Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Kabobfest puts Libya "in Perpspective"

I'm getting bored with Angry Arab. Here's a whole paragraph from Kabobfest:
We can’t be selective when it comes to eye witnesses. For instance, on Al-Jazeera Live (Arabic), a Libyan reporter was yelling on the phone that “Qaddafi is using Israeli fighter jets to attack his own people,” that he could identify the airplanes as Israeli by the Stars of David on their wings. This was coming from an anti-Qaddafi voice, accusing Qaddafi of being in cahoots with Israel against the free people of Libya. But, if Israeli jets launched from Turkish bases can get away with bombing Syria in 2007, isn’t it possible that they could get away with posing as Libyan fighter jets dropping bombs on Benghazi? Isn’t it possible that Qaddafi was being honest when he said he did not use force yet? Could the African mercenaries be sent by someone else? Is it possible that the two defecting Libyan pilots in Malta were never given orders to bomb civilians in Benghazi? Is it so hard to believe that a ruthless dictator, let’s say one who claims that he had no WMDs, could be telling the truth?
This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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