Saturday, May 28, 2011

ISNA (Iran): "Zionist acts for spread of Semitism in Baku"

"Spread of Semitism"? So I'm allowed to call this an anti-Semitic article?
The Director of Azeri TV of Sahar Universal Network Borhan Heshmati called for Azerbaijan's media not to gloss over Zionist acts for spread of Semitism in Baku.

The request came after many residential towers in Baku had used to be left without any inhabitant.
Dig that Irangrish.
Heshmati said Zionist regime is trying to penetrate into the Republic of Azerbaijan and secure its interests through the Muslim state bordering Iran.

He also said, "Sahar Universal Network has been warning for years over Zionist regime's attempts to penetrate into political and economic domains in Central Asia and particularly Azerbaijan which neighbors Iran."

He added, "the towers have been left without any inhabitant and their rent is so high that nobody can afford it, it represents that these towers were constructed with special intentions."

"Evidence show that the towers have been constructed to house 7,000 jews in Baku," he said adding, "Zionist regime's officials have been calling the Republic of Azerbaijan as a country which represents no threat to them and they (Zionists) feel safe and secure there as they feel in their home. The republic of Azerbaijan's ruling system frequently stresses the country is safe for Jews. It is not surprising at all if semi-official sources in the Republic of Azerbaijan declare that the residential units have been prepared for Jews who are to be brought to Baku from other countries and Palestine's occupied lands."

"Currently, Jews' presence has risen in Azerbaijan and Zionist lobbies are clearly visible in Azerbaijan, trying to secure their positions in different fields. A synagogue was built in Baku a month ago," Heshmatian noted.
How Zionist.

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