Wednesday, May 06, 2009

IRIB: "Islamic Jihad to give harsh response to Israel"

Some are noting that it seems to be the season for giving a microphone to terrorists. When the Iranian Press does it, the results have a different feel:
Islamic Jihad Movement announced on Monday that it will give a harsh response to any attack by the Zionist regime.

Senior official of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Khaled al-Battash warned that the Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian movements will never remain silent against the Zionist regime's new attacks. These movements will resume firing missiles and mortar shell into the Zionist settlements.

Al-Battash noted that the Islamic Jihad Movement takes recent threats by the Zionist regime's army seriously and surely will give a harsh response to any attack by the regime.

He reiterated that the Zionist regime's threats are not new but we urge European, Arab and Islamic countries to take their responsibility against these threats.

Al-Battash rejected some reports that the Zionist regime has conveyed a threatening message to Hamas and other Palestinian movements through Egypt last week.

He reiterated that the Zionist regime always embarks on attack against Palestinian people without sending threatening message. The Palestinian movements should prepare for these attacks and give a harsh response to them. [...]

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