Saturday, August 30, 2014

Korean News: Obama "has refused even to remain a human being"

Who better to speak for all world progressive people?
On August 9, unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown was shot to death by Officer Darrell Wilson, a white policeman, in Ferguson City, Missouri State, the U.S.

Such serious racial discrimination in the U.S. sparked off world public uproar.

In this regard, Chae Mu Jin, a researcher at the Law Institute of the DPRK Academy of Social Sciences, told KCNA:

Fierce anti-racism protests are now taking place in across the United States over the death of black teenager. The world public termed this catastrophic situation a civil war.

However, President Obama has taken a carefree attitude toward the case, only expressing "regret."

His attitude angered the black community and all other people in the world. Protests remain strong in more than 100 cities of the U.S. and police ruthlessly crack down on protesters, leaving some of them wounded.

But, Obama is still keeping mum about the situation in his country, though he has talked much about other countries' "human rights performance".

This clearly shows that the U.S. call for "human rights" is no more than propaganda and Obama, its boss, is just a puppet without principle.

Obama, who has refused even to remain a human being to say nothing of a statesman, slandered the DPRK over "human rights" in cahoots with traitors to the nation during his trip of south Korea.

The Korean people will never forget such behavior and surely force him to pay dear price for it.
Meanwhile, "youth and students" had "dancing parties" to celebrate something called "Youth Day." Korean News reports: "They were filled with boundless glory and happiness being blessed with the illustrious leaders generation after generation." And all we have is Obama.

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