Sunday, February 25, 2007

MPAC-UK decides that the Bolsheviks were funded by "Zionist Jewish bankers"

This article, originating from the Media Monitor's Network site, appears on the MPAC-UK site accompanied by a picture of a dart board with darts sticking in the bullseye:
[...] Stop apologizing for al-Qaeda. You didn’t create them, the CIA did. Stop apologizing for every act of violence perpetrated by Muslims unless you demand that every Christian and Jew apologize for the murderous acts of their co-religionists, too. Enough already! Stand tall, walk proudly and love yourselves because Islam is a great religion and Islamic history is a very rich and impressive one. [...]

When someone asks you to condemn Islamic violence, demand that they condemn Christian and Jewish violence and apologize for the disproportionate amount of death and destruction they have visited upon the world – for if you totaled every death caused by all the so-called Islamic fundamentalist organizations combined, they would barely equate to a fraction of the murders committed by Christians and Jews in the last 100 years alone.

When you are reminded of how Muslim financial support for terrorist organizations has led to thousands of deaths around the world, don’t forget to remind them of how Zionist Jewish bankers in New York, Germany and England funneled tens of millions of dollars to the Bolsheviks, who killed an estimated 20 million Russian Orthodox Christians between 1917 and 1945. [...]
I used to post the following on usenet groups:

There is actually a book on Wall Street financing of the Bolsheviks that is not conspiracy-kook literature. The bankers in question were mostly Gentiles. The following is from Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Antony C. Sutton (Arlington House, 1975), p. 170:

. . . there is considerable evidence of transfers of funds from Wall Street bankers to international revolutionary activitites. For example, there is the statement (substantiated by cablegram) by William Boyce Thompson--a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a large stockholder in the Rockefeller-controlled Chase Bank, and a financial associate of the Guggenheims and Morgans--that he (Thompson) contributed $1 million to the Bolshevik Revolution for propaganda purposes. Another example is John Reed, the American member of the Third International executive committe, who was financed and supported by Eugene Boissevain, a private New York banker, and who was employed by Harry Payne Whitney's Metropolitan magazine. Whitney was at that time a director of [the Morgan-controlled] Guaranty Trust. . . . Ludiwig Martens, the first Soviet "amabassador" to the United States was (according to British Intelligence chief Sir Basil Thompson) backed by funds from Guaranty Trust Company. In tracing Trotsky's funding in the U.S. we arrived at German sources, yet to be identified, in New York. And though we do not know the precise German source of Trotsky's funds, we do know that Von Pavenstadt, the chief German espionage paymaster in the U.S., was also a senior partner of Amsinck & Co. Amsinck was owned by the ever-present American International Corporation--also controlled by the J. P. Morgan firm.
Sutton also provides evidence that Jacob Schiff, that favorite target of conspiracy-kooks, was actually opposed to the Bolsheviks.

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