Sunday, June 06, 2010

Time for a post about summer camp

It's getting to be time for camp. The Judeokinderlach have been getting ready: clothes, luggage, cameras, seforim. And meanwhile, in the Gt. Jamahriya, Summer Camp Youth have sent a cable to the Leader of the Revolution:
Youth Summer Camps for this Year expressed their pride of the big achievements realized by the leader of the Revolution and put Libya on the political, economic and social world map.

The participating youth in these summer camps underlined their firm adherence to science and technology in order to realize a better and brighter future for beloved Jamahiriya.

In a cable sent to the leader of the Revolution, Chairman of the Arab Summit, the youth said:

"We, Libyan youth of tomorrow and hope of the future, declare our adherence to your historical leadership of the Green Revolution, the Revolution of progress and its national principles, raising the banner of the homeland pride and welfare . inspired by your brilliant thoughts towards the salvation of humanity ... Highly commending the honor you gave us by charging Dr. "Saief al-Islam" to directly supervise and take care of the developmental program for Libya of tomorrow and Libya Youth of tomorrow.

Once again, we reiterate our sincere sentiments of love and loyalty to the leader of our Revolution".
In another current offering from JANA we learn that "Thousands of Palestinian Supporters of Palestinian People Took to the Streets in Central London Against Israeli Piracy Crime Against Freedom Ships":
Demonstration of anger continued worldwide organized by supporters of the Palestinian people in Gaza, who belong to different nationality in condemnation 0f the tight blockade imposed by Zionists and against the raids on Freedom Ships.

In this context, around ( 30.000 ) British protestors took to the streets of Central London demanding lift of the siege imposed by Zionists on the people of Gaza and voicing their condemnation of shameful Zionist Piracy operations against ships carrying humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza.

The protestors raised Palestinian flags and posters calling for freedom for Palestinian people reading : "We Sail for Palestine" ... "Justice will Prevail" and "End blockade on Gaza".

Several British Activists spoke at this demonstration in front of 10 Downing Street-- among the speakers was the former British Minister and former MP "Tony Benn" who stressed that masses will always come out victorious.

On the other hand, British Activist, "George Galloway" former MP has announced that two big caravans are to be organized and head for Gaza, one by land and the other by sea after the next blessed month of Ramadan.

Some British protestors said in statements to JANA reporter in London that they strongly condemn the outrageous piracy crime the Zionist Terrorist Army Organization had committed against innocent unarmed civilian activists on board Freedom Fleet .
British nurse named, "Tania Adams said: "I wanted to join Freedom Fleet and to stay in Gaza".

She added: "What happened on board the ship "Marmara" was unbelivable where Israelis were intending to market this matter as being a mere incident, but they could not market these lies".
I cleaned up the strange punctuation and spacing, but not completely. I like seeing George Galloway with quotation marks around his name.

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