Thursday, June 24, 2010

George Galloway attends seminar on Green Book studies

Sometimes I clean up the spacing and punctuation of these things, but here all I did was to separate the paragraphs--if you can call them paragraphs. Anyway, I think Galloway has found his true calling:
The World Center for Studies and Researches of Green Book organized this evening in Tripoli a seminar on '' Jamahiriya Theory and Temporary Humanitarian Issues ''

The seminar was attended by the Center's Secretary General , former British Parliament Member, '' George Galloway '', Director General of Jamahiriya Thought Academy, Coordinator of External Action at Revolutionary Committees' Liaison Office and a number of RCM members .

The seminar was also attended by some heads and members of political missions in Jamahiriya and a host of thinkers and intellectuals .

During this seminar , the discussion focused on topics and subjects concerning the Jamahiriya Theory and temporary humanitarian issues among them the vision presented by the leader of the Revolution about the solution to Arab Zionist conflict through the ( White Book ) , as well as analysis of international system in terms of its political , economic and social aspects .

The seminar also addressed the implications of the speech of the leader of the Revolution before the 64th Session of UN General Assembly General , as well as the Jamahiriya theory and its stance regarding all humanitarian issues as stated in the Green Book .

The seminar touched on the creative thoughts of the Jamahiriya horizon that gives real and practical solutions to world problems like wars , conflicts , oppression , minority control and domination in the fate of the majority of the masses on this earth .
And as Galloway sinks below the Jamahiriya horizon, we bid him farewell until his next appearance shilling for Iran or Libya or Hamas or who knows what else.

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