Monday, July 07, 2008

Palpress: More Jewish Qassams--Sharon 1 and Sharon 2

An earlier story of this nature ended with the alleged rockets being identified as "cylindrical bins used to hold flares or firecrackers." In this latest report the rockets are called "Sharon 1" and "Sharon 2." Those are awfully Palestinian-sounding names, somehow, but this could be real. What should the rockets be named, though? If they are going to be named after Sharon, we could call them "Arikels" maybe. They don't have to have a Sharon-theme name at all, of course. How about "Cholent and Kugel 1"?
Ramallah-PalPress- Israeli settlers from the Bracha settlement south of Nablus launched two homemade projectiles at a neighboring Palestinian villages on Tuesday afternoon, no injuries were reported.

Palestinian security sources said that the Israeli settlers launched two projectiles as a test for the 'Sharon 1' and 'Sharon 2' projectiles they are producing.

The sources added that the projectiles landed dozens of meters away from the houses of the Palestinian citizens pointing out that the lengths of the projectiles ranged between 15 and 30 cm.

This is the considered the second incident in which Israeli settlers fire homemade rockets towards the Palestinian villages close to the Israeli settlements in the West Bank.
I wonder if the Iranians will send advisers.

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