Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kim Jong Il has written 1500 books!

A good article in Commentary about why the New York Philharmonic should not travel to North Korea reveals the following fun Juche facts:
Kim Jong Il, according to his official biography, has written 1,500 books and six operas, "all of which are better than any in the history of music." In 2001, the University Press of the Pacific published Kim Jong Il’s Art of Opera, which contains such gems as: "An opera singer must sing well. A stage actor’s main task is to speak well and act well. While an opera singer’s main task is to sing well." We are also informed that an "orchestra must accompany songs skillfully." These gross banalities are natural from a philistine who requires that all music in his country be in praise of himself and Communism.
And Kim Il Sung. For a review of some of this music, see this.

(Hat Tip: Soccer Dad)

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