrified into instant submission?

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Interfidel Strife between Hizb Ut-Tahrir and Hamas

The wording of this Ma'an News story is confusing in the first paragraph. The Hizb guys were trying to have the "festival," and the Hamasniks were trying to stop it. When the Caliphate comes Hamas will be the first ones against the wall?
Hizb Ut-Tahrir said Gaza government security forces assaulted and detained dozens of the faction's supporters on Tuesday, who were trying to stop the convening of a festival, a statement read.

The pan-Islamist party said forces arrived at the event and opened fire in the air to disperse conveners, injuring an infant at a nearby balcony.

Palestinian medical sources confirmed the injury, saying the baby girl was evacuated to the Ash-Shifa Hospital in Gaza Strip for treatment, where she was transferred to the intensive care unit.

Hizb Ut-Tahrir further said several supporters were detained and violently beaten. Security forces disassemble the stage erected for the festival, the movement added.

A Gaza government police representative denied the report, but said the festival was being held without the required permit.

Ahmadinejad: "Iran enjoys one of most powerful political systems in world"

The Iranian press features an endless stream of articles which sound like this:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday that the Islamic Republic of Iran with reliance on its pious people now enjoys one of the most powerful political systems in the world.

Ahmadinejad made the remarks in a meeting with top commanders and officials of the Islamic Revolution's Gauds Corps (IRGC) in Tehran on Tuesday.

IRGC is now strongly dealing with arrogant powers and is now carrying out its mission successfully, he said.

The Islamic Revolution has introduced a new governing system led by Vale-e Faqih (governance of supreme jurisprudent) and this has shed light on people's minds and helped them strengthen their talents and potentials in various fields.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is now challenging the global arrogance which is regarded as its point of strength, he said.

The enemies of the Iranian nation are too weak to deal a blow on this brave nation, he said, adding that they never stop masterminding plots and conspiracies but to no avail.

With reliance on Almighty God, the Iranian nation will neutralize the plots of enemies which fully know that they are not able to challenge this great nation, he said.

“If they let a referendum in Europe or US be held, you will witness that their nations enthusiastically back the Iranian nation,” he said.
We wanted to hold a referendum on whether all the people support Khomeinism, but the government wouldn't let us . . .
Political, security and economic infrastructure set up by the arrogant powers such as the United Nations Security Council are now collapsing, he said, adding that they have noticed that UNSC resolutions can leave no impacts on the Iranian nation.

As soon as they issued their fourth resolution against Iran, Iran’s stock market saw a dramactic suge in dealings, he said.

The Islamic Revolution has turned into a global revolution enlightening the world public opinion, underlined the Iranian president.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to vindicate its legitimate rights and will not give up even one iota, he said, adding that the US president should have seized the opportunity but failed to do so and appeased the Zionist regime instead.

The global arrogance is bent on administering the entire world, he said, adding that under pretext of campaign against nuclear weapons they seek to attain their sister goals.
I suppose that should read "sinister goals," but it hardly makes a difference in this gloop.
The name of the Islamic Republic of Iran has gone beyond its geographic borders and is now manifestation of freedom, justice, humanity, friendship and kindness, he said.

Advising the IRGC commanders, President Ahmadinejad said “With reliance on our cultural might we will strongly deal with the enemies and defeat them.” [...]
The latest Haveil Havalim and KCC have shed light on people's minds and helped them strengthen their talents and potentials in various fields.

Monday, July 12, 2010

PressTV (Iran): "Hezbollah senses intl. conspiracy"

UNIFIL? They couldn't conspire their way out of a brown paper bag . . .
Hezbollah says the recent provocations by Israel and UNIFIL forces in southern Lebanon are part of an "international move" against the resistance movement.

Resistance sources said on Saturday there was a connection between Tel Aviv's release of pictures, allegedly showing resistance's preparation for armed conflict in the southern Lebanon, and French forces' incitement of clashes with the locals there.

The maps and photographs publicized by the Israeli military echo Tel Aviv's war rhetoric. Israel has launched two wars on Lebanon.

Tel Aviv's 2006 offensive against Beirut killed about 1,200 Lebanese, most of them civilians. The Israeli military, however, was met with Hezbollah resistance and was eventually forced to leave Lebanon without achieving any of its objectives.

The Israeli withdrawal came after the UN Security Council issued Resolution 1709, which ended the conflict and formed the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) to maintain security of Lebanon's southern border with Israel.

Earlier in the month, the French forces deployed in Lebanon as part of the UNIFIL, arrested a local youth in a southern village, inciting clashes with the locals. They then took the captive to a nearby town, where they continued to ignite local outrage by violating the civilians' privacy.

"Exactly like the new French policy, the behavior of the French forces in UNIFIL shows that France has returned to the year 1965 to implement the policy of conspiring against the Arab homeland," the London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper quoted Hezbollah sources as saying on Saturday.

The sources drew a link between "the recent incidents with the UNIFIL forces…to the Israeli fabrications about maps of military positions."

"We sense a suspicious international move…. All these are atmospheres trying to pressure the resistance," they noted. "They are preparing something for us but we are at the highest level of preparedness and calm. We will stay as far as possible from the fiery verbal rivalry because we want the summer of the Lebanese to be complete and pass safely despite all Israel's attempts to implement what it failed to do in 2006, namely, to incapacitate the resistance."
Meanwhile, at Fars News, a scary headline proclaims "West Fears Global Spread of Hijab":
"This has made the West so furious that it does not allow women in the western societies to appear with Hijab in the open, fearing that it may endanger its interests," Hosseini reiterated.

Warning that the West is resolved to promote the culture of nudity in the cyber space and networks, he urged all Muslim countries to show the luminous face of Islam to the western society. [...]
Funny, Jewish women's headscarves never inspire bans. In other hijab news . . .
Iranian Fatemeh Jafari won ethical cup of the International Optimist Dinghy Association Asian Championship in Pattaya, Thailand.

Jafari who stood 5th in the final round of the competitions won the cup for wearing Islamic Hijab. She also did not commit any foul in the competitions. [...]
Nice to hear.

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One good feature of the world without AC

Remember, it's talking about Washington:
In a world without air conditioning, a warmer, more flexible, more relaxed workplace helps make summer a time to slow down again. Three-digit temperatures prompt siestas. Code-orange days mean offices are closed.
(h/t: memeorandum)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Al-Manar TV (Hezbollah): "Ayatollah Fadlullah: 'Hezbollah’s Spiritual Leader'"

Here is Al-Manar's eulogy article. Funny how nothing that Octavia Nasr and others find redeeming about him appears here, isn't it?
Dubbed by the media as the "Spiritual Leader" of the Islamic resistance "Hezbollah," in Lebanon, Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlullah inspired the leaders for the resistance group, and served as a highly influential beacon of truth for all the oppressed peoples of the world.

From the pulpit of the Imam Rida mosque in the Bir al-Abd neighborhood (Beirut’s southern suburb), Sayyed Fadlullah’s sermons gave shape to the political currents among mainly the Muslim Shiite sect, from the latter half of the 1980s till the last days of his life.

The Israeli invasion of Lebanon in June 1982 was a watershed event for the Lebanese, mostly the Shiites living in the south, and the public career of Sayyed Fadlullah. The beginning of Hezbollah as an armed resistance movement dates back to that Israeli invasion.

“What martyrdom is greater than making yourself a human bomb detonating it among the enemy? What spiritualism is greater than this spiritualism in which a person loses all feeling of his body and life for the sake of his cause and mission?”

This quotation and many others fumed the flame of the resistance ideology.

He supported the ideals of Iran's Islamic Revolution and advocated the corresponding Islamic movement in Lebanon. In his sermons, he called for armed resistance to the Israeli occupations of Lebanon, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, along with opposition to the existence of Israel.

He once said that the slogan "land for peace” was a betrayal of Palestinian blood and of the sacred cause of Palestine."

“Israel poses a great danger to our future generations and to the destiny of our modern nation, especially since it embraces a settlement-oriented and expansionist idea that it has already begun to apply in occupied Palestine and it is extending and expanding to build Greater Israel, from the Euphrates to the Nile,” Sayyed Fadlullah said in one of his lectures.

Sayyed Fadlullah often explains that Judaism, Christianity and Islam were all Divine religions, however he always differentiated between a Jew anywhere in the world and another Jews who comes to Palestine and take part in the occupation of this Arab land.

“All of Palestine is a war zone and every Jew who unlawfully occupies a house or land belonging to a Palestinian is a legitimate target. There are no innocent Jews in Palestine. They kill many of our women, children, and elderly people. They destroy our homes. They confiscate our water and freedom.”

In an interview with Al-Manar TV on March 21, 2008, Sayyed Fadlullah stated:

“The Hebrew state is preparing to celebrate its 60th anniversary – 60 years since it plundered Palestine - in a festival, which will be attended by the countries of the world, most of which still support the Zionist state and consider the resistance movement to be terrorism. This is what led German Chancellor Merkel to visit that plundering country, which extorted and continues to extort Germany, using as a pretext the German Hitlerist-Nazi past, and the placing of the Jews in a holocaust. Zionism has inflated the number of victims in this holocaust beyond imagination.”


There are also other kinds of resistance than the armed struggle. “Boycot” was the main weapon against the oppressors to press them economically. Sayyed Fadlullah played a major role in issuing a Fatwa to boycott Israeli as well as American goods.

"All American and Israeli goods and products should be boycotted in a way that undermines American and Israeli interests so as to act as deterrence to their war against Islam that is being waged under the pretext of fighting terrorism. This boycott should become an overwhelming trend that makes the US and Israel feel that their economies are in a real and present danger."

His viewed the American administration as an “arrogant state that supports the Zionist entity.”

“I have not found in the whole long history of the Arab-Israeli conflict even one neutral American position. America now is following a policy worse than that of the British and French colonials,” he said.

Sayyed Fadlullah was a main supporter of Iran’s Islamic regime and its struggle against global hegemony. He once stated that Iran was standing alone with the Palestinian people and supporting their struggle.

To show support to Iran's civilian nuclear program, he asked why the Bush Administration and his Western allies were mum on the possession of weapons of mass destruction by the Zionist regime. “Does the possession of nuclear weapons by the Zionist regime--a potential threat to the region--makes sense?” he asked.

In his latest meetings with Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Sayyed Fadlullah called for unity among the Lebanese to confront a psychological war with Israel, and stressed preparedness on all levels to prevent this enemy from making political gains.

The Grand Ayatollah also called for unity to ward off Israeli attempts to widen the gap among the Lebanese through accusations to the Hezbollah leadership and the party's arms of being the reason behind a possible large-scale war on Lebanon.

“Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlullah”

This name will always be remembered as the most important Shiite cleric to emerge in Lebanon and gain reverberation in the world. His theological and political influence has been profound and considerable not to the Shiite sect, but to Muslims and Christians as a whole.
Our favorite professor of Political Science at University of California Stanislaus complains about "l'affaire Octavia Nasr":
In the US, you may only expressed sympathy and admiration for Jewish and Christian religious figures. Muslim religious figures are all a bunch of terrorists, Sunnis and Shi`ites alike, regardless of views.
"Regardless of views"--nice touch.

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Iranian State Media supports Holocaust deniers

Click to enlarge

The next time I post one of those articles that appear frquently in the Iranian Press featuring some Iranian Jewish leader who declares that the Jews of Iran love Khomeinism and hate Israel, remember that the Iranian Press also prints stuff like this:
Gerd Hosnik, an Austrian historian which has questioned Holocaust will appear before a court by the next ten days.

According to Austrian News Agency (APA), public prosecutor's office has argued Hosnik's two new books as the case of 'crime'.

In 2009 Gerd Hosnik had been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Hosnik has questioned the authenticity and dimensions of gas chambers and the killings of six million Jews during the World War II.
Wikipedia on Gerd Hosnik:
Gerd Honsik (born 10 October 1941 in Vienna) is an Austrian writer and lyric poet, and a prominent Holocaust denier. [1]. He is a nephew of former SS commander Amon Göth.

Honsik's activities have included being a functionary in the Austrian "Volksbewegung" ("People's Movement"), also known as "Volksbewegung gegen Überfremdung" ("People's Movement against Foreign Infiltration") and "Ausländer-Halt-Bewegung" ("No More Foreigners Movement"), as well as in Germany's far-right NPD party. He was the founder of a militia group, the Nationale Front, which according to its manifesto carried out activities to effect "the abolition of the system".

He has also appeared under the pseudonym "Gerhon Endsik", an anagram of the syllables of his name extended by two letters, intended to allude to the (politically charged) German term Endsieg ("final victory").
Iran's kind of guy--and they'll soon have nukes.

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Monday, July 05, 2010

PressTV (Iran): "'Israel preparing to occupy Lebanon'"

Let's just say this is one of those cases in which the story does not quite live up to the headline:
Israel troops are conducting military drills to get prepared for being deployed in Lebanon, in a move Tel Aviv says is aimed at preventing "rocket attacks by Hezbollah," Israeli sources say.

Israel is conducting drills at its Elyakim training base, near Haifa, to simulate attacks on Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon, Haaretz reported.

An Israeli colonel told Haaretz that the US military officers had advised Israel to deploy its soldiers in Lebanon during the 33-day war in 2006, hinting that Israel will do so in any offensive on Lebanon in the future.

The Elyakim base is covered with many simulated minefields and camouflaged bunkers. Israeli troops are exercising to pass those spots and find "rocket sites," the report added.

According to the plan, Israeli troops will then be transported to Golan Heights by helicopters to be trained conducting other operations.
We learn of more Israeli ambitions in another PressTV article, "Israel plans 2700 new settlements":
Israeli settlement councils plan to build 2700 new settlements in the West Bank immediately after the existing settlement freeze on September 27.

The plans await approval by Israeli Housing Ministry and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, daily Haaretz reported on Monday.

In larger cities, plans have already been authorized, the report said. [...]
"Settlement" is PressTV-talk for "housing unit." The big and middle-sized Satan are also up to no good, but Iran is taking action:
The Iranian parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission plans to set up a committee to confront the plots hatched by Washington and London against Tehran, a lawmaker announced on Monday.

"The parliament approved in its session yesterday that a committee named as the 'Committee for Confronting US, Britain's plots' be set up," Rapporteur of the parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Kazzem Jalali told FNA. [...]
Iran is also concerned with human rights in the somewhat-less- than-middle-sized Satan:
Iran's Judiciary Human Rights Headquarters issued a statement on Monday strongly condemning the inhuman action of Canadian police in suppressing protesters against the G-20 Summit in Toronto.

The statement referred to sever suppression of protesters by Canadian police and said the Canadian government on various occasions expresses concern about violation of human rights in other countries but during the G-20 Toronto Summit it revealed its inhuman nature which stunned the world public opinion. [...]
Hey, wait a minute, Canada is evil, but calling them "inhuman" is a bit much.

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Sunday, July 04, 2010

"Endless streams" of fertilizer?

Just two paragraphs today. The rest is here if you like such things.
[...] Thanks to the single-minded unity in which the leader believes in the people and the people sincerely hold him in high esteem, the DPRK turned into a socialist power amid the great Chollima surge, opening up a new heyday in the era of the Workers' Party in this land amid a high-pitched speed campaign and ushering in the spectacular era of building a thriving nation to be specially recorded in the history of the nation for the past 10-odd years despite difficult conditions.

Juche iron, fiber and fertilizer are being churned out in endless streams and the Korean-style CNC technology definitely pushed back the frontiers of the latest science. This is the great victory of the single-minded unity and the precious asset which can be achieved only in the DPRK where all the people share the same thought and intention with their leader.
The latest Haveil Havalim opens up a new heyday amid a high-pitched speed campaign.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Absolutely jaw-dropping story

The Guardian reports:
Five activists who caused £180,000 damage to an arms factory were acquitted after they argued they were seeking to prevent Israeli war crimes. [...]

The judge highlighted the testimony by Caroline Lucas, the Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, that "all democratic paths had been exhausted" before the activists embarked on their action. [...]
Ah yes, the old "I'm above the law" defense. Works every time when the judge has to brought out of retirement because no other judge is a big enough Ziophobe. See EOZ.