Thursday, July 02, 2009

MPAK-UK "exposes" People's Cube!

I imagine they'll appreciate the exposure. This is so geshmak:
In the 21st century it is astonishing to note the double standards that one thing can be worthy of condemnation, yet, at the same time be defended by the freedom of press. There is nothing wrong with slandering the core principles of Islam, there is nothing wrong with calling our Prophet a terrorist because it’s just freedom of expression. However, anti-Semitism and offending any other religions is absolutely wrong.

That is why we see websites such as freely mocking Islam, our holy books and holy places. The site has a section called “Religion of Peace”, in which all you see is Islam being mocked and ridiculed. The site not only proudly announces Apple Mecca as an achievement, but also denounces Makkah even further by claiming the dissimilarity between the two is that there aren’t ‘regular stampedes’(tawaf), killing ‘geeks’(pilgrims) and ‘female users covered from head to toe in black robes hiding their faces’. This Islamophobic site is a clear example of the double standards we are facing today. If a similar site was put up criticising Jewish rituals or practices it would not have been long before someone shouted 'anti-Semitism!' Such is the state the great 21st Century is in today. We talk about liberation, but I guess there is no such thing when it comes to certain people.

A wrong is a wrong always, with freedom comes responsibility, by escaping the self delusion and considering it a right, there is an urgent need for legislation in order to redress this imbalance. There should be restrictions and boundaries which condemn the misuse of the term “freedom of expression”, but there aren’t any, why? This is because the people who have the power to condemn such act are the ones committing these acts. Under this pretence of this right of freedom of speech, they are destroying the peace and harmony of the whole society. The western world is renowned for its remarkable level of personal freedom, but rarely is the concept of personal responsibility even mentioned. [...]
They should have consulted this. (I'm just not going to be able to explain to people where the silly smile on my face came from.)

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