Saturday, February 17, 2007

MPAC-UK decides that Condi was "Caught Again lieing [sic] For The Zionists"

Evidently, denying knowledge of an Iranian peace overture constitutes "lieing For The Zionists":
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice misled the U.S. Congress when she said last week that she had not seen a 2003 Iranian proposal for talks with the United States, a former senior government official said on Wednesday.

Flynt Leverett, who worked on the National Security Council when it was headed by Rice, likened the proposal to the 1972 U.S. opening to China. He said he was confident it was seen by Rice and then-Secretary of State Colin Powell but "the administration rejected the overture."

Speaking at a conference on Capitol Hill, Leverett said "this was a serious proposal, a serious effort" by Iran to lay out a comprehensive agenda for U.S.-Iranian rapprochement.

"The Bush administration up to and including Secretary Rice is misleading Congress and the American public about the Iran proposal," he said.

Testifying before the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee last week, Rice told lawmakers who asked about Leverett's previous public comments and writings on the Iranian proposal: "I don't know what Flynt Leverett's talking about." [...]
There is nothing in the story about Israel. Just thought you might like to see how "the UK's Leading Muslim civil liberties group" frames this Reuters article.

Related: Speaking of Iran and anti-Semitism, The Weekly Standard now has a long and informative article on Khomeinist anti-Semitism and Holocaust-denial. (h/t: Meryl Yourish)

Update: In the meantime MPAC-UK has figured out how to spell "lying."

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