Saturday, July 19, 2008

World and 9/11 enigmas to Guardian writer

This is from the Guardian, responding to an earlier article critical of conspiracy theories:
[...] What happened on 9/11 is, in the end, a matter of fact – whatever our worldview might incline us to consider plausible or possible. The true authorship of the attacks is as difficult to establish as anything else about the world of international terrorism and espionage.

For myself, I have no idea what happened, because I have no more idea of how the business-intelligence-political nexus works than I have about what chess grandmasters are up to when they are staring at the board, looking all thoughtful.

The attacks on the US on September 11 2001 were part of a web of events that interconnect with oil, drugs, money, organised crime, imperialism, existing institutions and us. And religion, and a lot more money.
That's quite a bit of certainty for a professed know-nothing. I wonder what those "existing institutions" are.
It might feel wise and sensible to declare that any explanation that differs from the official account requires hundreds of impossibly tight-lipped bureaucratic killers. But that presupposes that we know how the world works, and we don't.

Maybe the 9/11 attacks were all about a small team of terrorists who managed to hold it together in a world otherwise characterised by crossed wires and blundering incompetence. But I don't know . . .
Maybe this article was about a small writer who managed to hold it together in a world of clumsy reasoning and murky writing, but I don't know . . .

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