Monday, June 14, 2010

MondoWeiss gets the "facts straight" on Hamas

Every so often I like to stroll over to the MondoWeiss olam. A current post proposes "Let’s get the facts straight on Hamas." Sounds good to me. How does Hamas feel about the "two-state solution" anyway? Meshaal is quoted from what we are told is a recent interview:
If Israel withdraws to the borders of 1967, and from East Jerusalem, that will become the capital of the Palestinian state with the right of self -- with the right of return for the refugees and with a Palestinian state with real sovereignty on the land and on the borders and on the checkpoints. Then we -- the Palestinian state will decide the future of the relationship with Israel. And we will respect the decision that will reflect the viewpoint of the majority of the Palestinian people both inside and outside Palestine.
Our intrepid Mondoweissnik comments:
Does that sound like "total war" against Israel?
Well yes, actually, it does. Did our intrepid Mondoweissnik read what he posted? Meshaal has stated yet again that if Israel meets all Hamas demands, it won't get anything definite in return.

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