Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Maan: "Hamas denies it deployed forces to enforce Gaza ceasefire"

Hamas was going to enforce a ceasefire? Perish the thought! Those were merely "false allegations aimed at tarnishing Hamas"!
Hamas did not forcibly halt the launch of projectiles by factional groups during the ceasefire despite Israeli claims to the contrary, Hamas Spokesperson Ismail Radwan said Wednesday.

"These are false allegations aimed at tarnishing Hamas and the resistance," he said, while also denying reports of a recent meeting with Islamic Jihad and other factions in which they agreed to stop launching homemade projectiles. He said they did discuss Palestinian unity dialogue and bilateral relationships among the factions.
Right, it isn't just that Israel has no "peace-partner." What the Palestinians have instead of meaningful leadership is more non-peace-partners than you can shake a stick at.
Radwan reiterated that Hamas supports resistance as a right of the Palestinian people and a response to Israeli aggression comes according to what the resistance believes it should be.

Israeli media had claimed early on Wednesday that Hamas deployed its security personnel at the borders of the Gaza Strip to halt such action against Israel. According to the reports, Hamas members wearing police uniforms searched cars and checked the IDs people moving in the north of Gaza Strip.
"Hamas members wearing police uniforms"--that phrasing displays an admirable avoidance of the "Hamas policeman" myth.

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