Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hamas Envoy in Tehran: "treaties are like yellow leaves falling in the autumn"

Which is the real Hamas? The one that recently re-offered a Hudna
(Is that anything like peace?) or the "falling leaves" one?
Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) Envoy in Tehran Abu Ossama Abd al-Moti said on Friday that the American-sponsored 'peace' confab, due to be held in fall, is in line with the arrogance's conspiracies targeting the Palestinian nation.

Abd al-Moti, who was addressing this week's Friday prayers congregation as a pre-sermon speaker, said, "We warn those who speak of another Oslo in Washington to honor Palestinian nation's martyrs and their self-sacrifice and bravery."

He said those trying to meet the Zionist regime's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert should know that they would gain nothing but defeat.

"All those trying to hold the conference will bring shame for themselves instead," he added.

He went on to say that Palestinian nation has stood firm like a mountain despite all the challenges and "those signing such treaties should know that the treaties are not worth to be inked and the Palestinian youth are steadfast to continue resistance."

He added that all the treaties are like yellow leaves falling in the autumn and the prosperous nations are everlasting.

He noted that Palestine is not an issue solely concerning special groups, rather it belongs to all Muslims.

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