Thursday, August 09, 2007

MPAC-UK: "Shimon Peres Proposes Ethnic Cleansing"

The original is here:
So Shimon Peres proposes a plan for the complete ethnic cleansing of Israeli Arabs, and it is being reported by the media as an offer to give ‘land equal to 100% of West Bank‘ to the Palestinian Authority to create a ’state’.

This might strike some as being geographically impossible since Israel insists on keeping 100% of its settlements, which litter nearly 42% of the West Bank. However, we are told that in return for this land, Israel will swap its Arab towns. So Israel will not only get to keep the choicest land on the West Bank, it will also conclude its long standing project, started in 1948, of ridding itself of its Arab population. Total ethnic cleansing, in other words. [...]
Get it? A land-swap is "ethnic cleansing" but Jewish communities in the West Bank are "litter."

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