Thursday, February 22, 2007

Iranian protesters go embassy-hopping

These demonstrations are entirely spontaneous, of course. From Fars News:
A large number of angry students from the different universities of Tehran congregated in front of the British embassy in order to show their protest against the sacrilege of the Islamic and Shiites' sanctities.

The wrathful students congregated in front of the British embassy building to once again show their protest against the destruction of the shrines of the Shiites holy Imams by the US and Coalition troops in Samara, Iraq last year and also condemned destruction of the al-Aqsa Mosque by the Zionist regime of Israel.

FNA reports said that protestor called on the Islamic nations to boycott purchase of Israeli goods and commodities, and further voiced full support for the oppressed Palestinian people.

The students chanted different slogans, including 'Down with the US', 'Down with Zionism', 'Down with England' etc, and called on the Muslim world to show more vigilance and solidarity and refrain from sectarian war.

They also stressed Iran's right to access and use civilian nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, underlining that Iranians will not give up even an iota of their rights.

The Law Enforcement Police of Tehran have surrounded the embassy place and try to prevent any violence.

The students said in a speech that they take the US and Britain responsible for the insults to the Islamic sanctities and stated that the terrorist bombings in the holy shrines of the Shiite's tenth and eleventh Imams in the Iraqi city of Samara had happened in continuation of the West's plots against the world of Islam.

Protestors then moved towards the French embassy and from there to the embassy of the Vatican in Tehran.

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