Wednesday, June 09, 2010

All the really cool dictators have their own peace flotillas

No way Ghadaffi was going to be left behind. I mean, the man has a press agency distributing articles describing him as "suave":
A coordinative meeting was held in Tripoli on Wednesday to organize Libyan popular efforts to operate naval and ground convoys to relief the Palestinian people in Gaza and lift Zionist blockade and, participate in the humanitarian international popular efforts in this regard.

Present in the meeting were the Liaison Bureau of the Revolutionary Committee, unions, syndicates and vocational unions, and national associations, including the Red Crescent and the National Commission for the Support of the Palestinian People.
During the meeting, there was an agreement to effectively participate in the naval fleets that are being organized by the international popular and political activists, in addition to dispatching of Libyan ground convoys to deliver equipments, medical and food supplies to the Gaza Strip.

The meeting agreed to form three commission to organize the activities, the first for external communication and mobilization of masses, second for media, while the third for collecting donation, preparing material and making arrangements for naval and ground support.
Gotta mobilize those masses.

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