Thursday, April 10, 2008

Islamic Jihad: "If their fuel means humiliation for us, we don’t want it."

I believe the way to word that is "Please close my fuel account." The insanity keeps snow-balling. If I started launching attacks on the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, it would probably reconsider its commitment to supply me with energy. Why isn't that good enough for the Palestinians? From Arab News:
Israel yesterday cut off fuel supplies to Gaza following an attack by Palestinians fighters on its fuel depot in Nahal Oz crossing on Wednesday that killed two Israelis.

Though some Israelis demanded that Israel halt all supplies to Gaza, Israeli defense officials indicated that the fuel cutoff would not last past the weekend.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zawahri said yesterday that the attack on the fuel depot was one of the many choices Hamas had. "This was the first option, and the beginning of the eruption against the blockade," he said.

Yesterday afternoon, hundreds of demonstrators began flocking to main intersections of Gaza City to protest Israel’s blockade and economic sanctions.

Abu Ahmed of Islamic Jihad said the attack deliberately targeted the fuel depot on which Gazans depend. "This fuel (from Israel) is dipped in humiliation," he said, because people wait for it for hours. "If their fuel means humiliation for us, we don’t want it." [...]
The words of someone utterly certain that Israel won't have the guts to withhold the fuel.

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