Sunday, March 13, 2011

IRIB (Iran): "Haniya reshuffle [sic] cabinet in Gaza"

"Unrelated to the unrest rocking the Arab region"? Interesting point considering the fact that the Iranian press has the clumsiest denials in the business:
Palestinian Premier Ismail Haniya announced the formation of a new cabinet in Gaza, naming the first Hamas foreign minister.

Hamas said the move was unrelated to the unrest rocking the Arab region, but it is likely to be seen as an effort by the movement to convey a more open image to the outside world.

Haniya appointed Mohammed Awad to the post of foreign minister. Awad will also keep his job as planning minister.

Thursday’s reshuffle added five ministers, including one woman. Most ministers kept their current portfolios.

In a statement Thursday, Haniya said the reshuffle was an administrative step and was not against reconciliation. He added that the new government would resign when a national unity agreement was signed ending division with Fatah movement.
I wouldn't hold your breath.

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