Friday, July 11, 2008

Americans eating bagels to counter depression

According to the Dissident Voice the real cause of the obesity epidemic is "mild depression." Later the article mentions stress and lack of sleep, but that isn't exactly depression. What are we depressed about? The Bush presidency? And what does the author have against bagels? Do you reach for a bagel in the same circumstances in which you would reach for some potato chips?
Contrary to what Americans have been led to believe, the epidemic rise of excess weight gain and obesity in this country is not the result of overeating fat laden foods. The obesification of America is the direct result of a mild depression that causes people to savagely crave, and then overeat, junk food carbohydrate (sugar).

Junk food is the trillion dollar food industries legal drug for this mild depression and, although it’s been very profitable for the food companies, it’s been devastating for the health of the American public. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 368,000 Americans died last year from obesity related illnesses. In comparison, fewer than 14,000 Americans die annually from all the illegal drugs combined. This epidemic is an ominous threat to our country’s future.

America’s overconsumption of the chips, bagels, sodas, pastries, sweets, fries, etc., stems from ferocious cravings that are triggered by low levels of a key neurotransmitter or chemical messenger in the brain called Serotonin. Serotonin is the feel good hormone that affects mood and cravings.

Depleted levels of Serotonin are caused by the contemporary lifestyle factors of stress, poor nutrition, and the lack of quality sleep. [...]
And we all know what causes lack of sleep: blogging!

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