Sunday, March 06, 2011

IRIB (Iran): Mideast revolts to spread to US

You can't really know what is going on anywhere without reading the Iranian press:
Eye witnesses have reported unrest in several US states while, the US authorities have kept silence regarding their country’s domestic situation, IRNA reported Sunday.

Passengers returning from New York and Washington believe that the Obama administration has not been able to settle the existing great economic problems and that the social atmosphere is on the verge of explosion in most states, according to IRNA correspondents.

They said that the police is on alert in most US states and big cities including New York and Washington, denouncing the police harsh attitude towards the people in streets.

According to the reports, the US authorities and domestic media are severely criticized for their silence regarding the recent protests in Wisconsin.

The US states are faced with dlrs 125 billion budget deficit this year and the authorities have decided to change laws in order to weaken the labor unions.

A passenger at Amsterdam airport has told IRNA that the atmosphere created by western news networks including the CNN and BBC are entirely different from the realities on the ground inside the western countries including the US.

The Americans believe that the wave of protests is not only seen in the Middle East or Africa but the situation is potentially explosive in the West.

The passenger who lives in the Netherlands added that the world people should not forget last year protests in France, Italy and Britain which were severely suppressed by the security forces.

The British police, some four months ago, attacked thousands of university students protesting for increase in tuition fees and arrested a large number of them the fate of several of whom is still unknown.

Political observers believe that the US authorities are trying to attract world attention to the ongoing unrest in Middle East and North Africa while they fear that the recent labor union protests in Wisconsin would lead to anti-government moves. [...]
Let's hope so.

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