Thursday, June 03, 2010

New horizons in revolutionary art

Prepare to have your little Juche heart warmed--this was the "best of the performances presented by art squads recently":
General Secretary Kim Jong Il enjoyed an art performance given by the art squad of KPA Unit 963 together with servicepersons of the KPA.

The squad put on the stage such colorful numbers of diverse genres as female quintet "We Serve the General", male solo and mixed octet "We Will Remain True to the Leadership of the Party", dialogic poem "Gigantic Footprints for Devoted Service", Oungum and female sextet "Bright Moon over Our Country", agitation through reminiscences "Comrades! Take This Revolver, Please!", serial of wartime songs "My Song in the Trench", "To a Decisive Battle" and "For My Only Motherland" and chorus "The Road of Victory".

The performers truthfully represented the invincible might of the strong revolutionary armed forces of Mt. Paektu which grew up to be a matchless army under the care of Kim Jong Il and the firm faith and will of the servicepersons of the KPA to devotedly defend the headquarters of the revolution and surely accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche with arms under his leadership.

They also fully demonstrated the might of the soldier-artistes creditably performing their sacred mission as buglers in the Songun era.

Kim Jong Il congratulated the performers on their successful presentation and expressed great satisfaction over the fact that the members of the art squad of the unit staged a splendid performance rich in ideological contents and high in artistry with art works of great cognitive and educational value which truthfully and vividly reflected the servicepersons' inexhaustible mental power and noble moral traits and their worthwhile service.

Saying that the performers successfully represented the true picture of the revolutionary army of the DPRK dynamically advancing full of optimism and joy with transparent outlook on the leader and the revolution, he repeatedly appreciated their revolutionary style of creating art works.

The performance given by the art squad of the above-said unit, in particular, is the best of the performances presented by art squads recently, he noted, extending special thanks of the supreme commander to all the creators and artistes for having registered distinguished success.

Noting that the servicepersons of the KPA have grown to be indomitable fighters who cherish the spirit of devotedly defending the leader and the spirit of becoming human bombs as their unshakable faith, he stressed that socialism centered on the popular masses in the DPRK is invincible and the revolutionary cause of Juche is sure to emerge victorious as the defense line of the country is reliably defended by that matchless great army.

He advanced important tasks that would serve as guidelines for intensifying the revolutionary and militant art performing activities. [...]
"Comrades! Take This Revolver, Please!" was, of course, composed by Songun Art Union General Secretary, Comrade Hen-Hi Jong Man.

Update: The latest Haveil Havalim is of great cognitive and educational value, reflecting inexhaustible mental power.

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