Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Relentless Struggle against Imperialists' Aggression and War Called for"

(North) Korean News is in top form here. Note the stunted paragraph development:
The imperialists' ceaseless military intervention and moves to ignite a war against the progressive countries are driving the international situation to constant uneasiness and bringing great misery, sufferings and disaster to the people. Rodong Sinmun today observes this in a signed article.

It goes on:

Aggression and war are the imperialists' mode of existence. They pave the way for the imperialists' unlimited plunder and accumulation of wealth.

It is the imperialists' way of thinking and theory of existence that their escalation of the war of aggression against other countries would make them richer and enable them to wallow in luxury.

The imperialists' greed precisely means aggression and war.

The course covered by the imperialists means a history of aggression and war.

The two world wars which recorded unforgettable tragedies in the human history in the past century clearly prove that imperialists are the worst enemy of mankind and the most brutal war force.

The imperialists perpetrated brigandish wars of aggression against the progressive countries, socialist countries in different parts of the world by beginning with the Korean war in the 1950s.

They are resorting to more vicious and crafty methods to realize their brigandish ambition for aggression.

They are becoming more crafty and vicious in their methods to perpetrate aggression and plunder under the changed situation and amidst the trend of the world.

The imperialists make no scruple of perpetrating brigandish aggression and military intervention against the sovereign countries under the signboards of the "establishment of a democratic order", "defence of human rights" and "guarantee of peace".

If there be any change in the imperialists, it is not their aggressive nature but the more crafty and vicious methods of aggression.

Independence and peace do not come of themselves. They can be achieved only through a relentless struggle against the aggressor forces, concludes the article.
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