Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Noodle Contest among Famous Restaurants Held"

Do I need to state that this is from KOREAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY of DPRK? "14 famous restaurants in the city which specialize in serving noodle"! Not to mention all the non-famous and/or non-noodle restaurants:
A noodle contest among famous restaurants here took place at Okryu Restaurant on Nov. 25 and 28.

The contest brought together 14 famous restaurants in the city which specialize in serving noodle.

The contest was divided into groups A and B. The three best units in each preliminary competed in the finals.

The participants fully displayed their unique technique of preparing noodle they cultivated in their service.

The jury included cooking experts and teachers and researchers of Kim Il Sung University, Kim Chaek University of Technology and Pyongyang University of Architecture.

Okryu Restaurant placed first in the finals held on Nov. 28.
The Architectural vote was decisive, I hear.

Mehr News: "Iranian researchers could manage to develop a cancer cells annihilator device"

The title is "Iranian researchers invent alternative for chemotherapy," but the article is a bit fuzzy about whether anything has actually been developed. In any event, the future is undoubtedly bright:
Using nanotechnology, Iranian researchers could manage to develop a cancer cells annihilator device which can destroy cancer cells in an invasive procedure.

In an interview to Mehr News, the head of knowledge-based Pars Nano System Company Reza Saber said they could manage to build a system of hyperthermia or the cancer cells annihilator device which kills the damaged cells without harming healthy ones.

He said the device, using nanoparticles and the resulting heat from the strong and powerful magnetic field, destroys the cancer cells in the body.

Tehran University of Medical Sciences faculty member Reza Saber explained that a Patton (receptors) is connected to the drug nanoparticles, saying that metallic nanoparticles with magnetic properties such as iron or Fe2O3 are produced by connectivity to the cancer cells Patton (receptors) in vitro.

He added that the nanoparticles are later supplemented to the target tumor or the cell culture. Cancer cells are then destroyed using a powerful magnetic field and heat around the target cells.

Reza Saber announced that the related tests are implemented in Imam Khomeini (PBUH) Hospital’s research laboratories and will be adopted on the animals in near future. [...]

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fars News: "Iranian Students Stage Gathering to Reiterate Nuclear Progress"

To paraphrase this article concisely" "Hell, yes, our nuclear program is military":
As talks between Iran and the six world powers are underway in Vienna to strike a final deal over Tehran's nuclear activities, a large number of Iranian university students gathered in front of the building which hosts Tehran nuclear research reactor on Sunday to stress that they would never allow retreat on the country's nuclear path.

The Iranian students chanted slogans, including "Arak heavy water reactor is our redline", "Iran's missile industry is not negotiable", "Nuclear energy is our inalienable right" and "We as the students don’t allow the country's progress to stop".

They also called on the Iranian negotiating team to keep vigilant against plots hatched by the US and its allies to prevent Iran's progress in the field of nuclear technology.

The students issued a statement at the end of their gathering.

"We only accept an agreement which respects our redlines for continued nuclear progress, operation of research centers and our centrifuges, as well as removal, and not suspension, of all sanctions and of course, no inspection (of the nuclear installations) beyond the safeguards," a part of the statement read. [...]
That's my mission, pointing out the glaringly obvious.