Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mearsheimer not put in his place

A number of bloggers think this interview puts Mearsheimer in his place. Sorry guys. The interview is in the grand comedian-interviews-serious-guy tradition. The comedian is supposed to get in some good jabs (but it's all in good fun) and the serious guy is supposed to come across as genial and able to laugh at himself. Did you notice that Mearsheimer gets the last word on arms sales to Saudi Arabia? Did you notice that Mearsheimer's mealy mouthing about "supporting" Israel's "survival" but treating it like "a normal country" is followed by the trivial X-mas card joke?

Mearsheimer still gets to come across as wise and professorial, not as cool as the interviewer, but with his "serious" points and explanations essentially unchallenged. Hate to break it to you--bad day for hasbara.

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