Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rooz: "Larijani’s Successor Tasked to Convert Fidel Castro to Islam!"

As long as it's a deathbed conversion:
The replacement of Ali Larijani with Saeed Jalili to head Iran’s Supreme National ‎Security Council is a clear example of the supremacy of the "neocons" in the Iranian ‎regime.‎

During his reign as the deputy Foreign Minister for Europe and America, Jalili did ‎nothing other than repeat President Ahmadinejad’s positions. For example, just like the ‎President, he has stressed that Iran’s nuclear project is "not negotiable on any argument" ‎‎(IRNA news agency, September 8, 2007). He also believes that "Iran’s nuclear issue is ‎not complicated at all", and that the most important goal of the government is "not to be ‎terrified" (Fars news agency, March 7, 2007). But most importantly, like the President, ‎Jalili believes that the government has the responsibility to rectify the world. Jalili was ‎one of the three individuals on the presidential committee that was responsible for the ‎preparation of presidential letters to world leaders (Mehr news agency, June 7, 2006). He ‎was even the special presidential chief of mission that went to Cuba on the strange ‎mission of "inviting Fidel Castro to Islam" (Farda newspaper, November 23, 2005). And ‎in Tehran, he even attempted to impress upon the Communist children of Ernesto Che ‎Guevara through the "teachings of the prophets", and assured the revolutionaries of Latin ‎America that the "example and model of the Islamic revolution could be replicated any ‎where in the world and we are prepared to put our experience at the disposal of the ‎world" (Fars news agency, September 23, 2007). [...]
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