Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chavez: Missile accusation "new aggression by the government of Colombia"

You may have seen this about Swedish-made anti-tank missiles ending up in FARC's possession courtesy of Venezuela. Iran's PressTV mostly covers the story from the Chavez side:
Venezuela has recalled its envoy to Colombia and suspended all diplomatic relations with the country in response to Bogota's accusations that Caracas is helping the FARC Marxist guerillas.

"In view of this new aggression by the government of Colombia, I have ordered the withdrawal of our ambassador to Bogota," Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Tuesday.

Bogota accuses Caracas of providing the rebels with weapons.

Chavez also blamed the government of President Alvaro Uribe of acting "irresponsibly.”

He says at present Colombia has no evidence that Venezuela delivered the Swedish-made anti-tank rocket launchers to FARC rebels that Colombia found recently.

Chavez warned that his administration will go ahead with a plan to cut off all diplomatic relations "if there's one more accusation against Venezuela."

The weapons in question are the AT4 light anti-tank weapon made by Sweden's Saab Bofors Dynamics.

Sweden has confirmed that the weapons originally were sold to Venezuela's military.

"We have asked the officials of the government of Venezuela to give us information on how they believe this material was found in Colombia," said Jens Eriksson, a political advisor to the Swedish Ministry of Commerce.
Elsewhere in the Iranian Press we learn from IRIB that "Palestinians repels [sic] invading Israeli forces":
Palestinian combatants on Tuesday repelled an attack by Israeli forces who had crossed into the Jabalia north of Gaza Strip, the Palestinian sources said.

Qods Brigades, armed wing of the Islamic Jihad movement fired three rocket-propelled grenades against a number of armoured vehicles inside northern Gaza.

Abu-Ali Mostafa Brigades, armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) confirmed exchange of fire between Palestinian combatants and Israeli forces. [...]
Certainly Iran has nothing to fear from those easily-repelled "Israeli forces," as another PressTV headline declares: "'Israel too weak to start war against Iran'":
A senior Iranian commander has ruled out any possibilty of an Israeli attack on Iran, saying Israel is “too weak” for such an adventure.

“In the event that the [Zionist] regime makes any mistake, Iran's response would be totally devastating,” the deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, Brig. Gen. Seyyed Mohhamad Hejazi, said in Tehran on Tuesday. [...]

Israeli officials have repeatedly expressed their fanatical determination to halt Iran's nuclear program at any cost, even through a military attack.
Those fanatics!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

"Libyan Women Masses mark second annual celebrations for . . . the day they had the honor of meeting with Leader of the Revolution for the first time"

They are Libyan women masses, hear them roar:
Masses of Libyan women held on Saturday the second annual celebration of 25 Nasser (July) 1970, the day they were honored by meeting with the Leader of the Revolution for the first time, in the first women conference held in Libya, a few months after the dawn of Al-Fateh revolution, to discuss woman's right, duties and their role in the community as well as realizing the objectives of the revolution.

The historic meeting was a belief on the part of the leader as he asserted in the meeting (Freedom should be for individual in this country and it shouldn't be only for men, it is ridiculous and backward not to include women in the revolutionary building process and not to include her role in building post revolution life).
Can't have something from JANA without something from SANA. Did Obama really thank Assad for his "wise congratulatory cable"?:
President Bashar al-Assad received on Monday a cable of thanks from U.S President Barack Obama in reply to the congratulatory cable which was sent by President al-Assad on the occasion of 233rd anniversary of U.S independence.

In his cable President Obama said "The American people and I appreciate the wise congratulatory cable which you sent on the occasion of 233rd anniversary of U.S independence." [...]
Nobody asked me if I appreciated it. Entities which have yet to achieve failed statehood also have news agencies. We learn from PalPress of "Two Qassam members martyred eastern Buraij in obscure circumstances":
A website affiliated to Hamas military wing "Ezz Al Din Qassam" reported yesterday that two of it's members were killed on Friday during a mission eastern of Buraij refugees camp central Gaza Strip.

The brigades identified the martyrs as : 23- year old "Osama Kamal Al Nabahin" and 22 - year old "Baker Jamal Al Nabahin" , pointing out that they were transferred to hospital cut to pieces. [...]
The hospital had its task cut out for it?

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ahmadinejad: "the 10th presidential election in Iran changed the world's governing model"

Iran has essentially emerged as the world's sole superpower:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday that the Islamic Revolution in Iran has disturbed all equations of the hegemonic powers during the last three decades.

"The first hegemony shattered immediately after the victory of the Islamic Revolution was the bipolar system dominating the world," Ahmadinejad said, addressing a gathering of Iran's ambassadors to European countries.

He said the second achievement of the Islamic Revolution was putting an end to the world powers' military domination over the other countries, and continued," The bullying powers imposed their political aspirations on the other nations through their military power."

He described the 8-year Iraqi imposed war on Iran as well as the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as examples of the same approach by the world powers, and added, "Today, resorting to military power has no use any more."

The president also said that ending the world powers' scientific hegemony is view as yet another achievement of the Islamic Revolution.

He further pointed to the recent presidential election in Iran as another instance of Iran's success in ending western powers' domination over the other world countries, and stressed that the 10th presidential election in Iran changed the world's governing model.

Iran's recent presidential election is viewed as a true example of democracy and public participation in politics and formation of their desired government. Over 85% of eligible voters took part in the election on June 12 and Ahmadinejad was re-elected as the next president of the country with over 62% percent of the votes cast in Iran's 10th presidential election.
The IRIB Radio article on this speech is entitled "Islamic Iran Shattered Imperialist Invincibility":
[...] He pointed to money, partisanship, and media tools as the three elements of decision-making in societies ruled by the decadent system of liberal democracy, reiterating that in such systems people outside the circle of the political parties have no part in decision-making.

Dr. Ahmadinejad said another plot by the powerful countries was foiled during the recent presidential elections which challenged the dominance of west's theories about controlling the destiny of other countries.
Another plot by the powerful countries is foiled by the latest Haveil Havalim.

Everybody denies everything

According to Paltoday, Hamas denies "restricting general freedom in Gaza":
Deposed Hamas government on Saturday denied that it had taken measures to restrict general liberty in the Gaza Strip.

"The government denies that it had made any new decision or given instructions violating the existed laws regarding the issue of freedom," said Taher al-Nounou, a spokesman for the Islamic movement's administration.

His remarks followed reports that Hamas had ratified a list of procedures which its security forces would forcefully apply in the Gaza Strip to spread Islamic awareness and prevent behavior that contradict with Muslim ethics. [...]

The Ministry of Religious Affairs in Gaza has launched a campaign calling for removing any scene that doesn't meet the Islam. For example, preachers toured Gaza markets and urged store owners to hide posters that showed women's images. However, Hamas and the people agree that this campaign is based on peaceful guidance.
Meanwhile, Fars reports that "Hezbollah Denies Involvement in Iran's Post-Election Events":
Lebanese Islamic resistance movement (Hezbollah) on Saturday strongly rejected claims about the group's involvement in post-election incidents in Iran, calling such allegations "unfounded".

"The recent rumors are void of truth. The Lebanese Hezbollah calls on those spreading this rumor to avoid hatching plots and sowing discord between the two brotherly nations of Iran and Lebanon," Hezbollah announced in a statement obtained by FNA on Saturday. [...]
A few days ago PressTV reported other Hezbollah denials:
Hezbollah says a recent blast in southern Lebanon was caused by old shells, dismissing allegations that it was triggered by a secret arms cache belonging to the movement. [...]
In another sort of denial (h/t: Hot Air), the AP is trying to deny blogs and search-engines access to its content unless they pay a fee:
Tom Curley, The A.P.’s president and chief executive, said the company’s position was that even minimal use of a news article online required a licensing agreement with the news organization that produced it. In an interview, he specifically cited references that include a headline and a link to an article, a standard practice of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, news aggregators and blogs.
As long as Fars News and the rest don't start charging for their content, I guess I'm safe.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

North Korea gives even greater play to the mighty treasure-sword of scorn for Hillary

A great revolutionary upsurge of cutting remarks in the Spirit of Mt. Paektu:
A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK Thursday gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA, blasting the anti-DPRK vituperation let loose by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

She has made a spate of vulgar remarks unbecoming for her position everywhere she went since she was sworn in.

She said during her recent trip to India that "north Korea should not receive the attention it is seeking through behavior like missile launches," likening Pyongyang's behavior to that of unruly children. Her words suggest that she is by no means intelligent.
Oh no, they are directing their mental power at her!
The DPRK has taken necessary measures to protect the nation's sovereignty and right to existence to cope with the U.S. hostile policy and nuclear threat, not to attract anyone's attention.

The U.S., however, is taking the lead in making much ado about nothing.

It was the U.S. that helped the DPRK to become the world focus.

We cannot but regard Mrs. Clinton as a funny lady as she likes to utter such rhetoric, unaware of the elementary etiquette in the international community.

Sometimes she looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping.

Anyone making misstatements has to pay for them.

It is our view that she can make even a little contribution to the implementation of the U.S. administration's foreign policy as secretary of State only when she has understanding of the world, to begin with.

Wedding guests have a blast

A wedding to remember:
At least fifty two people were wounded in a blast targeted a wedding party in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khanyounis.

Hospital sources told Ramattan that fifty two people were carried to two separate hospitals in the city.

Witnesses said that an explosion occurred under a mobile small stage in a street west of the city.

They added that tens of people were wounded, including women and children, in addition to the groom, Mohammed Dahallan and his father Mahmoud.

Spokesperson of Ministry of Interior at Hamas Government in Gaza reported that the "initial investigations" reveal that the explosion was a result of "sound bomb."

The ministry of interior reported that the "internal security" arrested three suspected people.
In a related development, reported by JoeSettler at the Muqata, a bullet from a different Palestinian wedding landed on a Jewish family's kitchen table.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Joke becomes reality

You all know the joke. It is so moldy that I don't even have to type it, I can just find it on the internet and paste it in:
The member of the Orthodox synagogue approaches his rabbi and tells him, "I have just bought a Bentley. Would you mind saying a brucha over it?"

He asks, "What's a Bentley?" and, when told, says, "Absolutely not."

So the man goes to the Conservative rabbi and makes the same request.

He asks, "What's a Bentley?" and refuses when he is told what it is.

So the man goes to the Reform rabbi and makes the same request.

He asks "What's a brucha?"
It never occurred to me, but the first two Rabbis in the joke were wrong. The berachah on a new Bentley would be "Shehecheyanu." (The purchaser would say it, however, not the Rabbi.) According to a recent Vos iz Neias article on the permissibility of buying cars during the Three Weeks:
Whenever we make a new and exciting purchase there are two possible brachos that may be recited. At times we recite a “Shehecheyanu” and at times we recite a “Baruch HaTov veHaMaitiv.” The Shulchan Aruch (OC 222:1; 175:4 and elsewhere) tells us that “Baruch HaTov VeHaMaitiv” is recited when someone else also benefits from the item. A “Shehecheyanu” is recited when only one person benefits from the item.

In our case of a Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna, since the entire family benefits from the vehicle a HaTov VeHaMaitiv” would be recited, while with the Chevy Camaro LT2 the profile of our buyer would indicate that a “Shehecheyanu” would be recited.
Same thing by a Bentley, no?

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Monday, July 20, 2009

"Japan Hit for Being So Vociferous about 'Combating Piracy'"

Time, once again, to visit the sneering, snarling world of the more bellicose Korean News articles. The bellicose ones are basically anything about Japan, South Korea, or the U.S. unless it is some meeting to appreciate the Juche idea or demand Korean reunification under the loving care of Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il. Japan claims to be undertaking anti-piracy measures, but North Korea isn't buying it for a minute!
The international community should be as cautious about the frantic moves of the Japanese reactionaries for overseas invasion under the pretext of "anti- piracy measures" as it is vigilant against acts of pirates.

Rodong Sinmun Monday observes this in a signed commentary.

It goes on:

It was reported recently that the second contingent of the Japan Maritime "Self-Defense Force" left for the waters off Somalia under the pretext of "combating piracy" and is expected to arrive there around the end of July when the "anti-piracy law" adopted at the Diet takes effect.

It is the ulterior intention of the Japanese reactionaries to dispatch more contingents in the future in the wake of the departure of the second contingent of the MSDF.

Japan already dispatched the SDF to the Indian Ocean under the signboard of "cooperation in the anti-terror war." This time it adopted the above-mentioned law, providing legal conditions for escalating the SDF troop dispatch overseas.

Japan is crying out for "combating piracy" at present but no one can vouch that it would not repeat its past history of aggression.

What is ridiculous is that the Japanese reactionaries are working hard to cover up the SDF troop dispatch overseas aimed at overseas aggression with phraseologies of "international contribution" and "combating piracy."

They intend to grant the SDF dispatched as part of "peace-keeping forces" a bigger right to use weapons and allow it to use even heavy weapons. This goes to clearly prove that "peace-keeping operation" and "international contribution" on Japan's lip service are nothing but sophism intended to lay a springboard from which to launch overseas aggression.

Should the Japanese reactionaries launch reinvasion, oblivious of the bitter defeat the Japanese imperialists sustained in the past, they will perish deep under sea just as the militarists did.
Mmm, mmm, that's good bile!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

IRIB Radio: Haniyeh "Confirms Qaddoumi's Disclosure of Foul Play in Arafat's Death"

More on the dastardly foul-play that led to Arafat's untimely demise. If Hamas and Iran continue to push this story, further Palestinian fragmentation and Iranian entanglement would seem to be on the horizon:
Palestine's elected premier has confirmed a Palestinian official's disclosure about Mahmoud Abbas' involvement in Yasser Arafat's death which was not natural.
Assassination plots aside, I don't think anyone ever exactly thought Arafat's death was "natural."
According to Fars News Agency, Ismail Haniyeh Palestine's legal premier says there is a lot of information that shows PLO Secretary General, Farouq Qaddoumi's disclosures, on involvement of the self-assumed Head of the Palestine Self-Rule Authority in complicity with the then Gaza Security Chief, Mohammed Dahlan, in the death of the late Palestinian leader.

He went on to say that efforts by Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah Movement over the past five year to hush up the case by continuously postponing setting up of a committee to investigate Arafat's death is indicative of their involvement.
Haniyeh added that the situation in the West Bank also confirm their complicity.

Yasser Arafat died under suspicious circumstances while undergoing medical treatment at a hospital in France.
Elsewhere in Iran-related news, we learn that Iran's ill-fated vice-president has "resigned three days after his appointment." We also learn that he is Ahmadinejad's mechutan:
Mashaie, whose daughter is married to Ahmadinejad's son, is an outspoken figure who last year earned the wrath of hardliners, including supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, for saying Iran is a "friend of the Israeli people."
That explains why he didn't disappear from the political arena forever after attempting to make a distinction between Iran's anti-Israel stance and its feelings towards actual Israeli Jews. In more great news from Iran: "Commander Hails Iran's Geographic Advantages for Asymmetric War":
Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Ground Force Brig. Gen. Mohammad Pakpour Thursday said that Iran enjoys geographic and political advantages that would give the country an upper hand in any potential asymmetric war.

Addressing a gathering of IRGC battalion commanders here in Tehran, Pakpour elaborated on the IRGC doctrine for wars of asymmetry, and underlined IRGC and Basij (volunteer forces) operational preparedness.
Asymmetric warfare--isn't that what terrorists use? That's from Fars News, whose English URL stopped working just as the election unrest started in Iran and which seems to be back in the English news business. So what's with IRNA?

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NY Times recaps recent history of East Jerusalem, doesn't mention Jewish Quarter or Western Wall

Ethan Bronner covers Israel's rejection of a "settlement freeze" in East Jerusalem. I'm just going to quote the inevitable historical-background paragraph:
Israel captured the eastern part of Jerusalem and the West Bank from Jordan in the 1967 Middle East war. It annexed East Jerusalem, which contains sites holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims, as well as many Palestinian neighborhoods, and built a series of Jewish neighborhoods in and around it to solidify its claim. It has also built scores of West Bank settlements.
There are touches of polemic here, wouldn't you say?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lying Imperialist!

The Oskomaeodong III is currently in Songun orbit, broadcasting the Song of Kim Il Sung and the Song of Kim Jong Il, giving even greater play to the might of single-minded unity in the spirit of Mt. Paektu! (h/t: Memeorandum)

Update: In related news we learn that the "Juche idea" is the "Root of Songun Idea":
The Songun idea, the source of the invincible strength of the Korean army and people, has the principles of the great Juche idea as its root . . .

The Juche idea demands of establishing the revolutionary outlook of Juche with the outlook on the leader as its core and carrying on the revolution and construction under the monolithic guidance of the leader.

The Songun idea is the revolutionary idea with the main stress on the leader. It expounds that all the members of the society should uphold the idea and guidance of the leader with the revolutionary army as a model and thoroughly establish the Songun leadership system, the monolithic guidance system of the leader. [...]
Oh I wish I had a monolithic leader . . .

Update: The latest Haveil Havalim is the source of invincible strength.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Press TV (Iran): "Israel planned 'Ahmadinejad assassination'"

J-Post had a brief item on this accusation. Here is a lengthy article from the Iranian Press:
Israel, in collaboration with Iranian terror groups, planned to assassinate Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, says Tehran's top intelligence official.

Intelligence Minster Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje'i said Israeli officials met with the terrorist Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) to execute the plan, according to a report by the semi official Fars News Agency.

"The Zionist regime had met with the MKO on the sidelines of the Sharm el-Sheikh meeting in Egypt and in Paris to assassinate Mr. Ahmadinejad," Mohseni-Ejeie was quoted as saying on Friday.

The terrorist group had, however, set conditions for carrying out the assassination, he added. "They had asked that the US and the West remove their name from their blacklists."

The MKO was founded in Iran in the 1960s, but its top leadership and members fled the country some twenty years later after carrying out numerous acts of terrorism inside the country.

The group is especially notorious for the help it extended to former dictator Saddam Hussein during the war Iraq imposed on Iran (1980-1988) and even aided him in the massacre of thousands of innocent Iraqis.

The group masterminded a series of assassinations and bombings inside Iran, including the 1981 bombing of the offices of the Islamic Republic Party, in which more than 72 Iranian officials were killed, including the then Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti.

Another group approached by the Israeli officials, the intelligence minster said, was a Pakistan-based armed terrorist group, known as 'Jundallah'. Iran's eastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan has been the target of terror attacks by the group, suspected of affiliation with al-Qaeda.

Two weeks before the June 12 presidential election in Iran, 'Jundallah' elements placed a bomb in a crowded mosque in the southeastern city of Zahedan, killing 25 people and wounding 120 more.

A 2007 Sunday Telegraph report revealed that the CIA had created Jundullah and provided it with 'arms-length support' and 'money and weapons' to achieve 'regime change in Iran'.

Another report broadcast by the US-based TV network, ABC also revealed that US officials had ordered Jundullah to 'stage deadly guerrilla raids inside the Islamic Republic, kidnap Iranian officials and execute them on camera', all as a part of a 'systematic objective to overthrow the Iranian government'.

MPAC-UK: Murdoch helps Muslims find Mizrach

See, not all "staunch supporters of the apartheid state of Israel" are bad!
Dear Mr Murdoch, I thought I should write a short letter to thank you. You being a global media mogul and a staunch supporter of the apartheid state of Israel, probably don't get many appreciative messages from Muslims.

Muslims in the UK have to face towards Makkah in Saudi Arabia to read their daily prayers (Namaz). A problem arises when we travel in the country. We just don't know the direction to Makkah. Not all of us carry a compass or know how to read one.
Don't know how to read a compass? You have to know your directions, I guess. Another useful thing to bear in mind if you have to face east to pray is that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Do I get a thank-you article now also?
You may not realise this, and it is a coincidence, but your British Sky Broadcasting's satellite minidish face approximately toward Makkah. So whenever I'm on travel and don't know the direction to Makkah, I just look for a sky dish! I am publicising this information so that others may benefit too, therefore you may get few more thank you messages!

I used to subscribe to sky in the old days. In the tough economic climate I have moved to alternative free services such as Freeview, like many others, helping it become the UK's number 1 TV platform. But I'm sure there will always be plenty of sky dishes out there for us to look at. Once again thank you and your company for the invaluable help you provide without knowing.
This post was brought to you by the greater global community of east-facers.

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(North) Korean News: "Pearly Luster Paint Developed in DPRK"

I bet you think this is a trivial story, don't you? But read on, the paint has a "mysterious luster" and it is going to lead to "high appreciation":
The Building Materials Research Center under the Paektusan Architectural Institute of the DPRK has newly developed pearly luster paint, a final coating material of buildings.

The serviceable life of the paint with beautiful colors and mysterious luster is more than three times that of the metallic luster paint and its production cost is low because it does not use the expensive metal dust.

Its adhesive intensity is high and it is not washed easily. It has golden, red, copper, light blue and other colors.
I guess they meant "not washed off easily."
The paint is applicable to concrete, granite and wood.

It has been applied to plaque and ornamental design of buildings, plaster goods and others in various units to enjoy high appreciation.
They're so lucky to live there.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Does Yglesias use this kind of language often?

Here he is talking about the House health care bill. Guess which word I didn't expect:
The chairs and members of the three relevant committees did a great mitzvah by putting egos aside, forming a unified “tri-committee” bill writing process, largely shutting up about their internal negotiations, and getting down to the job of writing a bill that fits the parameters Americans voted for in November.
Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to be an aveirah.

Iranian press picks up Amatory Zio-gum story

That's "Plan Dalet" gum--Dalet for desire! You've heard about this by now, no doubt. One sympathetic soul in the comments section of the relevant Daily Kos diary was outraged at the idea that the story is funny: "Let's all laugh at those silly Palestinians! haw haw haw, it's so funny! Maybe we can forget about the 50 year injustice that has been foisted upon them." Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting certainly doesn't feel it's a laughing matter. Their title: "Israel in new ploy to dispirit Gaza youth":
Gaza-based Palestinian government Hamas suspects that Israeli spy agencies are supplying the resistant Gaza Strip with chewing gum that boosts the sex drive in order to corrupt the young, an official said on Tuesday.

"We have discovered two types of stimulants that were introduced into the Gaza Strip from Israeli border crossings," Hamas police spokesman Islam Shahwan told AFP.

"The first type is presented in the form of chewing gum and the second in the form of drops," he said.

Hamas said it has detained members of a gang that helped to bring in the products.

"They admitted during the investigation they were linked to the Zionist intelligence services," he said.

One suspect said he had received the products from an Israeli intelligence officer at a cut-rate price "with the officer saying they did not want money, but to distribute the products among the young people of Gaza," Shahwan said.

"The intelligence services are aiming to corrupt the young generation by distributing these products among students," he added.

The Israeli military has declined to comment on the reports.
But of course . . .

The story is accompanied by the following picture of Gaza youth resisting corruption:

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Let's fast to help Israel's enemies!

This thing is entitled--ugh--"Ta'anit Tzedek- The Jewish Fast For Gaza." [Sound of head banging against wall]:
[...] Last Tuesday, Rabbi Brant Rosen of the Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation in Evanston Illinois and Rabbi Brian Walt of Rabbis For Human Rights-North America coordinated an organized Jewish communal response to the continued blockade of Gaza and the cruel punishment of its people. This initiative, "Ta'anit Tzedek - The Jewish Fast For Gaza", follows the Jewish tradition of holding a communal fast in times of crisis, both as an expression of mourning and a call to repentence. [...]

The Rabbis who led this project realized that they could no longer stand by while the Israeli government continues to punish the Palestinian people of Gaza. While condemning Hamas' deliberate targeting of Israeli citizens, the leaders of Ta'anit Tzedek also condemn the use of much greater violence by the Israeli government. [...]
I think that in those little pea brains the phrase "Ta'anit Tzedek" means "Fast for Social Justice" or something like that instead of "Righteous Fast," the puerile, self-aggrandizing phrase this sounds like to anyone with a Hebrew vocabulary including any words besides "Tikkun" and "Olam."

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Press TV (Iran): Abbas plotted to kill Arafat!

Here's a rancid revelation for you. Conspiracies are everywhere. This is from Iran's Press TV site. Iran supports Hamas and Islamic Jihad, of course:
A senior official in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) says the 'assassination' of the late Authority Chief Yasser Arafat was the result of an Israeli-Palestinian plot.
See there--cooperation and co-existence are possible!
Farouk Qaddumi, head of PLO's political department, claimed in the Jordanian capital that the acting head of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas had played a part in an Israeli plot to kill the former head of the PLO, ISNA reported.

Qaddumi unveiled a document that showed the details an Israeli-Palestinian meeting which was held to discuss the killing of Arafat and some senior Hamas leaders.

According to the document, Abbas, a prime minister under Yasser Arafat, and senior Fatah leader Mohammad Dahlan had attended the meeting, which had also brought together a US delegation and former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Qaddumi claimed Arafat himself had sent him a copy of the document.

Qaddumi said, after being informed about the plot, he urged Arafat to leave the Palestinian territories as soon as possible.

But Arafat preferred to confront the plot, he said.
Meanwhile, at IRIB we learn that the next peace flotilla to Gaza will include Hugo Chavez:
Member of the British House of Commons George Galloway told the press Monday he was planning to organize a new solidarity convoy to Gaza that would include Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Qodsna News Agency reported on Monday.

Galloway was in Egypt Monday to sponsor the Lifeline 2 anti-siege convoy, which is scheduled to enter the Gaza Strip through its Rafah crossing along with 200 American solidarity activists.

The MP explained that he would continue to organize solidarity convoys, calling for lifting the siege imposed on Gaza. He revealed that Israeli lobbyists had sent three requests to US Attorney General Eric Holder trying to stop the vessel, which were all rejected.

Galloway also refuted Israeli accusations that he was pro-Hamas. "I was never pro-Hamas, yet I am pro-democracy, through which Hamas rose to power." [...]
So, in practice, does he support Hamas or not? Such a conundrum . . .

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ahmadinejad asks the Security Council to impose sanctions on Germany

Over the el-Sherbini murder. He also manages to throw slavery into the mix. New lows in defiant blather:
Following the brutal murder of a pregnant woman in a German courtroom, Iran's president criticizes the West for being selective in its stance on human rights.

Marwa el-Sherbini, an Egyptian woman dubbed the "veil martyr", was in court over a case against her neighbor, Axel W., who had been found guilty last November for insulting and abusing the woman, calling her a "terrorist".

El-Sherbiny, 31, mother of a 3-year-old and three months pregnant, was set to testify against him when he stabbed her 18 times inside the court in Dresden in front of her son.

"This heartfelt incident of el-Sherbini's martyrdom is a clear evidence of corruption in German judiciary system and a disgrace to the United Nations," Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday.

He slammed the violation of human rights in Germany, saying, "The attitude of Germany and most of Western countries to her killing is similar to their stance on the massacre of innocent Palestinians in the Gaza Strip."

"They stood by and witnessed the killing of the Palestinian people but finally condemned the Palestinians," he added.

Ahmadinejad expressed confidence that such a crime has been "definitely planned in advance" and said, "The German government, [the US President Barack] Obama, the UN Secretary General [Ban Ki-moon] and senior European officials showed no reaction to the incident."

Ahmadinejad drew a parallel between the Western governments and medieval slavers, saying that "in their point of view 'they' are the upper class and the rest of the people are slaves."

"Today, the German government is acting like slavers. [It] smiles at this crime (el-Sherbini's murder) and doesn't even express regret," Ahmadinejad said.

The Iranian president also called on the UN Security Council to condemn Germany. "We request the Security Council to condemn and impose sanctions on them (Germany)."
In further acts of coherence, Iran also summoned the Italian ambassador.

(North) Korean News: "Koreans Build Economic Power with Mental Power"

I always like articles which highlight the phrase "mental power." And, of course, the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex is the official People's Fertilizer Complex of the Judeopundit Blog:
The servicepersons and people of the DPRK, who have become persons of firm confidence, will and powerful spirit, overcoming ordeals under the Songun leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea, are now building an economic power vigorously.

It is firm resolution and will for the WPK to open without fail the gate to the great, prosperous and powerful nation in 2012, the year of 100th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung, by giving full play to the mental strength of the people.

Over last decades the DPRK has created things from nothing and consolidated its economic and military power as firm as a rock by mobilizing the strong spirit of the popular masses.

It built a powerful socialist country on debris through the great Chollima upsurge after the war and, after then, brought about the heyday of the WPK era through the vigorous speed campaign at every grand socialist construction site.

It is thanks to the mental power of the Korean people that they had won a great victory in the struggle for defending socialism, heroically bridging over the adversities of the "Arduous March".

The new century has witnessed the construction of large and minor power stations including the Anbyon Youth Power Station, Nyongwon Power Station and Wonsan Youth Power Station, the reconstruction and modernization of leading metallurgical bases, machine-building factories, chemical industry factories and mining bases and many updated light industry factories.

The Namhung Youth Chemical Complex is pushing ahead at the final stage with the gasification project which is of great significance in fertilizer production.

Efforts are being made to wind up the new gasification project at an early date in the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex which has already put its fertilizer production system on modern footing and the successful completion of a new vinalon production process is drawing near in the February 8 Vinalon Complex.

These successes prove that the mental power is, indeed, a powerful means for creating miracles.
Mental power is a powerful means for creating miracles in the latest Haveil Havalim.

Iran "reserves right to sue US" over "released diplomats"

This article doesn't exactly suggest that Obama is about to reap any diplomatic rewards for releasing the five terrorists:
IRI Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said the Islamic Republic of Iran, Foreign Ministry and released diplomats reserve the right to prosecute Bush's government for kidnapping five Iranian diplomats and the new American administration for the continuation of the act.

Speaking in the welcoming ceremony of the five ex-kidnapped diplomats, he said all of the measures adopted by the Islamic Republic of Iran in its embassy and consulates in Iraq were in the way of aiding Iraqi nation, ensuring the country's security and stability as well as boosting Tehran-Baghdad ties.

American forces intruded IRI consulate in Arbil, violated all international regulations, kidnapped five Iranian diplomats and held them in their custody until the last day of their presence in Iraqi cities, he said.

"These dears have been delivered to the IRI embassy after control of cities were given to the Iraqi government," he added.

International communities and the world public opinion evaluate the US measure in kidnapping Iranian diplomats as an anti-human act and in violation of all international conventions especially Vienna consular rights, Mottaki said, expressing hope that the case would be studied in the United Nations and other related international organizations.

Representative of Iraqi President Jalal Talibani took part in the ceremony and by donating flowers congratulated the arrival of the ex-kidnapped diplomats in the Islamic Iran.
Some of Obama's decisions seem to be the foreign-policy equivalent of falling into a manhole while texting.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mubarak inadvertantly makes the case for a Jewish State

In a recent article at Iran's Press TV Mubarak actually cites Egypt as an example of the multi-ethnic state that Israel should be:
Egypt President Hosni Mubarak says that he will not accept Israel as a "Jewish state," suggesting that Israeli leaders should follow his country's example.

In an interview with the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, the Egyptian president said that he will not accept a compromise on a Palestinian recognition of a Jewish state, Ynet News reported Friday.

"Don't you have Arab citizens in Israel?" Mubarak asks. "You want to turn Israel into a Jewish state only? That is very bad. I'm telling you. It's a serious mistake which will harm you."

"A Jewish state will become the target of all terrorists. An open state, on the other hand, is a different matter. Look at us in Egypt: We have Muslims, Christians, Copts and Jews," explained the ruler of the first Arab state to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel.
(According to Jewish Virtual Library, Egypt had less than a hundreed Jews in 2004.)
About 20 percent of Israeli population is constituted by Palestinians.

Hawkish Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has recently conditioned Tel Aviv's acceptance of a Palestinian state to the Palestinian recognition of Israel as a "Jewish state".
The second article of Egypt's constitution reads as follows:
Islam is the religion of the state and Arabic its official language. Principles of Islamic law ( Shari'a) are the principal source of legislation.
Besides the hypocrisy, one can hardly imagine a country that is a better poster child for grim prospects for Jewish and Arab Muslim co-existence. According to a Pew Research Center poll in 2006, 98 percent of Muslims in Egypt have an "Unfavorable Views of Jews." An article reporting on the results of this poll added:
In addition, Muslims in certain countries see Jews conspiratorially, as being responsible for bad relations between Muslims and Westerners. 28 percent of Jordanians and 22 percent of Egyptians volunteered that Jews were to blame for bad relations between Muslims and the West, although Jews were not mentioned in the question.
Perhaps, Mubarak would have made his point more effectively by warning "Don't end up like my country!" (Hat tip for the source on Egypt's constitution and general reminder that his blog is indispensable: Elder of Ziyon)

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Kim Il Sung "eternal leader and benevolent teacher of humankind"

It is been fifteen years since the people of North Korea were delivered from their dictator only to be saddled with his son. (North) Korean News has been doing a series of articles about the various tributes and ceremonies designed expressly to pretend Kim Senior's death wasn't a blessed event. This one is from the "vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front." I suppose he has a name, but it could never be as interesting as his title. It is actually more impressive that he is the "vice-chairman" than it would be if he was merely the chairman. Let's sample some of that vice-chairmanly wisdom:
[...] The statement described the history of more than 80 years of the President's life as the sacred and glorious life of a great man born of Heaven, who performed the immortal exploits in carving out the destiny of the nation and realizing the human cause of independence, glorifying his career as outstanding thinker, distinguished statesman, preeminent revolutionary and great person in the annals of the 20th century after personifying the prefect personality and qualification of a great man on the highest level.

The President is the peerless patriot and eternal leader and benevolent teacher of humankind as he is enjoying boundless reverence and ardent praises from all people for the exploits he performed for the country and the nation, times and history, it said. [...]
Those are the two best paragraphs. The latest Haveil Havalim also performs immortal exploits for the nation, times, and history.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

If you happen to see the most beautiful election in the world

Most of the news agencies have articles about this speech, but there is a certain, shall we say, flavor that is always lost if you don't get the details from an Iranian news agency:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a TV live address to the nation Tuesday night said the presidential election held on June 12 in Iran was the healthiest, freest, and the most beautiful election in the world.

He also said the election will be the source of many big developments in the region and the world.

The president said all Iranians realized that the election was a big event, a huge epic and completely clean and sound, because they participated in the election, they held the election, they counted votes and there was no fault in the results in the recounting of the votes.

He added those who raised claims against the soundness of the election could not present a document on fraud in election and the whole nation understood this .

"It is not acceptable from statesmen to question such a big epic in the country and of course they cannot do so," the president said.

Expounding on Iran’s election system, Ahmadinejad said that in Iran, both observers and performers of the election are people, because the executive groups are chosen among trustworthy and reliable people of each neighborhood.
People, people who are people . . .
The President said that around 40 million people participated in the election since early morning to the almost closing time.

He added that Interior ministry had only a supportive role in the election.

"That's why in the last 30 years, we have had 30 elections with different results, which in some cases the results have been far from political analysts' expectations."

Ahmadinejad stressed that in the election, the most opportunities and possibilities were at disposal of the competitors and people registered a permanent epic in the history of Iran with their votes.

He called the election as a new era for Iran and the world and said that many of his counterparts who called him for congratulation, reminded him two points; one the record of democracy which Iranians set was unique and a pattern for the whole world, and second the election was a source of big development in the region and in the world.

Referring to the 85 percent turnout in election, Ahmadinejad reminded if there were more possibilities, the figure of participants could be higher, because the whole Iranian nation are sensitive to and interested in their country.

He said that Iran’s election was a great event that affected widely Iran’s foreign and domestic issues.

"The main reason for interference of the enemies in the election was its glorious and magnificent effects as a unique election in the world," President Ahmadinejad said.

Another reason for aliens' interference was that the Iranians reconfirmed 30 years of revolution and the four-year period of the government .

Ahmadinejad also talked about considerable changes in the 10th government and added that he intended to constantly report his work to the nation.

He noted that social freedom is a principle adding that," we have freedom in our country now and we should expand freedom to all parts, although I am opposed to radical materialism and remission."
Spoken like a cancer-cell.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Hamas and Islamic Jihad squabble about money, who is the biggest stooge of Iran

Remember being told that the Palestinians voted for Hamas because they were fed up with corruption? Tariq Alhomayed provides the usual shock treatment for these sorts of delusions, which is not to say that Western leftists are listening or anything:
[...] The Islamic Jihad movement, which is facing financial deficit, resorted to using the weapon of religion against Hamas, which in return responded with the very same weapon. All of this is happening to consolidate the internal positions in Gaza in front of the supporters of these movements.

What Islamic Jihad and Hamas want is not important; the importance lies in what their disputes have revealed, especially as Gaza is cut off from any impartial media and its inhabitants are scared of speaking the truth. Therefore the battle between the two sides is revealing things that we do not know. According to the report published in Asharq Al-Awsat recently Islamic Jihad is accusing Hamas of detaining its members, attempting to take over its mosques and monopolizing Sunni and Shia financial support, which would explain the financial crisis that Islamic Jihad is currently experiencing (as first revealed by Asharq Al-Awsat a week ago).

The list of accusations made by Hamas against Islamic Jihad includes the charge of promoting the Shia doctrine in Palestinian territories – which Hamas based on the fact that some members of Islamic Jihad opted to follow Shiism – because a picture that showed Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad movement Ramadan Shallah visiting Khomeini’s grave was published.

It is odd that Hamas, internally of course, is attacking Islamic Jihad for its ties to Iran and Hezbollah whilst Hamas itself receives financial support from Iran. In the past we have seen leading figures of Hamas taking part in Friday prayers in Tehran’s mosques in the presence of cameras. [...]

All of this is clear proof of the extent to which these movements exploit the Palestinian Cause and of the magnitude of financial corruption regardless of the sources of finance and the way it is used. It is also evidence of the amount of political absurdity and exploitation of religion. [...]
It is probably also evidence that we live in an age, not only of Post-Zionists, but of Post-Palestinians.

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Not quite getting the Wagner thing

From a recent Al Ahram opinion piece.
In that respect, the Arabs are no different from any other people -- including Jews -- when they refuse to forget the crimes committed against them before a just settlement to their ordeal is reached and a historic apology for the crimes perpetuated is tendered. While the Israelis have until very recently refused to allow Wagner's music to be played in Israel because Wagner, who died decades before the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich, happened to be the Dictator's favourite composer . . .
Wagner "happened" to be a prominent anti-Semitic intellectual figure in his own time. His articles influenced Hitler's thinking. This writer assumes that Der Fuhrer just "happened" to take a liking to his music, poor guy, dooming him to the ire of those perpetually unforgiving Israelis. I don't much support bans on music myself, but if anyone ever deserved it, it was Wagner. If you don't believe me, just spend a few seconds with a search-engine or a cheap set of encyclopedia.

Chickpeas turn deadly

I enjoy felafel sometimes, but somehow it shouldn't be the pinnacle of Israel's national cuisine. The present story doesn't exactly make you eager to try the more-authentic Arab version of the stuff:
Sixty-seven cases of food poisoning inundated Hebron’s main hospital Friday night, after a dozen families who visited a traditional falafel and hummus restaurant in Surif, south of Hebron, fell ill.

Director of the governmental Hebron Hospital Sa’id Farahna said most of the 67 were released the same evening following tests. He noted medical officials were at the restaurant investigating its health and safety procedures, while law enforcement officials said the owner was being charged with one count of neglect under the health code.

On Friday evening ten Red Crescent ambulances were needed on the scene at the restaurant to transfer the ill. The effects of the food poisoning were rapid, and panic quickly broke out in the village eatery.

Ahmad Al-Atawneh, head of Hebron police public relations, said the owner of the restaurant was detained and expects he will face criminal charges. [...]

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Jailed McKinney cries genocide, Cole yearns for Jeffersonian solution

McKinney, unlike the prisoners of her Hamas friends, is provided with the means to write editorials while in prison:
During Operation Cast Lead, U.S.-supplied F-16's rained hellfire on a trapped people. Ethnic cleansing became full scale outright genocide. U.S.-supplied white phosphorus, depleted uranium, robotic technology, DIME weapons, and cluster bombs - new weapons creating injuries never treated before by Jordanian and Norwegian doctors. I was later told by doctors who were there in Gaza during Israel's onslaught that Gaza had become Israel's veritable weapons testing laboratory, people used to test and improve the kill ratio of their weapons.

The world saw Israel's despicable violence thanks to al-Jazeera Arabic and Press TV that broadcast in English . . .
Meanwhile, Juan Cole is indignant:
US hostages held in foreign country on Fourth of July, including a former Congresswoman, after having been captured in a naked act of piracy in international waters after the Americans attempted to respond to a crisis provoked by crimes against humanity, as detailed by Amnesty International.

Once upon a time, Americans would have had the guts to mind such a thing.
The phrase about American "guts" links to a description of the First Barbary War, Thomas Jefferson's war against the Barbary Pirates. Didn't that war involve fighting Jihad with blockades? You can't fault him for bringing up irrelevancies.

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Father's Day has come and gone--now they release Volume 81 of the complete works of Kim Il Sung!

Some folks will probably sell you the whole set for a few potatoes:
Among them are works "New Year Address", "On Some Measures for Solving the Problem of Electricity",
The measures must not have been too effective: electricity is still with us.
"Let Us Take Effective Measures to Increase the Steel Production", "On Some Problems Arising in the Improvement of Economic Work" and "On Some Measures for Putting on a Normal Basis the Production at Industrial Establishments and Improving the Standard of People's Living" which clarify in detail the tasks facing different fields to push ahead with the socialist economic construction and the ways for carrying them out. [...]
The cultural achievements of the DPRK don't stop there. There was also an art exhibition. Let's just say it was a bit single-minded about the subject matter:
Displayed in the venue are at least 60 art works created by artists of art studios in capital and local areas.

Seen in the centre of the venue is an art work depicting the President standing against the background of Mt. Paektu, the holy mountain of the revolution.

An acryl painting "The shining victory of the Arduous March", Korean paintings "Here is the forefront before you, leader", "Samjiyon Revolutionary Battle Site in Spring " and other works impressively deal with the great personality of Generalissimo Kim Il Sung who defeated two imperialisms in one generation and achieved the liberation and freedom and independence of the country, bringing happiness to the people.

An oil painting "The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung visits the Kangson Steel Works to start the Chollima movement", an acryl painting "Visiting himself even an underground cutting face", a watercolor painting "Sitting knee to knee with a peasant," etc. depict the revolutionary career and immortal exploits of the President who ushered in a new era of prosperity of the country and built a socialist power, independent in politics, self-supporting in economy and self-reliant in national defence, on this land.

An oil painting "Longing for Father Generalissimo" and other works reflect the ardent yearning of the Korean people for the fatherly leader of the nation. [...]
How can you not love a painting entitled "Longing for Father Generalissimo"?

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MPAK-UK "exposes" People's Cube!

I imagine they'll appreciate the exposure. This is so geshmak:
In the 21st century it is astonishing to note the double standards that one thing can be worthy of condemnation, yet, at the same time be defended by the freedom of press. There is nothing wrong with slandering the core principles of Islam, there is nothing wrong with calling our Prophet a terrorist because it’s just freedom of expression. However, anti-Semitism and offending any other religions is absolutely wrong.

That is why we see websites such as www.thepeoplescube.com freely mocking Islam, our holy books and holy places. The site has a section called “Religion of Peace”, in which all you see is Islam being mocked and ridiculed. The site not only proudly announces Apple Mecca as an achievement, but also denounces Makkah even further by claiming the dissimilarity between the two is that there aren’t ‘regular stampedes’(tawaf), killing ‘geeks’(pilgrims) and ‘female users covered from head to toe in black robes hiding their faces’. This Islamophobic site is a clear example of the double standards we are facing today. If a similar site was put up criticising Jewish rituals or practices it would not have been long before someone shouted 'anti-Semitism!' Such is the state the great 21st Century is in today. We talk about liberation, but I guess there is no such thing when it comes to certain people.

A wrong is a wrong always, with freedom comes responsibility, by escaping the self delusion and considering it a right, there is an urgent need for legislation in order to redress this imbalance. There should be restrictions and boundaries which condemn the misuse of the term “freedom of expression”, but there aren’t any, why? This is because the people who have the power to condemn such act are the ones committing these acts. Under this pretence of this right of freedom of speech, they are destroying the peace and harmony of the whole society. The western world is renowned for its remarkable level of personal freedom, but rarely is the concept of personal responsibility even mentioned. [...]
They should have consulted this. (I'm just not going to be able to explain to people where the silly smile on my face came from.)

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