Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lileks on Non-Proustian recalls

The second paragraph has been cracking me up since Tuesday morning. It just won't stop being hilarious:
Here we go again: Monday. We get this one under our belt, everything else is cake. Better cake than pot pie, anyway, especially since we are in the throes of a Bungled Pot Pie Recall. I love the way these recalls strip the mask off the store-branded fiction. It turns out one or two companies make everything. The press release reads like a roll-call of grocery stores and private-label brands:

"Gutplug AgCorp announced today it was recalling, and not in the Proustian sense of a pleasant late-afternoon autumn reverie, a bean and/or beef burrito marketed under the following names: Prole-Grub Fiesta Mega-Supreme; Super-Deal MexiTreat Family Tortilla Cylinder; Loond's Chipotle-infused Xhotliaxian Mesquite-roasted Salsa Bean Wedges; Snootie Food's Yucatan Cuisine Civet-Musk-dusted Hand-Trimmed Flank Wrap with organic Spinach-flecks. Also the Gas 'n' Gorge's MegaLog Two-hander Bean-bomb." [...]

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