Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pal Petrol Authority: Don't shoot missiles at Israelis providing us with fuel--they might "fabricate pretexts" to cut shipments

Follow that reasoning? From Ramattan:
Mujahid Salama, Chairman of Petrol Authority, warned Palestinian military factions from the consequences of continuing to target crossings with rockets.

Mujahid said that these rockets could cause a humanitarian crisis if the Israeli authorities reduce the quantities of fuel as a result.

He warned the military factions not to enable Israel to fabricate pretexts to reduce the quantities of fuel shipments for Gaza as it threatens the work of hospitals, schools, universities, and other vital sectors.

Israel closed the fuel terminal because of an attack by Palestinian militants which claimed the lives of two Israelis.
And there's a whole world of Israeli targets they can blast away at without jeopardizing their fuel supply at all.

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