Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Wonder of Mt. Paektu Acclaiming Its Master"

Once again it's time to visit the Holy Mountain of Revolution. (According to Wikipedia, "North Korea claims that Kim Il-sung organized his resistance against the Japanese forces there and that Kim Jong-il was born there, although records outside of North Korea show that these events took place a short distance within the borders of the Soviet Union.) This time we learn that the HM of R knows and acclaims its general:
General Secretary Kim Jong Il went to Ryanggang Province in the spring of Juche 61 (1972) to guide on the spot the preparations for the events of the 35th anniversary of the historic victory in the Pochonbo Battle. In the morning one day he said he would like to climb Mt. Paektu.

Utterly nonplussed, the officials tried to persuade him to postpone it a few days at least because of bad weather.

He told them that one could say he saw real Mt. Paektu, understand the mettle of Mt. Paektu and get grasps on the revolutionary spirit of Mt. Paektu only when he climbed the mountain in blizzards and set out on the trip to the mountain with them.

When the party escorting him got to Taeyonji Peak, the snowstorm of Mt. Paektu began to assault them.

The howling snowstorm made it difficult to see an inch ahead and the raging wind carried mountains of snow in a twinkle, blocking the way.

Again the officials told him it seemed impossible to go up further.

Saying with a hearty laughter that a real march was just beginning then, he cut through the snow at the head.

Fighting the way through the maddening wind, snowstorm and snowdrift, the party managed to reach the top of Mt. Paektu at last.

When Kim Jong Il was looking around, with his arms akimbo, a thunderous sound of ice breaking came from Lake Chon all of a sudden and the frantic blizzards began to subside.

The clouds slowly moved away, revealing the blue sky and the sun threw its bright rays. Peaks of the mountain shone dazzlingly in the sunshine.

It was really a grand snow-covered scene of Mt. Paektu.

"Mt. Paektu opened its gate to its master and revealed its gigantic and graceful sight. What a wonder of Mt. Paektu!" shouted the officials to themselves in solemn feelings, fascinated by the mysterious scene.
At (North) Korean News we also learn currently that the "Lee Myung Bak Group" has been "Accused of Producing and Showing 'Anti-Communist' Films and TV Dramas." Oh no!
"Anti-communist" movies and TV dramas are now being massively produced and shown in south Korea to defile the dignified system in the DPRK and incite antipathy and confrontation between the north and the south. And even foreign films seriously misrepresenting the reality of the DPRK are openly shown there. [...]

This is an indication that the vicious and dastardly moves of the group of traitors to completely stamp out the idea of "By our nation itself" which has dynamically advanced the June 15 era in the sphere of literature and art of south Korea and benumb the south Koreans' thoughts have reached an extreme phase.

The Lee group is staging such farce as reproducing the above-said cheap films and TV dramas which were washed away by the strong trend of the June 15 era after being censured and rejected as garbage of history in south Korea in a bid to prop up the unpopular pro-U.S. conservative "government" and bring under control the situation in which it is driven into a crisis at home and abroad. This is, however, a serious miscalculation. [...]
It's a strange world.

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