Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yemen Times: "Islam is Democracy"

This is not an Islam-bashing blog, but I couldn't resist the naivete:
I am a young woman who embraced Islam a few months ago and was in the process of considering moving to the Middle East because I was hoping that moving to that part of the world would enable me to live in a more Islamic environment.

After speaking to several sisters at my local mosque, I was surprised to hear the negativity Arab Muslim women feel about their homelands. I was even more surprised at their shocked looks when I said that I’d prefer living in a society that is an Islamic state rather than living in a society driven by Western democracy.

My three years of research and studying Islam prior to reverting leads me to believe that Islam is democracy, so why do we look elsewhere? I believe no form of democracy can measure up to the rights and freedoms Islam gives men, women and children in all matters, whether personal, marital, legal or state affairs.

My question then is why aren’t all Middle Eastern nations Islamic states? Why do we need a "domino effect" geared by the West to begin the process of their version of democracy when in reality, Muslim countries already have the tools to create such an environment for their peoples?
See the letter which follows and look up the Muhsen sisters.

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