Monday, May 11, 2009

SANA (Syria): "North Pole Water Prolongs Life"

Who knew?
Russian scientist Gennady Berdichev believes that drinking North Pole water instead of tap water will prolong life.

Berdichev's advice helped prolong the lives of former leaders of the Soviet Union, India and North Korea.

When asked if he has a special method for improving his health, the 82 year-old scientist said he can't afford North Pole water, which is why he prepares it by freezing purified tap water, then allowing it to thaw outside the fridge until a piece of ice the size of an egg is formed in the glass containing all the harmful impurities. After removing the piece of ice, the glass contains "light water" which Berdichev claims is the "best thing in the world."
Better than heavy water?

Syria is not as thoughtful about translating some of the output of its official press. MEMRI currently has an item about "Articles in Syrian Government Dailies on 'Bloodsucking,' 'Blood-Letting' Jews."

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