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Explosive Palestinian news coverage

Palestinian life and politics frequently involve explosives and explosions. According to Maan, the PA Attorney General escaped a car-bomb assassination attempt:
The Palestinian Authority's Attorney General Ahmad Al-Mghanni survived an assassination attempt on Tuesday.

A bomb detonated in the boot of his car in the Al-Maysoun neighbourhood of Ramallah in the central West Bank as Al-Mghanni started the engine of his car. He escaped unhurt.

Al- Mghanni told Ma'an that as he was starting his car, he heard an explosion, which damaged the fuel tank.

Palestinian police have opened an investigation.

Al-Mghanni said he did not know who was behind the attack and he was waiting for the results of the investigation.

The head of the Palestinian Supreme Court Judge Issa Abu Sharar condemned the attack. "The attempt to assault Attorney General is a serious attack aimed at paralyzing the judiciary and the prosecution," he said.
Meanwhile, at a Hamas training camp there was a "training explosion." Does that mean that a practice attack ended in a real work-accident?
Two militants of Hamas' Al-Qassam brigades were killed and another was injured on Tuesday during a training explosion in Khanyounis city, Hamas sources said.

Ramattan reporter said that a huge explosion took place in a training camp of Ezz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas movement in Khanyounis city, in southern Gaza strip.

Palestinian nedics siad that the injured was in seriously injured. Hamas sources identified the killed militants as Mohammed Abd Al-Shakour 28, and Weal Mustafa 30, added that the ambulance crews evacuated the casualties from the explosion site.
That was Ramattan. PalPress has some different details:
At least two members of Hamas lawless movement were killed while two others were injured after a big explosion shook a Hamas affiliated training military site western of Khan Yunis in southern Gaza.

The blast occurred at the freed settlement of Gani Tal western of Khan Yunis where the military position lies, and it resulted in the complete destruction of the building, medical crews are working on evacuating the dead and the injured.

Chief of the emergency and aids department in the Palestinian Health Ministry Dr. Muawiyah Abu Hassanein said that two dead and two injured where transferred from the area of the blast to hospital, not ruling out the possibility of finding more injured.

Today's blast is not considered the first of it's kind, several explosion shook Hamas affiliated training sites and military headquarters, the matter which resulted in killing and wounding many of it's members in addition to victims among civilians.
"Not considered the first of its kind"--we noticed.

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Update: See EOZ.

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