Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Angry Arab discovers "Israel's dirty hands in Libya"

What have those Israeli "dirty hands" been doing to sully the otherwise pristine purity of the Gt. Arab Jamahirya? Let's drop in on Angry Arab's blog and see what those hands are up to:
Mahmud Shammam (a Libyan dissident and journalist who edited Arabic edition of Newsweet and served on the board of Aljazeera) has just said on Aljazeera that Qadhdhafi is using his son, Sayf Al-Islam, to strike a deal with Israel and Zionists.
A deal about what? And what is meant by "Israel and Zionists"? I thought Israel was the one-and-only Zionist entity. Isn't it a bit hard to believe that anyone would be trying to make "a deal" with Gaddafi just about three seconds before he goes splat at the bottom of his current plummet? Of course, Angry Arab has had more practice than I have in believing unlikely things. Oh well, I still don't feel so well-informed about the current dongs of those dirty hands. Maybe AA could do a follow-up post with a few more details?

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