Thursday, March 03, 2011

Angry Arab on "Blood and mercy in revolution"

Angry Arab wants "speedy" "military trials" (and executions, obviously) for Mubarak and Gadaffi. Notice his notion of not paying "attention" to the White Man:
The last thing I should care about--and anybody in the Arab world should care about--are the Western standards and criteria and conditions regarding upheavals in the Arab world . . . Revolutions are bloody and Western standards are at least hypocritical. The rightist fans of Edmond Burks have convinced generations of Westerners that the French Revolution was a bloody affair when a couple of thousands of French people were killed . . . Arab revolutionaries should press ahead with little attention--if any--to what the White Man in Western capitals is saying. I really think that mercy at this time in Egypt or Tunisia or Libya may be the factor that could undermine the goals of revolution . . .
I am reminded of a comment once made by music reviewer about a Motown record with gloopy string-arrangements: "bad taste in White people." AA, as far as I can tell, has never written a single word that does not advance the agenda of certain (leftist) white men in the West. He just has "bad taste in White people." I am making a theoretical point here--I don't care what happens to Mubarak and especially Gaddafi.

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