Thursday, March 17, 2011

IRIB Radio (Iran): "Israeli regime repeats baseless scenario"

Bad Zionists!
The Zionist regime's officials through displaying weapons that they claim have been discovered from a seized cargo ship in the Mediterranean waters, once again repeated their unfounded scenario of delivery of weapons from Iran to Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army hijacked a cargo ship in the Mediterranean waters, two days ago, and forced it into anchoring in Ashdoud Port in occupied Palestine, while claiming that the said ship carried a number of arms including surface to see missiles which were due to be delivered to armed Palestinian groups in Gaza Strip. The Zionist regime officials told reporters and a number of diplomats on Wednesday that the discovered weapons were in the ship named Victoria, belonging to a German company that sailed under Liberia's flag.

The Zionist regime's premier, Benjamin Netanyahu, through resorting to these claims, said that those, who delivered these weapons, intended to target civilians and baselessly alleged that Iran and Syria try to smuggle weapons for Lebanon's Hezbollah, and Hamas in Gaza. The Israeli officials also claimed that they tail ships in the sea to prevent the smuggling of arms. But, when the claimed discovered weapons were transported from the Victoria Ship to Ashdoud Port, no document was rendered to prove these arms were to be smuggled to Gaza. The Israeli officials' stand toward the topic of so-called discovery of smuggled arms for Gaza Strip, and their insistence on the need to siege Gaza Strip shows the goals that the Zionist regime is pursuing through this scenario. The Zionist regime's premier, in the port of Ashdoud, where the weapons were displayed, referred to Israel's barbaric attacks on the Gaza-bound aid flotilla and alleged that the reason behind Israel's military action against Gaza-bound aid flotilla is to discover such consignment of arms. Netanyahu further termed residents of Gaza as terrorist and said that siege of Gaza, inspection of ships in international waters, and their hijacking, is the right of the Israeli regime in a bid to continue the siege of Gaza.

The Zionist regime staged an abominable and barbaric attack on the Freedom Flotilla in high seas, last May, killing a number of human rights activists that supported the oppressed and innocent Palestinian population of Gaza, including nine Turkish nationals. But, despite all the heinous crimes committed by the Zionist regime, the steadfastness of the Palestinian nation during the 22-day holocaust unleashed by the Zionist regime against Palestinians in Gaza has challenged the usurper Israeli regime and the US. Meanwhile, the fact of the matter is that today the Zionist regime is no longer an invincible demon and the US and West's monopoly over decision-makings in Middle East has been shattered, which are the signs of Islamic awakening that herald the collapse of the Zionist regime of Israel. But, the deterioration and collapse of the Zionist regime does not take place through delivery of smuggled weapons to Gaza, and in fact is achieved through the resistance and steadfastness of the oppressed Palestinian nation.
When they fire the weapons.

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