Monday, February 19, 2007

IRNA: "Official: Iran has not delayed payment for Bushehr Power Plant"

Iran reports that it stands in line every week at Schweggman's Supermarket to pay its utility bill, its phone bill, and its nuke bill.
Deputy Head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) in International Affairs Mohammad Saeedi said Iran has not delayed payments to the Russian Company 'Atomstroiexport' for Bushehr Power Plant.

Responding to a question by IRNA concerning Russian officials' statement on possible delay in completion of Bushehr Power Plant, Saeedi said on Monday evening, "Our payments have been made so far upon agreements and according to the agreed schedule."
Saeedi added different phases of installation of equipment are being implemented very well and the Russian contractor company is doing its utmost to complete the power plant in September 2007.

He said,"In order to to solve part of financial problems which are basically related to the Russian company and not the Iranian side, we will present a solution to them in coming days."

The Russian 'Atomstroiexport' Company declared Monday the timetable for completion of the Bushehr Power Plant may change due to delays in Iranians' last payment.
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