Thursday, March 31, 2011

PressTV: "'Gaddafi forces use Israeli weapons'"

How would we ever be in the know without PressTV?
Libyan revolutionary forces have found evidence showing that government forces are using Israeli bombs and rockets against them, a report says.

The opposition forces in the Libyan city of Misratah displayed weapons that they have seized from the forces supporting Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Al Jazeera reported Thursday.

They said that some of the confiscated rockets and bombs had signs imprinted on them, clearly indicating that they are manufactured in Israel. [...]

Fars News: "Iranian students" chant "Down with Zionist Saudis" and "Down with American-style Islam"

I wonder what's wrong with "American-style Islam." In any event, the point of this demonstration was to assert the Khomeinist fiction that only US allies are oppressive:
Large numbers of Iranian students staged a rally in front of the UN office in Tehran to protest at the massacre of peaceful protestors in Bahrain and other Islamic countries in the region.

Protestors voiced their support for Muslims in Bahrain and other Islamic countries and underlined that they will continue their support for the oppressed people in those states.

The students chanted various slogans such as 'Allaho Akbar', 'Down with the USA', 'Down with the Zionist regime', 'Down with Zionist Saudis', 'Down with American-style Islam' and 'Saudi commits crimes and the UN backs it' to voice their support for people in Bahrain and other Islamic countries.

The students urged the Iranian government to dispatch voluntary forces to Bahrain and in other Islamic states.

They also called for formation of a fact-finding committee to pursue recent events in those countries.
"A fact-finding committee"? That's something a mass demonstration can really get behind.

Angry Martian: Earth--why its years are numbered

His English prose sometimes needs a little help, so I adjusted the wording here and there to bring out his true message a bit more effectively:
There is something really bizarre about the Earth. Self-declared "biospheres" usually perfect themselves and improve the rights of their hatchlings. Not in the case of Earth--the disgrace unto the planets. The planet is becoming more and more mammalian by the day: and it insitutionalizes its mammalianism on continuous basis. Earth? Its years are numbered. I told an audience of Reptiles on Venus recently: I can't wait to celebrate the demise of Earth.

An Israeli product I bought on Wednesday

What this is all about.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fars News: "Muslim Students in Europe in Letter to Obama: World Not Controlled by US Anymore"

Fars wants you to take this as representing the point of view of Muslim students in general, but it sounds like the work of a Khomeinist front-group (not that generic Muslim groups don't sometimes sound like Khomeinist front-groups):
The Union of Islamic Student Associations in Europe in a letter warned US President Barrack Obama to stop oppression against Muslim nations and support for long-time US allies and dictators in the region, saying that Islamic awakening, inspired by the Iranian Revolution, is spreading throughout the world and that the world is no more the US playground.

"Unlike the past, the world is no longer your playground where you make up rules and force them upon oppressed nations in order to determine their destiny. The nations of the world have vowed and are determined to shape their own destinies by overthrowing and driving out the western imposed puppets and dictators," the Union said in its letter.

The full text of the letter follows:

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

President Obama,

We are the Union of Islamic Students Associations in Europe and we are writing on behalf of the Iranian youth born after the Islamic Revolution. We are certain that we speak not only for the majority of the youth in Iran, but also for most of the freedom loving young people around the world. We live among the common people and we are well aware of their views and conditions and we are not like the aristocratic minority that lives in secluded mansions far away from the realities of our country. In addition, we should add that the forthright expression of views is a notable characteristic of the Iranian youth.

Mr. President, have you asked yourself why world nations and their youth are disgusted with the current system of aggressive world domination and why their numbers are increasing daily?

There is not enough space in this letter to enumerate the many crimes committed by the United States in the past - from the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that caused the death of countless civilians and the crippling damage to successive generations of human beings, to the massacre of the people of Vietnam, to the overthrowing of scores of democratic governments throughout the world through military coups and the blind support of dictators whose hands are soaked with the blood of their own people. Nor is there enough space in this letter to recount the more recent crimes carried out under the cover of "The War on Terror " with trillions of dollars flowing into the pockets of weapons companies and the spilling of the blood of countless innocent women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan. This abhorrent game of death serves the interests of powerful corporations and investment holdings and has led to the massacre of over a million people in Iraq and Afghanistan alone.

Is not the extent of this tragedy similar to the often propagated Holocaust? Would it not have been better to provide convincing answers to thousands of independent experts, researchers, and journalists regarding the events surrounding the September 11 attacks, before launching these bloody wars? The crime file of the United States government is so heavy that it causes deep regret to every sincere liberated human being throughout the globe. Despite these crimes, you still have the "audacity " to declare yourselves the champions of human rights and freedom and to interfere in the domestic affairs of peace loving nations such as Iran who has not attacked any foreign soil in the last 200 years!

Mr. Obama,

Today the people of the world are no longer deceived by your attempts at deception and the iron fist hidden by the velvet glove has been exposed. We have witnessed your order to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan, we have seen your orders to keep the Guantanamo prison open and we regularly witness your coldhearted vetoes of UN resolutions against the Zionist regime, which give it the green light to perpetrate the massacre of innocent women and children, young and old in Gaza. Remember that God's hand is more powerful and above all others, and that divine destiny will destroy the oppressors.

The US government's actions in support of Netanyahu, Mubarak, and Mahmoud Abbas during the cruel and merciless Gaza blockade and war, whose aim was to destroy an innocent and defenseless nation, and the US government's support for dictators around the world, are all great injustices which will shorten the life of any oppressive regime. The great leader Imam Khomeini bravely announced with deep insight the fate of oppressors such as the Great Satan.

How astonishing it is to see the devil stand by the people, after the victory of the people over their US imposed dictators in Egypt and elsewhere. The world has witnessed the massacres in Bahrain and they have seen the Bahraini dictator - your close friend and ally - killing his own people right in front of the eyes of the US Navy's Fifth Fleet stationed there. Similarly, everyone can clearly see that the most despotic and backward kings and dictators in the Middle East and North Africa, such as the King of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, Yemen, Bahrain and others in the Persian Gulf region are all under your protection and support. These governments are not simply your "allies " but in fact they are kept in power by your overt and covert support. These despotic and backward regimes would have been overthrown long ago by their own people had your backing - overt and covert - not existed.

The shah of Iran was one such brutal dictator supported by the US government, whom the brave Iranian nation overthrew in 1951, replacing him with a democratic government. However, the US government orchestrated a military coup in 1953 overthrowing the national government and re-imposing this blood thirsty dictator onto the Iranian nation. Our people can never forget this nor will they ever forget their decade's long sacrifice and struggle against the Shah's inhumane dictatorship which was supported by the US government. The result of this struggle was that they finally overthrew him for the second time in 1979. Sadly, your so called experts are still stuck under the illusion that they can impose the same westoxicated dictators and criminals upon our people once again.

However, your government's response to our people's liberation was a very bitter one. We are witness to continued interference by you and your predecessors in the domestic affairs of Iran. It is 33 years now that Iran has been illegally and immorally sanctioned by your government and billions of dollars of assets belonging to the people of Iran have been improperly ceased. This does not include the billions of dollars stolen by the ex-dictator's family stored safely in your banks and financial institutions. Furthermore, your government is harboring and supporting terrorists and criminals who have committed atrocities against the Iranian people and their extradition and prosecution has been repeatedly blocked by you and your allies. What excuse do you have for supporting terrorist groups, such as the MKO and Jundullah? These groups that you and your government support, have killed tens of thousands of innocent people in Iran in their bloody terrorist campaigns over the past three decades.

The awakening of the youth in the Islamic world today is rooted in the awakening of the Iranian youth that took place in 1979. The Iranian youth successfully proved that it is possible to permanently overthrow a dictator that is fully supported by the US. The Iranian youth successfully proved that it is possible to stand firm against all the unjust and merciless sanctions, terrorist campaigns, conspiracies, and imposed wars for over thirty years. [...]
There is more of interest in the rest of the letter, but it might as well be an Ahmadinejad speech.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SANA (Syria): "Mass Popular Rallies in Syrian Provinces, Supporting National Unity, Security and Stability"

Don't believe the Imperialists! Everything is peachy except for a few conspiracies:
Mass popular rallies embracing millions of Syrian citizens on Tuesday prevailed the Syrian provinces expressing loyalty to the motherland.

The participants in the rallies stressed the importance of preserving the national unity, security and stability, voicing support to the comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad.

SANA reporters in Damascus and other Syrian provinces mentioned that all the spectrums of the Syrian people have flocked to the big squares since the early morning to express their loyalty to the homeland rejecting all attempts of sowing sedition which target the exemplary coexistence prevailing among the Syrian citizens.

Millions of people around Syria rallied in the cities' main squares to express loyalty to homeland and underline its national unity.

Syrian people gathered on Tuesday to stress the importance of maintaining security and stability and to support the massive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad.

SANA reporters in the Syrian provinces said that citizens of different social segments headed to the main squares and streets, expressing their loyalty to their country and refusing plots to sow sedition in order to undermine the exemplary union of the Syrian people.

In Damascus, masses of citizens from Damascus, its countryside and Quneitra headed towards Saba Bahrat Square, as cheers mixed calling for national unity, refusing to undermine security and stability and calling for continuing reform.

The cheers and placards raised reflected the public awareness, high patriotic feeling towards national issues. They called for national unity, not to be drawn behind calls for divisions and continuing the process of massive reforms under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad. [...]
Another headline from SANA reads "Lebanese Parties: Syria Impervious to Israeli Zionist Plots":
A number of Lebanese figures representing different parties have stressed that the conspiracy facing Syria is a tax for its resilience against the Israeli project and its commitment to the Arab Nation causes and resistance.

In separate statements made on Tuesday, leaders of a number of Lebanese parties and forces denounced the suspicious plots and the inflammatory media campaign against Syria, which are aimed at targeting its security and stability, as well as driving the country into internal strife.

They stressed that Syria, with its people and leadership, is impervious to all plots hatched against it.

"The terrorist campaign targeting Syria today and the dilemma the Zionist project immersed in are inseparable," Head of the Lebanese Democratic Party Talal Arslan said in a press conference, adding "hitting Syria's stability means hitting Lebanon's stability, as Syria is the strategic depth of Lebanon and the geographical lung it breathes through."

Arslan denounced the attacks which targeted Syrian students and workers in Lebanon who were spontaneously marching to express support to Syria's stability and security, calling on the Lebanese authorities to assume responsibility in getting the attackers arrested and punished.

Those attacks were also condemned in a joint statement made by the leaders in Beirut of Hezbollah Party, Amal Movement, the Union Party, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, the Socialist Progressive Party and the Free Patriotic Movement, following a meeting today. [...]
Are Social Nationalists anything like National Socialists?

PressTV (Iran): "Egypt ready to promote ties with Iran"

Great news!
Newly appointed Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil al-Arabi has said that his country is ready to promote ties between Tehran and Cairo.

In his first press conference as the country's foreign minister on Tuesday, al-Arabi said Cairo is ready to open "a new page with Iran," IRNA reported.

The official went on to say that the Egyptian government does not see Iran as an enemy state, noting the two countries have historically rooted relations.

He further stated that the establishment of diplomatic ties depends on the Iranian side.

Earlier in March, head of Iran's Interest Section in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, Mojtaba Amani said long-stalled relations between Iran and Egypt can be expanded.

"In view of the current developments in Egypt, the time is ripe for expansion of relations between Tehran and Cairo," Amani said.

The Iranian official stated that diplomatic ties between the two states have only been limited to interest sections since Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution, but it is high time the two sides made appropriate decisions based upon the current events and developments in Egypt.

Eighteen days of anti-government protests in crisis-hit Egypt resulted in the historic overthrow of the 82-year-old former President Hosni Mubarak, who quit on February 11, handing over power to a military council.

Tehran and Cairo have not had full diplomatic relations since 1979.

Iran severed ties with Egypt after Cairo signed the 1978 Camp David Accords with Israel and provided asylum to Iran's deposed shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

IRIB Radio: "Syrians rally in support of gov't, decry American plots"

Iran serves up propaganda on behalf of its ally:
Millions of Syrians came out on the streets of Damascus and several other cities in support of President Bashar al-Assad, and decried the US plot to create sedition in the country.

State-run television showed live footage of hundreds of thousands pouring onto the main streets of Damascus, Aleppo, Hama and al-Hassakah today.
In the meantime there are reports that Syrians opposed to the government have captured Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Is it possible that the New Middle East will have some advantages compared to the old one?

Must-read post from Richard Millet on trial of "Anti-Ahava activists"

He does a good job of summarizing the jaw-dropping and semi-farcical proceedings. The denizens of that part of the political spectrum regularly used to call Tony Blair a "war criminal," so if their arguments are valid, what would stop them from ignoring any laws against trespassing, creating a public nuisance, etc. in order to target any business or any other institution that meets with their ire? It should be an open-and-shut case, but it probably won't be considering the current political climate in Britain and much of the rest of Europe.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Angry Arab deploys his "dirty hands" meme again

This time his indignation is aroused because Israel advised Tunisian Jews that the mob that surrounded the Tunis synagogue chanting "Khaibar, Khaibar ya Yahud" was not issuing an invitation to a celebrate difference dinner and that it might be time to join the vast bulk of Jews of Tunisian extraction in the great wide world beyond Tunisia. He asks, "Who appointed the Zionist usurping entity as spokesentity for Jews around the world?" Angry Arab thinks "Jews around the world" care for his opinion? As he likes to say, I kid you not.

"Ahmadinejad Terms Nowrouz Symbol of Human Being's Survival"

You would never know it from Iranian propaganda, but some of the hard-line Mullahs are not so happy about the promotion of a festival with pagan origins. I wonder if that is in the background of the extra-thick layer of blather which Ahmadinejad emits here:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad underlined the importance of the International Nowrouz Celebrations in Tehran, and said Nowrouz is the symbol of human being's survival.

Ahmadinejad said here in Tehran on Monday that Nowrouz has brought two historical gifts to humanity which are "sacrifice and love".

'…but the autocrats' gifts to humanity have been bomb and massacre,' President Ahmadinejad made the remarks on the second day of the 2nd world Nowrouz celebrations which began in this capital city Sunday morning at the Saad-Abad Cultural Complex.

Iran's President further said 'This is the difference between our culture and the culture of our enemies.'

Ahmadinejad said Nowrouz is a symbol of human beings' survival.

President Ahmadinejad's counterparts from Armenia, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Iraq are special guests to these global celebrations being held Monday in the Tehran Vahdat Hall.

Over 100 reporters, photographers and photo journalists from Iran and abroad have been covering the 2nd world Nowrouz festival in Tehran.

Annually, 300 million people across the world celebrate Nowrouz. Nowrouz (literally meaning New Day), is the celebration of the onset of spring and the solar Iranian year.

It is the most cherished festival celebrated by all Iranians, irrespective of race, religion, status or location.

Iran first organized the International Nowrouz Celebrations after the International Day of Nowrouz was registered on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on February 23, 2010. [...]
Is there another list for tangible heritage?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Al Manar (Hezbollah): "Chavez: US Plots to Topple Syria’s Assad, Seeks Libya Scenario there"

All the Axis-of-Evil Superfriends together in one article!
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Saturday that the US is plotting to topple Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad to prepare the ground for looting the resources of the Arab state.

"The attack on Syria has begun, there have been some supposed peaceful protests and some deaths (...) and they are accusing the president [Assad] of killing his people," AFP quoted Chavez as saying at a political event. "And then the Yankees come in to bomb the people in order to save them. What cynicism on the empire's part," he noted.

The southern Syrian city of Daraa -- located close to Jordan's border -- has emerged as the center of Syria's unrest and the scene of demonstrations for the past week.

Comparing the Syrian situation with the crisis in Libya, Chavez said, "It's the same model."

A NATO-led coalition is enforcing a UN-approved no-fly zone over troubled Libya by striking forces loyal to Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi.

"Generate internal conflicts, bloodshed, in a country in order to then step in, seize its natural resources and make it a colony. It is a new model they have come up with," Chavez said adding that he had spoken with Assad by phone.

Earlier on Thursday, Syrian authorities publicized a string of reforms in response to the protests, including the possible end to the emergency rule set in place since 1963.

Assad's government has announced the release of 260 detained activists. The government also said its troops would be withdrawn from Daraa.

SANA: "President al-Assad receives calls from King of Bahrain, Emirs of Kuwait and Qatar, Iraqi President, supporting Syria in face of conspiracy"

Glad to know there is still some loyalty in the world:
President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday received phone calls from King of Bahrain Hamad bin Issa al- Khalifa, the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah, President Jalal al-Talabani of Iraq , Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

King of Bahrain, Emirs of Kuwait and Qatar, Iraq's President expressed their countries' standing by Syria in the face of conspiracy to which it is exposed, targeting its security and stability.

They underlined confidence in Syria's capability, as leadership and people, to foil that conspiracy.
SANA, Syria's official news site, is usually rather boring and colorless compared to the lurid official news sites of other oppressive states such as North Korea and Iran. However, SANA has become more paranoid-sounding lately for obvious reasons, and it is coming into its own, perhaps, as a source of constant blog-fodder. Here is another headline: "Religious scholars: Syria is impervious to those who wish to tamper with its stability":
Religious scholars, preachers and Imams in Damascus and its countryside affirmed on Sunday that Syria is impervious to any external interference that wishes to tamper with its security, safety and stability.

During a meeting with Minister of Endowments (Awqaf) Mohammad Abdulsattar al-Sayyed, the religious scholars said that Syria, with its national and religious structure, is targeted by external parties to undermine its national unity under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.

They added that Syria is also targeted because of its national and patriotic role in defending the rights of the nation and supporting the legitimate resistance against Israeli occupation.

Sheikh Mohammad Saiid Ramadan al-Bouti warned the nation against being swept by parties that want to harm the unity of the Syrian people, saying that these calls are coming from various suspicious mass media sources, and that Syrians must not fall victim to anonymous calls that attempt to exploit mosques to incite sedition and chaos in Syria.

For his part, sheikh Adnan Afiuni underlined the external plots targeting Syria's security and stability, cautioning against following those who conspire against the unity of Syria and its people.
Gotta be vigilant.

Press TV (Iran): "'US drops uranium bombs on Libya'"

The PressTV article is based on this Stop the War Coalition article. What is the evidence for the claim? The Stop the War author states "we know that DU is or has been used in the following ordnance" and provides a list. Then he offers the following:
My view is that we have to assume that DU remains in use in the ordnance listed above and that the list is likely to be incomplete. Since we are being told, when we're told anything, that DU is not dangerous and is an effective tool for warfare why would they not continue its use?. So long as that is the official opinion from the military and the politicians we must take it at face value and force them to confirm with evidence that we are wrong and DU is no longer used.
That's a pretty interesting rationale for a lead paragraph that goes like this:
In the first 24 hours of the Libyan attack, US B-2s dropped forty-five 2,000-pound bombs. These massive bombs, along with the Cruise missiles launched from British and French planes and ships, all contained depleted uranium (DU) warheads.
Now let's see what Iran's PressTV makes of this story:
The Stop the War Coalition says the bombs and missiles that the US-led military alliance has dropped on several Libyan cities contain depleted uranium (DU).

The report recently published on the Coalition's website said that in the first 24 hours of the war on Libya, dozens of bombs and cruise missiles were launched by US, British, and French forces -- all with depleted uranium warheads.

US B-2 aircraft dropped forty-five 2,000-pound bombs on key Libyan cities, it added.

DU munitions are controversial because they raise long-term health concerns like kidney damage, cancer, skin disorders and genetic defects.

"[Depleted uranium tipped missiles] fit the description of a dirty bomb in every way... I would say that it is the perfect weapon for killing lots of people," said Marion Falk, chemical physicist (retd.), Lawrence Livermore Lab in California.

The report comes as the Western forces claim the operation in Libya is aimed at protecting civilians.

Director of the US military's Joint Staff Bill Gortney has told reporters at a Pentagon briefing that he is not aware of any use of depleted uranium munitions in Libya.

Libya says at least 114 people -- many of them civilians -- have been killed in US-led airstrikes in the country.

"We are losing many lives, military and civilians," Libyan government Spokesman Mussa Ibrahim said in Tripoli.

Dozens of civilians have been killed in Libya since US-led forces launched aerial and sea attacks on the North African country.

Libyan troops have also killed thousands of civilians since a revolution started against Colonel Gaddafi in mid-February.
If that sounds like a stab at balance, you might be interested in the picture that accompanies the story:

And that's where propaganda comes from.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ikhwanweb: "MB Calls on Military Junta to Break the Siege of Gaza"

You may have seen the NY Times article about Muslim Brotherhood collaboration with the Egyptian Army. Here is an article from Ikhwanweb presenting one aspect of the MB agenda:
The Muslim Brotherhood has called on the Supreme Council of the armed forces, that reflects the people's will, to break the siege which is suffocating the lives of the people of Gaza, adding that Arab peoples must take a decisive stand on this issue.

In an exclusive statement to "Ikhwanweb", the group added that people's concern with popular revolutions, which is now sweeping the region, and the winds of change that have uprooted the Mubarak's and other US-backed Arab regimes, cannot dissuade Arabs from their fundamental cause of Palestine and other Islamic and Christian sanctities, explaining that it is time for the Zionists to review their accounts, after the ouster of their dog who saw him as the strategic ally and a treasure for Israel that promotes the latter's policies, and supports their malicious scheme and strikes with its sword.

Mubarak assisted Israel in strangling the people of Gaza while he and his cronies live off the largesse of Washington and he betrayed his people because his subservience to American interests allowed Israel to massacre more than 2,000 Gazans with impunity in 2008 and 2009.

Mubarak's opprsessive regime tortured detainees from the people of Gaza in search of Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh who was at war with Israel, and the place of detention of the Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit for the benefit of the Israeli occupation authority (IOA), the statement said.

The Brotherhood calls on rival Palestinian factions, especially Fatah and Hamas, to seek reconciliation and form a unity government, taking care of the Palestinian people's interests, affirming their unity and supporting the larger goal of liberating the land and regaining the rights of displaced Palestinians to return to their homes.

"The conditions have changed and the people have regained their sovereignty that was stolen by the authoritarian regimes, liberated their own will, and the army has already proved that it is the People's Army", the statement added," in response to the continuation of Israel's brutal oppression in the region and its new military attacks on Gaza Strip, which have resulted in the deaths of four and the injury of many civilians."

The MB called the moderate camp, or rather those subservient to US-Israel dictates, to teach the West, which supports the Zionist aggression, that Arabs, who have tasted their liberation, refuse to do harm or practice slavery against their brothers. People must determine their own fate, restore their usurped rights, and liberate their sacred lands, the Brothers said. [...]
Iran is pleased.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

IRIB (Iran): "Islamic jihad vows to hit Israeli cities"

Let's see, Islamic Jihad has "entered a new phase of resistance." They probably have some upgraded weapons and irresistably itchy trigger-fingers.
Palestinian resistance movement, Islamic Jihad has pledged to strike cities deep inside occupied lands, following a Zionist deadly attack on Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian resistance movement said on Wednesday that it has entered a new phase of resistance and will launch new operations penetrating Zionist regime.

The announcement was made following the recent deadly shelling of Gaza, where at least 10 Palestinians, including four children, were martyred and dozens injured.

The Palestinians were martyred after a Zionist tank fired shots at a home in the coastal sliver, medics reported on Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Volume of eagerly-anticipated 5-volume work on how great Kim Jong Il is just published

Great news! I'll probably never get to read this, but I'm sure my favorite chapter would be "Teacher Indicating the Road to Be Always Followed by Mankind":
Five-volume book "Comrade Kim Jong Il, Legendary Great Man" will be published on the occasion of his birthday in Juche 101 (2012).

The Workers' Party of Korea Publishing House brought out its first volume "Great Philosopher".

It comprehensively deals with the great idea, leadership ability, exploits and traits of Kim Jong Il.

The book has four chapters.

The first chapter "The Genius Glorifying the Idea of the Times" deals with the greatness of Kim Jong Il who has made the immortal Juche idea founded by President Kim Il Sung shine as the guiding idea in the era of independence.

The second chapter "Great Master of Political Philosophy" deals with the greatness of Kim Jong Il who regarded philosophy as a powerful weapon for putting socialist politics into practice.

The third chapter "The Great Master of Popular Philosophy" tells about the leadership ability of Kim Jong Il who enunciated the philosophical idea pervaded with his warm love for people, giving every thought and making inquiries on the basis of his noble outlook on people and has armed the masses with it.

The fourth chapter "Teacher Indicating the Road to Be Always Followed by Mankind" deals with the exploits performed by Kim Jong Il as a genius of philosophy who developed the Juche philosophy into an immortal idea visualizing the future of mankind.
"Give us examples!" you exclaim enthusiastically. Read on about the following great scientific leap forward:
Central Cooking School in Pyongyang has invented a new method of preparing fondue, a Swiss traditional dish.

Fondue is usually prepared with cow cheese and white wine.

But the school prepares it with goat cheese and Taedonggang beer produced in the DPRK.

The school proved in a scientific and theoretical way that goat cheese can be used for fondue and that Taedonggang beer is better than white wine in melting cheese.

It also standardized the new method.

Fondue prepared by the new method is excellent in taste, color and fragrance and is easy to make at restaurants and households.
I wonder if it goes well with eels.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Angry Arab pitches in

Did I ever mention that the chief aim of blogging is to stave off boredom? Before I got bored with him, I used to occasionally point out the anti-Semitism of Dar Al-Hayat columnist Jihad Khazen. Here is Angry Arab lending a hand and reporting that Khazen wrote "Judaism is a savage religion." A country can be the object of bigotry also, As'ad.

Mondoweiss: "Nasrallah manages in an hour to discuss current events across the Arab world, succinctly, accurately and honestly"

The new, improved Mondoweiss: 10 percent more Khomeinist!
I urge everyone to watch Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's speech from March 19th, he speaks a lot about Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Lebanon and Palestine. Nasrallah manages in an hour to discuss current events across the Arab world, succinctly, accurately and honestly. While he usually uses tempered language to discuss Arab regimes, especially those that have consistently aligned themselves against Hezbollah and Shia in the Middle East he used this opportunity to let loose on Qadhafi and express his support and solidarity with the brave Libyan people that are fighting against this madman.
And speaking of Khomeinism . . .

Obama's "War Crimes"

The list of leftists who have called Obama a war criminal is growing. Let's see, Andrew Sullivan:
The cloak of secrecy he is invoking is not protecting national security but protecting war crimes. And this is now inescapably his cloak. He is therefore a clear and knowing accessory to war crimes, and should at some point face prosecution as well, if the Geneva Conventions mean anything any more.
Chomsky, of course:
He’s involved in war crimes right now. For example, targeted assassinations are war crimes. That’s escalated quite sharply under Obama. If you look at WikiLeaks, there are a lot of examples of attacks on civilians.
And most recently, Ralph Nader:
"Why don't we say what's on the minds of many legal experts; that the Obama administration is committing war crimes and if Bush should have been impeached, Obama should be impeached,
Dennis Kuccinich is also calling for impeachment although he seems to have avoided "war crime" rhetoric. This is all extremely illuminating and illustrative of the malicious nonsense that is often directed against Israel. There is a saying that the fifth book of the Shulchan Aruch ("The Code of Jewish Law," in four volumes) is common sense. Common sense is, or should be, one of the articles of the Geneva Conventions also.

Update: Case in point:
Neither Israel nor the Palestinians has made significant progress in investigating claims of war crimes committed during Operation Cast Lead, said a United Nations committee in Geneva on Monday.

The committee was addressing the 16th session of the UN Human Rights Council, which on Monday debated a report on Israeli and Palestinian compliance with the 2009 conclusions of the UN fact finding mission led by South African judge Richard Goldstone.
As valuable as a Hamas self-investigation would be, I think UNHRC should now devote its main efforts to Obama's ongoing war crimes.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fars News: "Envoy Denies Fabricated Media Reports on Insult to Arabs"

He "said that the Zionist usurper regime was a respectful regime"? The outrage!
A senior Iranian diplomat categorically rejected media reports on his insult to Arabs, and stressed that such reports aim to stir tension between Iran and Arab nations.

Al-Arabiya, affiliated to Saudi Arabia, issued a fabricated report on Friday saying two Iranian Foreign Ministry officials, including Iran's Ambassador to China Mehdi Safari, called Arabs as "Bedouins" during their interview with Danish daily which was also published by a Norwegian paper.

It said that the two senior Iranian officials had said that the Zionist usurper regime was a respectful regime.

The network also referred to Safari as Iran's first deputy foreign minister while he is currently Tehran's envoy to Beijing.

Speaking to the Islamic republic news agency, Safari categorically denied the claims and stressed that he had not visited any European country and had not interviewed with any European or Chinese daily in the past two years.

He reiterated that such reports by al-Arabiya were aimed at tarring the existing relations between the Iranian and Arab nations in such a sensitive arena. [...]
Arab-Iranian relations are not going so well at the moment.

(North) Korean News: "Iranian President Slams World Warmongers"

It's a wonderful day in the Axis-hood:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke strongly against the warmongering nations of the world, calling them devoid of care for humanity on March 12.

"The emptier their hearts are of affection, the more there are crime and war," the Iranian chief executive said.

"Warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan is an example, which has affected the economy and security of the whole world and everyone has suffered damage from it," the president said.

Ahmadinejad underlined that the world countries should make their best efforts to provide the ground for the establishment and prevalence of justice and a new world order.
There you have it--if Fars and IRIB are ever unavailable, there will always be Korean News.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Poem posted at MPAC-UK site: "The Home of the Free - is Zionist occupied territory"

The title gives the flavor of it, but the whole poem lives up to the rancid promise of the title. By the way, I see that MPAC-UK has done away with comments on posts.

Hamas sends Shalach Manos

From AFP:
Palestinian militants in Gaza fired more than 50 mortar shells into Israel on Saturday, the heaviest barrage in two years, Israeli officials said, raising the prospect of a new Mideast flareup.
After a few more paragraphs we learn that "Hamas claimed responsibility for some of the mortar rounds," and that makes it interesting that the attackers are merely called "militants" in the first sentence.

What Mondoweiss has to say about Purim

This is from a post, not a comment:
In short, the Jews faced real danger, but they managed to survive, and then they lashed out in an orgy of vengeful violence at people they considered enemies, even though, on the evidence, the victims had nothing to do with the original threat. Sound familiar?
Not in the way you think, darling.

Friday, March 18, 2011

IRIB (Iran): "Egypt seeks to end gas exports to Zionist regime"

You may have seen this headline about the resumption of gas flow from Egypt to the the Zionist entity. We know what Iran wants, however. Notice that "Egypt," "Egyptian activists," and the Muslim Brotherhood all seem to be the same thing in this article:
A popular campaign by a group of Egyptian activists against gas exports to Zionist regime has won a court case on the terms of the country's gas deal with Tel Aviv.

The court ruled on the ministry of petroleum “not to export one single unit of gas before satisfying the local needs,” head of the Campaign against Gas Export to Zionist regime Ibrahim Yousri said on Wednesday.

For Egyptians, the issue of supplying the Zionist regime with gas has always been a contentious one. Egyptians view Zionist regime as an enemy and oppose engaging in any kind of business with the regime.

Egypt's gas supply to Zionist regime has been one of the main economic conditions of the US-sponsored 1979 peace treaty between the two sides.

Under a $2.5-billion export deal with Tel Aviv, signed in 2005, the regime gets around 40 percent of its gas supply from Egypt at a considerably low price.

However, after Egyptians faced electricity blackouts last summer due to gas shortages, most experts are demanding an extensive revision of the deal.

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Walid Shalaby also said, "This deal was made in the dark, away from the sight of supervisory and legislative bodies. It has to be proposed to the new parliament which will decide on who to export to and to determine the price of the exported gas."

Yeshiva World News issues Purim drinking guidelines

As a public service to our Litvish brethren, I have taken the liberty of posting here the drinking-related section of the Yeshiva World News post "Hilchos Uminhagei Purim":
The Gemarah tells us that one must get sufficiently drunk on Purim so as not to be able to tell the difference between the Cursed Haman and the Blessed Mordechai. Halachically speaking all the Poskim seem to imply that one should drink more than usual. The extent of the additional drinking permitted is, however, a matter of debate. The consensus of the Poskim is that it is not the amount one drinks that makes a difference. It is the intention that matters. One’s intentions in drinking must be LeShem Shamayim (for the sake of Heaven – to fulfill a Mitzva).

1. As it is Assur (forbidden) to plan to do anything that will cause damage to oneself or to others intentionally, it is thus forbidden to drink more than one can safely handle. In this regard one must err on the side of caution and drink only what one is certain one can handle.

[*] If one doesn’t know if one can handle drinking one should not drink more than one does for Kiddush.

2. The Rama suggests that one can fulfill one’s obligation by drinking a very small amount (minimally more than they do for Kiddush) and then go to sleep.
For those of you who will be attending a Chabad Seudas Purim, here is a timely message:

Barf! huh, yeah
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
Barf! huh, yeah
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
Say it again, y'all

Barf! huh, Gevalt!
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
Listen to me

Ohhh, Barf, I reprove
Because it means destruction
Of innocent booze

Barf means tears
When mothers view the muddle
With their sons face down
In a single-malt puddle

I said, Barf! huh
Gevalt, y'all
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
Say it again

Barf! Gevalt!
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
Listen to me

Barf! it ain't nothing
But a tragedy
Barf, friend only to the distillery
Ooooh, Barf
It's an enemy to all Yid-kind
The point of barf blows my mind
Barf has caused unrest
Within the younger generation
Engorgement then disgorgement
Who wants to barf
Aaaaah, barf-huh
Gevalt y'all
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
Say it, say it, say it
Barf! huh
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
Listen to me

Barf, huh, yeah
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
Barf, huh, yeah
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
Say it again y'all
Barf! huh, Gevalt
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
Listen to me

Barf, it ain't nothing but bad for Jewry
Barf, it's got one friend
That's the brewery
Ooooh, barf has shattered
Many a young man's seuda
Made him discolored, bitter and putrid
Purim is much too short and precious
To spend unconscious these days
Barf can't give simcha
It can only take it away

Ooooh, Barf! huh
Gevalt y'all
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
Say it again

Barf, whoa, Gevalt
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
Listen to me

Barf, it ain't nothing but bad for Jewry
Barf, friend only to the brewery
Simcha, joy and moderation
Tell me, is there no place for them today
They say we must binge to have our simchah
Hashem knows there's got to be a better way

Ooooooh, Barf! huh
Gevalt y'all
What is it good for
You tell me
Say it, say it, say it, say it

Barf, huh
Gevalt y'all
What is it good for
Stand up and shout it

Judeopundit recommends making a reasonable number lechaims in the spirit of fun and moderation and keeping down your Seudas Purim. Freilechen Purim! (Other Purim parody posts.)

Update: The latest Haveil Havalim is a Purim indulgence that won't stop you from keeping your Seuda down.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

IRIB Radio (Iran): "Israeli regime repeats baseless scenario"

Bad Zionists!
The Zionist regime's officials through displaying weapons that they claim have been discovered from a seized cargo ship in the Mediterranean waters, once again repeated their unfounded scenario of delivery of weapons from Iran to Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army hijacked a cargo ship in the Mediterranean waters, two days ago, and forced it into anchoring in Ashdoud Port in occupied Palestine, while claiming that the said ship carried a number of arms including surface to see missiles which were due to be delivered to armed Palestinian groups in Gaza Strip. The Zionist regime officials told reporters and a number of diplomats on Wednesday that the discovered weapons were in the ship named Victoria, belonging to a German company that sailed under Liberia's flag.

The Zionist regime's premier, Benjamin Netanyahu, through resorting to these claims, said that those, who delivered these weapons, intended to target civilians and baselessly alleged that Iran and Syria try to smuggle weapons for Lebanon's Hezbollah, and Hamas in Gaza. The Israeli officials also claimed that they tail ships in the sea to prevent the smuggling of arms. But, when the claimed discovered weapons were transported from the Victoria Ship to Ashdoud Port, no document was rendered to prove these arms were to be smuggled to Gaza. The Israeli officials' stand toward the topic of so-called discovery of smuggled arms for Gaza Strip, and their insistence on the need to siege Gaza Strip shows the goals that the Zionist regime is pursuing through this scenario. The Zionist regime's premier, in the port of Ashdoud, where the weapons were displayed, referred to Israel's barbaric attacks on the Gaza-bound aid flotilla and alleged that the reason behind Israel's military action against Gaza-bound aid flotilla is to discover such consignment of arms. Netanyahu further termed residents of Gaza as terrorist and said that siege of Gaza, inspection of ships in international waters, and their hijacking, is the right of the Israeli regime in a bid to continue the siege of Gaza.

The Zionist regime staged an abominable and barbaric attack on the Freedom Flotilla in high seas, last May, killing a number of human rights activists that supported the oppressed and innocent Palestinian population of Gaza, including nine Turkish nationals. But, despite all the heinous crimes committed by the Zionist regime, the steadfastness of the Palestinian nation during the 22-day holocaust unleashed by the Zionist regime against Palestinians in Gaza has challenged the usurper Israeli regime and the US. Meanwhile, the fact of the matter is that today the Zionist regime is no longer an invincible demon and the US and West's monopoly over decision-makings in Middle East has been shattered, which are the signs of Islamic awakening that herald the collapse of the Zionist regime of Israel. But, the deterioration and collapse of the Zionist regime does not take place through delivery of smuggled weapons to Gaza, and in fact is achieved through the resistance and steadfastness of the oppressed Palestinian nation.
When they fire the weapons.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Songun Beer is back in the news

When we last raised our beer mug in Songun Korea a "beer house" had just been renovated. Now the beer itself has made a great leap forward:
The Taedonggang Beer Factory in Pyongyang has produced new varieties of beer.

The new varieties brewed with rice, mixed with malt, are enjoying popularity among local people.

The factory, which obtained the ISO 9001 for the first time in the local foodstuff sector, has applied a foodstuff-safety management system to the production processes and improved the taste and quality of beer by increasing the degree of fermentation.

The Taedonggang beer won the special prize at the National Exhibition of Successes in Quality Control held in August Juche 98 (2009) and took the top place at the National Beer Show in October that year.

The beer has many efficacious elements including vitamins and mineral matters but less sugar content, giving a good effect on diabetes and obesity.

The beer made of rice is not too strong but clear and frothy.

The beer is also popular among foreign tourists.
There aren't any beers in imperialist countries that "give a good effect on diabetes and obesity." I wish Iran and Venezuela would hurry up and "overcome imperialism."

Can someone explain to me why we need laws in which politicians endorse scientific findings?

The following story is evidently generating indignation from left-of-center bloggers. (I believe that some man-made global warming is occurring, if you're interested, but I disagree with most policy-conclusions that people such as Al Gore support.)
House Republicans rejected amendments offered Tuesday by Democrats that called on Congress to accept the scientific consensus that climate change is occurring, it is caused in large part by human activity and it is a threat to human health.

The amendments, offered at an Energy and Commerce Committee markup of legislation to block Environmental Protection Agency climate change rules, are part of an effort by House Democrats to get Republicans on the record on climate science.

Committee ranking Democrat Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) offered an amendment Tuesday that called on Congress to agree that climate change is occurring. The amendment failed on a party-line vote of 20-31. No Republicans voted for the amendment. [...]
If Democrats devise hoops designed to threaten Republicans with the label of "anti-science," then Republicans are correct not to jump through them. (h/t: Memeorandum)

Fars News: "Iran Unveils Flying Saucer"

Let's see, it "can fly in both outdoor and indoor spaces." Is that one of those things you can buy in SkyMall?
Iran unveiled a home-made unmanned flying saucer as well as a light sports aircraft in an exhibition of strategic technologies.

The unmanned flying saucer, named "Zohal", was unveiled in a ceremony attended by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

Zohal, designed and developed jointly by Farnas Aerospace Company and Iranian Aviation and Space Industries Association (IASIA), can be used for various missions, specially for aerial imaging.

The flying machine is equipped with an auto-pilot system, GPS (Global Positioning System) and two separate imaging systems with full HD 10 mega-pixel picture quality and is able to take and send images simultaneously.

Zohal uses a small, portable navigation and monitoring center for transmission of data and images and can fly in both outdoor and indoor spaces. [...]
I guess the article doesn't mention the anti-gravity drive because it's classified.

Update: EOZ has noted an article with a more accurate picture of the "flying saucer."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(North) Korean News: "S. Korean Warmongers Stage Anti-Terror Drill"

Here is the entire article:
The 6th engineering brigade of the south Korean puppet army staged an anti-terror drill in Phochon, Kyonggi Province on March 11, according to south Korean Yonhap News.

The warmongers kicked up the madcap war racket together with police and administrative organs under the pretext of coping with someone's "threat of terrorism".

Lebanese politician describes veiled Saudi Women as resembling black garbage bags, riots ensue

There were demonstrations anyway. Angry Arab calls them riots. Here is the story from YaLibnan:
Druze religious leader Sheikh el Aql Naim Hassan condemned on Tuesday Wiam Wahab’s description of veiled Saudi women as “black trash bags, ” Future News reported

Future News also reported that Hassan, who is the highest Druze spiritual authority called President Michel Suleiman earlier in the day to condemn the comments made by Wahab, who is a Druze.

Wahab , a staunch ally of Syria and Hezbollah told OTV on Monday “Saudi women are black trash bags we see nothing of,” in reference to their attire. He also slammed outgoing Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Saudi Arabia.

In a related development angry protesters took to the streets and blocked North Lebanon’s international road in protest against Wahab’s comments on Saudi women.

Around 500 protesters gathered and chanted "There is no God but God" and "Wiam, you pig; you should be chained down."

National News Agency (NNA) reported that the northern Abboudiyeh road that links Lebanon to Syria was blocked by burning tires.

The NNA added that security forces intervened to try and re-open the road.

Tripoli is Lebanon’s second-largest city and is considered the stronghold of the country’s Sunni Muslim community, which is the majority in Saudi Arabia. [...]
Walid Jumblatt and Hezbollah also condemned the statement. "Black garbage bags" is probably too harsh a description. Burritos might be a more diplomatic comparison.

Rael likes Ilan Pappe

I was alerted to this story by Martin Kramer's website. Here it is straight from the spaceman's mouth, the Raelian Press Site:
Rael, leader of the International Raelian Movement, has awarded the title of Honorary Guide of Humanity to historian activist Ilan Pappe, a former faculty member of the University of Haifa who is now a member of the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom.

Brigitte Boisselier, spokesperson of the International Raelian Movement, explained why Rael decided to confer the honor.

“Pappe’s views about the situation in Palestine are in full agreement with those expressed by Rael,” she said. “They include the solution of a one-Palestine state where Jewish and Palestinian people would live together peacefully; the need to grant Right to Return to Palestinians; asking for recognition by the international community of racist crimes committed by the state of Israel and the urge to boycott Israel. These are all subjects Rael has developed in speeches about Israel and they have been stated by Pappe as well.”

According to Boisselier, Rael commended Pappe’s denunciation of the ethnic cleansing organized by Israel and applauded the way he encourages other activists to denounce the racist ideology behind those actions “without fearing accusations of anti-Semitism.”

The world has been manipulated far too long by the Jewish community,” Boisselier added. “It uses guilt and fear to paralyze the public so people don’t denounce the obvious genocide Israel is perpetrating. We need more Israeli citizens like Ilan Pappe to bring peace and justice to this part of the world. And, as Rael has called for, we need an Israeli Gandhi to peacefully put an end to the ongoing Israeli racism and colonialist insanity.”

Boisselier said that according to Raelian philosophy, humanity on Earth was created by human beings from another planet.

“They monitored our development and helped us through past millennia by sending messengers,” she explained. “These were the prophets, and they had the mission of guiding humanity until it reaches level of understanding that allows us to comprehend the fact that they created us. All prior prophets foretold the last prophet, Rael, who has a special role to play in Israel as the Messiah. He is to build the Third Temple there, an embassy to welcome the Elohim, our creators.”

But Israel has not yet agreed to cooperate, she said. [...]
Hey, one peace process at a time! As Kramer comments, "No question, Pappé's earned the honor."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

IRIB (Iran): "Haniya reshuffle [sic] cabinet in Gaza"

"Unrelated to the unrest rocking the Arab region"? Interesting point considering the fact that the Iranian press has the clumsiest denials in the business:
Palestinian Premier Ismail Haniya announced the formation of a new cabinet in Gaza, naming the first Hamas foreign minister.

Hamas said the move was unrelated to the unrest rocking the Arab region, but it is likely to be seen as an effort by the movement to convey a more open image to the outside world.

Haniya appointed Mohammed Awad to the post of foreign minister. Awad will also keep his job as planning minister.

Thursday’s reshuffle added five ministers, including one woman. Most ministers kept their current portfolios.

In a statement Thursday, Haniya said the reshuffle was an administrative step and was not against reconciliation. He added that the new government would resign when a national unity agreement was signed ending division with Fatah movement.
I wouldn't hold your breath.

ACN (Cuba): "Alan Gross Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison"

You may have seen this story as reported by Western News agencies. According to CNN:
American contractor Alan P. Gross has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for crimes against the Cuban state.

Gross, 61, was found guilty of working on a "subversive" U.S. project intended to undermine the Cuban government by distributing illegal satellite communications equipment, according to Cubadebate, a state-run website in Cuba.

The United States has said that Gross was helping the island's small Jewish community connect to the Internet. [...]
Here is the coverage from Cuba's ACN news agency:
The Courtroom for Crimes against State Security of the People’s Provincial Court of Havana sentenced US citizen Alan Phillip Gross on Friday to 15 years in prison for the crime of "Acts against the Independence or the Territorial Integrity of the State."

The Court, to make that decision, took into account the large amount of documentary evidence and those provided by witnesses and experts presented during the oral trial, particularly the ones by the prosecutor, which showed the direct participation of the US contractor in a subversive project of the US government to try to destroy the Revolution, by way of the use of info-communication systems out of the control of the authorities, in order to promote destabilizing plans against various social sectors.

During the hearing of the oral trial, the defendant admitted having been used and manipulated by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), subordinate to the Department of State and which finances the DAI Contracting Company, on behalf of which Gross came to Cuba. [...]
Not that it would be a bad idea to "destroy the revolution."

Update: This appears to be North Korea's version of the same story:
The Cuban newspaper Granma on March 8 carried an article denouncing the U.S. cyber warfare against Cuba.

The paper disclosed the fact that the U.S. smuggled satellite antennas and other equipment into Cuba to have secret internet connections in a bid to spread false rumors, create social instability and bring Cuba to collapse.

Recalling that the U.S. smuggled latest programs into Cuba to form networks not subject to government control and establish a system whereby digitalized files are transmitted and received, the paper went on: The U.S. is leaving no means untried to intensify the anti-Cuba campaign.

Tefillin freak out airline personnel again

I put on tallis and tefillin in airports on occasion, but I have never had a problem. I think the tallis helps people realize it is just prayer and the guys who generate security alerts are bachurim (unmarried guys who do not wear a big prayer shawl along with their phylacteries):
[...] Alaska Flight 241 from Mexico City to Los Angeles International Airport landed safety at LAX and was met by fire crews, foam trucks, FBI agents, Transportation Security Administration personnel and police dispatched as a precaution. [...]

The three passengers had startled members of the cabin crew with what was interpreted as suspicious behavior shortly after takeoff, airline spokeswoman Bobbie Egan said.

"The three passengers were praying aloud in Hebrew and were wearing what appeared to be leather straps on their foreheads and arms," she said. "This appeared to be a security threat, and the pilots locked down the flight deck and followed standard security procedures." [...]

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"the Palestinian combatant has returned home safely after conducting his mission successfully . . . He managed to kill all the five Zionists"

You have, no doubt, already seen this story. Five people, most of a family, including three children, were butchered in their sleep on Shabbos. Iran's Fars News seems pretty upbeat about it:
A newly formed Palestinian group named after Imad Mugniyah - the slain Hezbollah commander assassinated by Israel three years ago - and affiliated to the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Fatah movement, on Saturday claimed responsibility for the killing of five Zionists near the West Bank city of Nablus.

A member of the al-Aqsa Brigades attacked a house in the Itamar settlement, South of Nablus, the group said in a statement on Saturday.

He managed to kill all the five Zionists who were in the house on Saturday morning, the statement added, mentioning that the Palestinian combatant has returned home safely after conducting his mission successfully.

The operation was a natural response to the crimes of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the statement added. [...]
Elder of Ziyon notes some other disgusting press coverage.

Update: Vicious Babushka has pictures of Pals passing out candy.

IRIB Radio: "the British Prime Minister unmasked his ugly Zionist visage"

The image of the "racist logo" is taken from the original article. Delicious:
In an interview with Jewish News, the British Prime Minister unmasked his ugly Zionist visage, sayiing Iranians "would not be missed" if they wanted to boycott the London Olympics.

According to Press TV, David Cameron unabashedly called himself and his coalition cabinet as sincere supporter of the illegal Zionist entity, Israel, saying: (Foreign Secretary) William Hague is a strong supporter of Israel, as I am, and we greatly value the longstanding friendship between the two sides.

He sounded like a Zionist when he attacked Iran's warning to stay away from the London Olympic Games, since the British officials were using a racist logo.

Last month, Iran's National Olympic Committee wrote to the International Olympic Committee, protesting the 2012 Olympic logo as it spells the word Zion.

In an undiplomatic reaction to the issue, the British Premier said: "If the Iranians don't want to come, don't come - we won't miss you.”

Cameron's remarks were against the Olympic resolution for “building a peaceful and better world through sport away from all the political issues." [...]
Iran certainly isn't injecting politics into anything.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ahmadinejad: "The human society is moving rapidly forward"

And, of course, Iran is in the vanguard of all that forwardness:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday underlined that the era of hegemony and hegemonic powers is over and the world nations will no more allow others to interfere in their internal affairs.

"The human society is moving rapidly forward and today's hegemonic powers, which are unrivaled in corruption, pillage, massacre and crimes, are already collapsing," President Ahmadinejad said during a visit to the central Iranian city of Qom.

"An Islamic awakening is taking place in the world. A major movement is underway and we can see its signs in every corner of the globe," he went on to say.

Inspired by the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, people in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and now Saudi Arabia have been staging massive street protests to press the dictatorial regimes in their countries to step down. [...]
The Supreme Leader made similar remarks. "The appointment of the new Experts Assembly Head Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Mahdavi Kani" foiled a bunch of World Arrogance plots:
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei stressed on Thursday that the recent events in the region herald imminent demise of the arrogant powers and change in the world equations in the near future.

"Not only corrupted and despotic rulers but the United States and other world powers with an aggressive nature will finally suffer a defeat by nations and God's promises will come true," Ayatollah Khamenei said in a meeting with head and members of Iran's Experts Assembly.

He pointed to the failure of enemies with regard to the appointment of the new Experts Assembly Head Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Mahdavi Kani, saying, "They expected that a difference will be caused among members of the Experts Assembly."

The Leader further added that enemies thought that the "service race" will turn into a "negative completion" in an attempt to seize positions, but the issue ended in a way beneficial to Islam and the Islamic Republic thanks to the wise attitude and words of the Assembly's members. [...]
All's well that ends well.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Patients increase control of Insane Asylum

I hear the area of LA I live in is being renamed the "Faux-Medical Marijuana District," but at least they are getting the scourge of plastic grocery bags under control:
The city of Santa Monica's ban on plastic shopping bags took effect Wednesday with supermarkets, convenience stores, liquor stores and pharmacies barred from handing out single-use plastic bags.

A six-month grace period will be in place before enforcement kicks in, with fines starting at $75 per infraction. Criminal prosecution is possible for repeat offenders.

Recyclable paper bags will still be available in stores for 10 cents apiece. [...]

The Ralphs grocery store in Santa Monica expects little resistance to the ban. Assistant manager June Kim said 30% to 40% of their customers already bring their own reuseable totes to shop. [...]
I understand those are a bacterial nightmare.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Kabobfest puts Libya "in Perpspective"

I'm getting bored with Angry Arab. Here's a whole paragraph from Kabobfest:
We can’t be selective when it comes to eye witnesses. For instance, on Al-Jazeera Live (Arabic), a Libyan reporter was yelling on the phone that “Qaddafi is using Israeli fighter jets to attack his own people,” that he could identify the airplanes as Israeli by the Stars of David on their wings. This was coming from an anti-Qaddafi voice, accusing Qaddafi of being in cahoots with Israel against the free people of Libya. But, if Israeli jets launched from Turkish bases can get away with bombing Syria in 2007, isn’t it possible that they could get away with posing as Libyan fighter jets dropping bombs on Benghazi? Isn’t it possible that Qaddafi was being honest when he said he did not use force yet? Could the African mercenaries be sent by someone else? Is it possible that the two defecting Libyan pilots in Malta were never given orders to bomb civilians in Benghazi? Is it so hard to believe that a ruthless dictator, let’s say one who claims that he had no WMDs, could be telling the truth?
This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Angry Arab discerns more "dirty hands"

The post is entitled "Israel's dirty hands in Egypt":
The fire in the headquarters of Security of the State apparatus in Cairo and Alexandria are most suspicious. They were intended most likely to protects aspects of foreign relations.

IRIB (Iran): Mideast revolts to spread to US

You can't really know what is going on anywhere without reading the Iranian press:
Eye witnesses have reported unrest in several US states while, the US authorities have kept silence regarding their country’s domestic situation, IRNA reported Sunday.

Passengers returning from New York and Washington believe that the Obama administration has not been able to settle the existing great economic problems and that the social atmosphere is on the verge of explosion in most states, according to IRNA correspondents.

They said that the police is on alert in most US states and big cities including New York and Washington, denouncing the police harsh attitude towards the people in streets.

According to the reports, the US authorities and domestic media are severely criticized for their silence regarding the recent protests in Wisconsin.

The US states are faced with dlrs 125 billion budget deficit this year and the authorities have decided to change laws in order to weaken the labor unions.

A passenger at Amsterdam airport has told IRNA that the atmosphere created by western news networks including the CNN and BBC are entirely different from the realities on the ground inside the western countries including the US.

The Americans believe that the wave of protests is not only seen in the Middle East or Africa but the situation is potentially explosive in the West.

The passenger who lives in the Netherlands added that the world people should not forget last year protests in France, Italy and Britain which were severely suppressed by the security forces.

The British police, some four months ago, attacked thousands of university students protesting for increase in tuition fees and arrested a large number of them the fate of several of whom is still unknown.

Political observers believe that the US authorities are trying to attract world attention to the ongoing unrest in Middle East and North Africa while they fear that the recent labor union protests in Wisconsin would lead to anti-government moves. [...]
Let's hope so.

Daily Mail: UK Spies helping Rebels, IRIB: UK spies helping Gaddafi

The Mail:
Britain is to send teams of spies and diplomats into Libya to help oust Colonel Gaddafi, it emerged last night.

MI6 operatives backed by the SAS are to land in the east around the key rebel stronghold of Benghazi 'within days'.

In addition, 600 soldiers of the Black Watch are on 24-hour standby to fly in and avert a humanitarian catastrophe as Libya erupted into a new wave of bloodshed. [...]
And now IRIB, whose headline reads "8 British agents helping Gaddafi captured in Libya":
Eight British soldiers have been captured in eastern Libya as they escorted a senior diplomat through territory under the control of revolutionary forces.

According to a report published by The Sunday Times, the unexpected presence of a British special forces unit along with the diplomat "angered Libyan opposition figures, who ordered the soldiers to be locked up on a military base."

The Britons have reportedly been taken to Benghazi in eastern Libya. The diplomat they were protecting had wanted to contact the anti-government forces.
The Guardian also reported that they were captured.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Angry Arab imagines Queen Rania's "last tweet"

Wouldn't the spare tire give it away?
I can see Queen Rania tweeting her way to the every end. I can imagine her last tweet: I am in a dark place. It may be the trunk of a car. I have not seen my idiot husband who brought us to this. I am told he was dangling from an electricity pole somewhere in Amman. I think that the people of Davos will miss me. I wonder if I look glamorous in the trunk of this car. Where are you Oprah to save me?
Are we going to see a post imagining Asma al-Assad in the trunk of a car?

Exciting new Juche novel published

Did I miss articles about other installments of the "Immortal Guidance" serial? Oh well, this one certainly sounds as if it is rallying closely around the headquarters of the revolution:
A new novel, "Prospering Land", was published in the DPRK.

The novel, a part of the serial "Immortal Guidance", was written by Pak Thae Su, with the background of the late 1990s when the country was undergoing ordeals.

It is based on the fact that Geneal Secretary Kim Jong Il initiated land rezoning in Kangwon Province and successfully guided the project.

In the novel the leader unfolds an ambitious plan to adjust all the arable land of the country as befitting the features of the socialist country and makes the project start in Kangwon Province with many plots.

Under his leadership, the huge project for improving the layout of fields is completed successfully.

During the project, people come to cherish ardent love for their land.
It ends like this: "But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Dear Leader."

Update: The latest KCC unfolds an ambitious plan.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Angry Arab on "Blood and mercy in revolution"

Angry Arab wants "speedy" "military trials" (and executions, obviously) for Mubarak and Gadaffi. Notice his notion of not paying "attention" to the White Man:
The last thing I should care about--and anybody in the Arab world should care about--are the Western standards and criteria and conditions regarding upheavals in the Arab world . . . Revolutions are bloody and Western standards are at least hypocritical. The rightist fans of Edmond Burks have convinced generations of Westerners that the French Revolution was a bloody affair when a couple of thousands of French people were killed . . . Arab revolutionaries should press ahead with little attention--if any--to what the White Man in Western capitals is saying. I really think that mercy at this time in Egypt or Tunisia or Libya may be the factor that could undermine the goals of revolution . . .
I am reminded of a comment once made by music reviewer about a Motown record with gloopy string-arrangements: "bad taste in White people." AA, as far as I can tell, has never written a single word that does not advance the agenda of certain (leftist) white men in the West. He just has "bad taste in White people." I am making a theoretical point here--I don't care what happens to Mubarak and especially Gaddafi.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

"The designer of this logo is a full member of the global Zionist - Freemasonry alliance that seeks to sheeple the global population . . . "

EOZ links to this. I wasn't aware of this particular Iranian news site, but wow, talk about new horizons in Irangrish . . . "Sheeple" as a verb! The title of this little masterpiece is "The International Community Launches Formal Complaint Opposing the 2012 London Olympic Games’ Silly little Logo":
The designer of this logo is a full member of the global Zionist - Freemasonry alliance that seeks to sheeple the global population into eternal oblivion on the one hand and solidify its grip over the globe’s financial-cultural lifeblood on the other.

Hamsayeh.Net - Already it seems the next Olympic games in London, England would be one of the worst Olympics in history.

The British Olympic Association has obviously been forced to adopt a rather silly logo design for the upcoming games in London, putting under question the whole purpose of the games. The silly little logo of the London 2012 Olympic games sports the word ZION in pink color – a much revered color theme used by some well-known deviated groups belonging to parts of the Western World.

Apparently the British Olympic Association is expecting that thousands of world’s greatest athletes will happily be marching under this silly little symbol during the opening and closing ceremonies of the London 2012 games.

Zionists’ control over the post WWII global financial system has enabled this elite group to enjoy total influence over most of the Western countries’ top organizations. In UK, the British Olympic Committee seems to have had no other choice but to adopt the controversial logo since the organization receives its annual funding from the Zionist-led financial institutions.

According to reports, the designer of this logo is a full member of the global Zionist - Freemasonry alliance that seeks to sheeple the global population into eternal oblivion on the one hand and solidify its grip over the globe’s financial-cultural lifeblood on the other.

So many British organizations have voiced extreme displeasure over the adoption of this pejorative symbol by the British Olympic Committee.

Yesterday, Iranian Olympic Association launched a formal complaint to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) opposing the logo of 2012 London Olympic games.

Mohammad Ali Abadi, the secretary of Iran’s Olympic Committee and Baharam Afsharzadeh sent a letter to the IOC urging it to replace the controversial logo with a more appropriate one.

The letter, signed by Head of Iranian Olympics Committee, Mohammad Ali Abadi and the Secretary General of Iran's Olympic Committee Bahram Afsharzade, was addressed to the president of IOC Jacques Rogge, ISNA reported on Wednesday.

‘We appreciate the committee's efforts in line with developing the spirit of Olympics all over the world. We ask for your consideration of the following issue which if neglected, may have destructive effects on the future of sport, especially London Olympic Games in 2012,’ the letter said.

‘We have two years ahead to the opening of the games and unfortunately we see the games face with a critical challenge at the beginning which is raised by the racial attitudes of some individuals.

‘As internet documents have proved, using the word Zion in the logo of 2012 Olympic Games is a disgracing action and against Olympia’s valuable mottos.’ The letter addressed the issue.

And the letter finally added, ‘There is no doubt that negligence of the issue from your side may affect the presence of some countries in the games, especially Iran which abides by commitment to the values and principles.’

Farrakhan stands by Gaddafi

That figures:
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said Jews and Zionists are "trying to push the US into war" and are a cover for Satan, at the group's annual meeting near Chicago on Tuesday.

“President Obama," Farrakhan said, "if you allow the Zionists to push you, to mount a military offensive against Gaddafi and you go in and kill him and his sons as you did with Saddam Hussein and his sons, I’m warning you this is a Libyan problem, let the Libyans solve their problem among themselves.” Farrakhan called Muammar Gaddafi "my brother" and "my friend."

He also accused American Zionists of attempting to push Israel into war with Iran, adding that "Zionists dominate the government of the United States of America and her banking system."

One panel at the conference, titled "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews," claimed that Jews were disproportionately involved in the slave trade and accused them of controlling the media.

“Some of you think that I’m just somebody who’s got something out for the Jewish people," Farrakhan said. "You’re stupid. Do you think I would waste my time if I did not think it was important for you to know Satan? My job is to pull the cover off of Satan so that he will never deceive you and the people of the world again.” [...]
(h/t: It's Complicated) Angry Arab, as we saw, tried to assert that Israel was allied with Gaddafi somehow. Farrakhan, at least, sees Israel and Gaddafi as antagonistic. See there, Farrakhan is more reasonable than Angry Arab.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ma'an News: "Hamas govt urges children not to study Holocaust"

You are familiar with this story if you follow EOZ. The Ma'an version has its own jaw-dropping nuances:
Gaza government officials on Tuesday urged school children to leave classrooms if human rights lessons included information about the Holocaust.

The Hamas-led government said it would do everything it could to prevent children being taught about the Holocaust in UNRWA schools in the Gaza Strip. It accused the UN agency of overstepping its humanitarian and relief role.

UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness explained that human rights education has been part of the agency's curriculum in schools across the region since 2002. In Gaza, the agency runs 228 schools, educating over 200,000 children.

"Because of the situation in Gaza, we have been enriching further our human rights education" in the coastal enclave, Gunness said, explaining that the program was anchored in the principles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Gaza Education Minister Mahammad Ashquol said his ministry "will never allow teaching Holocaust to Gazan refugee camp children."

"Messing up Gaza's education system is a red line which can’t be ignored," he added.

The Hamas-run Ministry of Culture also issued a statement slamming the inclusion of information about the Holocaust in the UN curriculum, which it described as a "challenge" to Palestinians.

Ministry officials said the lessons were an overt intervention in Palestinian affairs, and that the "suspicious plot" should be countered. They urged teachers to refuse to include the Holocaust in their lessons, claiming that teaching the subject amounted to "complicity in a crime against culture."

Further, officials asked children to leave the classroom if teachers tried to tell them about the Holocaust or gave them books about the atrocity. [...]
That should stimulate the children's curiosity.

Angry Arab discovers "Israel's dirty hands in Libya"

What have those Israeli "dirty hands" been doing to sully the otherwise pristine purity of the Gt. Arab Jamahirya? Let's drop in on Angry Arab's blog and see what those hands are up to:
Mahmud Shammam (a Libyan dissident and journalist who edited Arabic edition of Newsweet and served on the board of Aljazeera) has just said on Aljazeera that Qadhdhafi is using his son, Sayf Al-Islam, to strike a deal with Israel and Zionists.
A deal about what? And what is meant by "Israel and Zionists"? I thought Israel was the one-and-only Zionist entity. Isn't it a bit hard to believe that anyone would be trying to make "a deal" with Gaddafi just about three seconds before he goes splat at the bottom of his current plummet? Of course, Angry Arab has had more practice than I have in believing unlikely things. Oh well, I still don't feel so well-informed about the current dongs of those dirty hands. Maybe AA could do a follow-up post with a few more details?

"Palestine praised the country for the Great Green Document on Human Rights"

As UN Watch points out, the UN Human Rights Council report praising Libya's human rights record is still scheduled to be adopted in a few weeks. The full report is still available on the OHCHR website. Individual member-countires of the Human Rights Council get to make separate statements praising Libya's human rights record. As Snoopy the Goon points out, these include "Iran, Algeria, Qatar, Sudan, The Syrian Arab Republic, North Korea, Bahrain, Palestine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia," a veritable who's who of human rights predators. Let's savor the statement from "Palestine," shall we?
35. Palestine commended the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya for the consultations held with civil society in the preparation of the national report, which demonstrated its commitment to the improved enjoyment of human rights. Palestine praised the country for the Great Green Document on Human Rights. It noted the establishment of the national independent institution entrusted with promoting and protecting human rights, which had many of the competencies set out in the Paris Principles. It also noted the interaction of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya with human rights mechanisms.
There you have it, the ripe stench of something that renders the word "hypocrisy" inadequate. It closely resembles the total inversion of reality one meets in the government-controlled news agencies of repressive regimes. This should, but probably won't, be a scandal.