Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ahmadinejad: "Holocaust, West's Achilles' heel"

The key to navigating Ahmadinejad's often murky babble about the Holocaust is to remember that the Holocaust-denier is always ultimately peddling a conspiracy theory. Referring to the Security Council powers, Ahmadinejad said in 2006:
"They have been busy looting the regional nations for sixty years resorting to the pretext of World War II crimes."

Ahmadinejad added, "By the establishment of an illegitimate, fake regime called Israel in the region they try to halt the process of all other countries' scientific and economic development and advancement, on the pretext of ensuring that regimes's security."
Now read his latest pronouncement on the Holocaust:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Western powers have been using the Holocaust to play the role of innocent victims.

"These powers used it [the Holocaust] to oppress other nations but we touched the issue of the Holocaust, which was their main weakness," Ahmadinejad said during a radio program on Wednesday.

Ahmadinejad's comments came after he was asked if he accepted the criticism that his reference to the issue had amounted "adventurism" in the country's foreign policy, Fars news agency reported.

"Today, Iran's role is as important as that of the US in the international arena. Is this adventurism?" he said.

On several occasions, Ahmadinejad called for a historical research to find realities about the Holocaust. His remarks have sparked outrage among the Western powers, which labeled him as a holocaust denier.

The critics also slammed the President for what they called unnecessary provocation of the West through discussing an irrelevant issue.
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