Saturday, January 02, 2010

Palestine Telegraph: "Was the attempt to blow up Detroit bound plane a false flag?"

Let's sample some of that reasoning:
[...] Let’s just take a moment to see how such a person could ever board a flight with this background. Almost every aspect of his credentials or should I say lack of credentials were out of order and in normal security protocol he would never have got past security in the first place…..this starts at check in. then to passport/security control to the boarding gate and in all cases this man failed the test. We have heard so many times of similar CIA/Mossad type operations that have taken place whereby members or their respective cells orchestrate such activity and plant there stooge onboard an aircraft.

From my perspective I would simply ask one question why would such a terrorist engage in such activity at the end of a Tran’s Atlantic flight, especially when the aircraft has commenced it descent and approach to Detroit? Everyone knows that this is the most active time for everyone onboard the aircraft. The crews are going through their descent/arrival checks, the cabin crews are extremely active in the cabin preparing the aircraft for landing and everyone is wide awake. In most terrorist attacks they are done out over the Atlantic and when the atmosphere in the cabin is rather sleepy.

I believe this could indicate as being another false flag to divert attention from other issues or to gain justification for the US operations in Yemen. Someone somewhere knows more about this rather amateur attempt to make thinks look serious. It also allows the President to again enforce more security measure or carry out other actions based on his “Fight Against Terrorism”…… actual fact the axis of evil that was so broadly publicised lies within the US Government itself with its tentacles extending over to the UK, EU and Israel. [...]
The ellipses within the paragraphs are from the Pal Telegraph version.

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