Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Asharq Alawsat: "The Muslim Ummah is Killing Itself"

The title says it all:
If you look at the world's map, you will find that acts of killing and bombing are primarily rife in the Islamic countries. In Palestine, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan you can see bloodshed, death, attacks on the infrastructure, and destruction of buildings. You will see factions accusing each other of apostasy. You will see fatwas flying around rendering someone's blood forfeit, declaring him exiled from the Muslim community, and banning him from Paradise. [...]

Does anyone heed the prophet's declaration, may God's prayers and peace be upon him: “He who raises arms in our face is not of us.” Remember also the prophet's command: “You are forbidden to shed each other's blood or encroach on each other's property or honor. It is forbidden to you to do this just as it is forbidden to you to violate this holy day in this holy month in this holy land.”

Why is the rest of the world engaged in manufacture, construction, production, creativity, invention, and discovery while the nation of Islam is immersed in hostility, divisions, infighting, and mutual accusations of apostasy? The nation of Islam's news is at the forefront of the world's news bulletins in the newspapers and satellite television stations. You hear nothing except the news of bodies torn limb from limb, skulls crushed, children orphaned, wives widowed, buildings demolished, bridges blown up, cities set on fire, economic development hindered, innocent people terrorized, and the progress of knowledge and development obstructed.

Where are the nation's Ulema, statesmen, wise men, and intellectuals? Until when will these massacres continue? When will the bloodshed end? When will the chapters of this satanic, hate-filled saga be closed? When will this filthy game be terminated? When will our conscience awake? When will we go back to our senses and obey our holy scriptures in the Koran and the prophet's Sunnah, which call for mercy, security, concord, and the renunciation of divisions, hatred, and infighting? Do not those killers in the cities of Islam who raise arms against innocent, unarmed civilians and their children feel any shame? Do not we have enough poverty, unemployment, and injustice in the Islamic countries so that new sects should arise to add calamities to our calamities? [...]
I think Asharq Alawsat articles are usually translated. I wonder what it is like to read this in Arabic. Follow the link to read the whole essay.

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