Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tehran Times: "Hezbollah capable of ruling Lebanon if wins election"

Great news!
The Lebanese Islamic resistance movement Hezbollah will be capable of "managing" Lebanon if it wins the country's upcoming elections, the movement's leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said on Friday.

The opposition will "with no doubt have the ability to manage the country," Nasrallah said speaking at a university graduation ceremony in Beirut's suburbs.

"I tell those who are betting on the opposition's failure during elections: the resistance that defeated Israel can govern a country that is 100 times larger than Lebanon."
Hezbollah aspires to be the sole ruling party.
The Islamic resistance movement’s leader added that if the opposition won a majority in June 7 parliamentary elections, they will not beg the current ruling majority "to be our partners in the governing process."

A tight race is expected between the opposition led by Hezbollah and the Western-backed majority, who Nasrallah accused of being behind the country's sectarian problems. [...]
Meanwhile, the Supreme Leader blathers on in Iran's Kurdistan province:
On the fifth day of his visit to Kurdistan province, the Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei regarded national dignity as a very effective factor in the brilliant future of the Iranian people.

Addressing a very enthusiastic gathering of the faithful, affectionate and brave people of Marivan, the IR Leader stressed: "The glorious future belongs to the youths and it has to be be fulfilled by relying on Islamic, national and indigenous recipes and avoiding alien recipes." [...]
In a similar vein, Ahmadinejad emphasized that "people play a crucial role in solving all social problems, including disorder and injustice." That's so deep . . .

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