Saturday, October 13, 2007

Qods Day in Havana

According to a brief article in Wikipedia, Cuba does not allow the construction of mosques. However, they know a good anti-Imperialist cause when they see one. From the Cuban News Agency:
The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry, members of the Palestinian embassy in Havana including Charge d' Affaires Majad Abu Al Hawa, members of the Cuban Islamic League, personalities of different sectors of Cuban society, guests and members of the Iranian embassy in Cuba.

In conversation with the Cuban News Agency, ambassador Mostafa Alaei said the issue of Palestine has two aspects. The Islamic aspect of the issue is related to the first holy mosque of Muslims, "which is nowadays under occupation by the Israeli forces." That was the reason for the creation in Iran, after the 1979 Islamic Revolution of the Day of Qods, an annual event opposing Israel's control of Jerusalem, where Qods means sacred in Arabic.

The observance of the Day of Qods was suggested in August that same year by Sayyid Imam Khomeini, then Supreme Leader of Iran, as he said, "I invite Muslims all over the globe to consecrate the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as Day of Al-Quds and to proclaim the international solidarity of Muslims in support of the legitimate rights of the Muslim people of Palestine..."

The international aspect of the Palestinian issue, explained the ambassador, is that the UN declarations on human rights clearly and evidently stipulate that occupation and colonialism constitute a violation of human rights, as well as the killing of people, the forcibly displacement of people out of their lands. "So it is clear that the Israeli forces have carried out these violations of the human rights of the Palestinian people.", said the Iranian diplomat.

He said that the UN general assembly has repeatedly condemned the Israeli forces and government of these violations of human rights and even the security council has issued three resolutions asking the Israeli forces to withdraw from Arab and Palestinian lands.

Meanwhile the Arab people expect that the struggle for justice around the world finally makes its contribution to put an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. "The Iranian government is doing much to help in many ways including having appointed the last Friday in the month of Ramadam the Day of Qods as another step forward in that effort." said Mostafa Alaei.

During the ceremony, which was held in the Melia Habana Hotel, in the outskirts of the Cuban capital, Charge d' Affaires at the Havana-based Palestinian embassy Majad Abu Al Hawa expressed his gratefulness to all those who have backed the struggle of the Palestinian people. He thanked the government of Iran and the Cuban Revolution for their permanent support in all international forums towards his people's cause.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Cuban Islamic League also voiced their convictions that the Palestinian people will succeed in their struggle against the aggression perpetrated by Israel. They also highlighted the Cuban people solidarity with Palestine and recalled that the Cuban government and President Fidel Castro have always expressed their full and unconditional support of the cause of the Palestinians.

The meeting concluded with an evening meal that allowed for exchange among all participants, who in their opinion made another action towards unity in favor of the people of Palestine.
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