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Guess Who: "Those who back Israel will be tried," "Western democracy and liberalism has reached the end of the line"

Following his recent scoring of a victory for Academic Freedom, Mahmoud issues some of his usual denunciatory blather, rendered here in the loving Irangrish of ISNA:
Iran's president took part in Qods day demonstration to favor the freedom of Palestine.

In his speech he said to Israel's allies "If you are enslaved by the Zionists we are ready to help you but if you are at the backstage of Zionist regime then announce your stance clearly."
Interesting sentence.
The powers that back the Zionists should be aware that they will be tried by the powerful hands of nations unless they stop supporting it, Ahmadinejad warned.

"Palestinians and Iranians will not stop resistance until the freedom of Palestine," he added.

Also regarding Iran's nuclear issue he said that this dossier is closed, "Iran does not ask for more than its rights and will not drawback."
Funny how denunciations of Israel seem to lead directly to nuclear defiance. The following, addressed to "universities professors," illustrates some of Mahmoud's post-NY boasting:

IRIB Radio: "President: Western Liberalism Has Reached End of the Line":
The Islamic Republic of Iran's President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has emphasized that ideology of Western democracy and liberalism has reached the end of the line.

Addressing Iranian universities professors, Saturday night, President Ahmadinejad noted that the ideology of Western democracy and liberalism has reached the end of the line, while adding that this ideology has nothing new to offer and is not a source of hope for nations. Meanwhile, President reiterated, pure Islam has a plan for resolution of mankind's problems and concerns.

President Ahmadinejad, who is also the Chairman of Iran's High Council for Cultural Revolution, referred to the speech he delivered at Columbia University in New York, noting that U.S. and the Zionist regime have failed in politics and they are therefore investing in psychological warfare and propaganda campaigns with the intent of dealing a blow to Iranian nation in the cultural realm. But they have failed in their confrontation with the logic of Islamic Revolution, President emphasized.

President Ahmadinejad further stressed that the contemporary world has nothing to offer to Iran's cultural science and scientific culture, and as you witnessed in the recent event in Columbia University they are empty-handed.

President considered science and culture as the bedding for interaction of nations and noted Islamic Republic of Iran doesn't set any limits in academic and university communications and Iranian academics can have scientific and cultural interactions worldwide, with the exception of the Zionist regime.

Prior to President Ahmadinejad's speech, six university chancellors expressed their happiness in regard to the courageous stance adopted by President Ahmadinejad in defending Islamic Revolution's values and Iranian nation's rights at Columbia University and Untied Nations, considering it a source of pride and honor for the Iranian academics. They also lauded President Ahmadinejad's conduct on behalf of Iranian academics.
Kamangir presents one example of academic appreciation.

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