Sunday, February 11, 2007

(North) Korean News: "Kim Jong Il's Songun Revolutionary Leadership Feats Praised"

I'm a sucker for any article in which the phrase "building a great prosperous powerful nation" appears twice in the same sentence.
A national seminar on the undying Songun revolutionary leadership feats performed by Kim Jong Il was held at the People's Palace of Culture on Thursday. Six papers were presented there.

Candidate Academician, Prof. and Dr. Thae Hyong Chol, president of the Academy of Social Sciences, said that Kim Jong Il propounded the idea of building a great prosperous powerful nation on the basis of the great exploits performed by President Kim Il Sung in the nation-building and defined the revolutionary principle of Songun which calls for relying on the People's Army and its revolutionary spirit as the fundamental principle for building a great prosperous powerful nation, thus indicating the basic ways to dynamically push forward the building of the above-said nation.
The great powerful prosperous one?
Editor-in-Chief of Rodong Sinmun Kim Jung Hyop noted that Kim Jong Il has developed in depth the Juche-based Songun idea and, on this basis, put the work for equipping the whole Party and society with this idea on a higher stage. He added that Kim Jong Il has trained the People's Army as armed forces defending the leader and an ideologically strong army and achieved the unity of the army and the people in idea and spirit and work style, thus realizing the great army-people unity in the DPRK something unprecedented in the world.

Prof. and Dr. Han Hung Song, vice-president of the Political University of the Ministry of People's Security, said that Supreme Commander Kim Jong Il has performed undying feats by building an invincible military power equipped with strong war deterrent. He proved these exploits lie in that Kim Jong Il has built the People's Army into the strongest army and enabled the DPRK to attain the status of a nuclear weapons state.

Prof. and Dr. Pak Son Ho, president of University of National Economics, pointed out that Kim Jong Il, with a profound insight into the requirement for accomplishing the cause of socialism and the specific conditions of the DPRK, laid it down as the strategic line of economic construction in the Songun era to give priority to the development of the national defence industry and, at the same time, develop the light industry and agriculture simultaneously and provided his dynamic on-the-spot guidance to various domains of the national economy, thereby bringing about a great leap forward and innovations.

Prof. and Dr. Ri Jong Hyok, director of the National Reunification Institute, referred to the fact that Kim Jong Il clearly indicated the orientation and ways of accomplishing the cause of national reunification as early as possible, firmly united all the Koreans, guided by the idea of "By our nation itself" and powerfully aroused them to the reunification movement, thus opening an epochal phase for national reunification.

Kim Kwang Yon, chief secretary of the Party Committee of the Secretariat of the Cabinet, stressed that the struggle to build a great prosperous powerful nation is difficult and complicated but the army and people of the DPRK can pull through any difficulties and ordeals and certainly build a rich and powerful country on this land as long as there is the Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il.

Present at the seminar were Choe Thae Bok, secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, officials of party and administrative bodies and working people's organizations at the national institutions and in Pyongyang and officials of educational and scientific institutions, Party cadre training institutions and fields of literature and art, media and in the field of preserving revolutionary relics.

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