Saturday, May 23, 2009

Unfathomable mental power, apogees of victory, reality and horizons

Why is Iran so lackluster lately? In North Korea "An unfathomable mental power of all the people has erupted like an active volcano and new standards and records stirring the era are being created in an unbroken chain in all sectors of socialist construction on the crest of the surging tide," but Iran is merely "moving fast to conquer apogees of victory." In other news from the Axis of Great Leaps Forward, an opinion poll shows that Bashar al-Assad is "the Most Popular Figure Among Arab Leaders." On the Libyan front, "Participants in the internal symposium on Democracy in Africa: Reality and Horizons held in the Eritrean capital Asmara sent a cable to the leader of the Revolution, Chairman of the African Union." Let's read a bit of that cable:
"We are delighted to convey to you the best of greetings, praising your deep intellectual and revolutionary contributions which were discussed with great interest at the symposium.

They added: "As we highly commend your efforts, we plead to you to continue your known role, so that the World Center for Studies and Researches of the Green Book will work harder to promote the unity of African peoples by enlarging mutual intellectual dialogues to deepen awareness of challenges and issues that face real democracy and development in the continent.
The future looks bright!

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