Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ramattan: "Fatah lawmaker holds Israel responsible for Gaza beach blast"

The article ends up calling it a "vague blast":
Fatah parliamentarian Asharaf Juma on Saturday held Israel responsible for Gaza Beach explosion which resulted in the death of six Palestinians.

"I strongly condemn the blast, this is a crime against the Palestinian people, and I call for a national committee to investigate the incident" Juma said in an exclusive interview with RNA.

He called for an immediate meeting between Fatah and Hamas lawmakers to discuss the chaos that erupted after the blast and to work on solving crisis between the two parties.

Fatah parliamentarian demanded Hamas to be patient and to stop all arrests of Fatah members and attacks against Fateh and PLO establishments in Gaza.

Six Palestinians, including five Hamas activists, were killed and more than 20 injured on Friday night in a vague blast in West Gaza strip at Gaza shore.
Along with the claims mentioned in the following Jerusalem Post article (h/t: EOZ), that makes three completely contradictory claims coming from various Fatah-affiliated entities:
A Fatah-affiliated group called Al-Awdah claimed responsibility for the explosion that killed the five Hamas men.

However, Fatah officials in Ramallah strongly denied responsibility and said the killings were part of a "settling of scores" among Hamas militiamen.
There's no excuse for sloppy propaganda.

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Update: Islam Online now has an online forum which asks readers to present their opinions of who was responsible. Following several commentators who finger the Zionist entity, one obviously fed-up wag suggests it was the Seven Dwarfs.

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