Saturday, June 26, 2010

North Korea: We have a hostage

Most of the articles I post from (North) Korean News are funny in an apalling sort of way. This one isn't. The Cheonon is the South Korean ship that North Korea denies it sunk. Gomes is Aijalon Mahli Gomes, a Christian who was arrested and given a prison sentence for entering North Korea "illegally":
The U.S. is escalating the campaign to put international pressure upon the DPRK while persistently antagonizing the DPRK over the "Cheonan" case. Such moves have gone beyond the tolerance limit.

The DPRK had already solemnly declared that it would consider the prevailing situation as a war phase and handle all relevant issues according to a wartime law.

An institution concerned is now examining the issue of what additional measure it will take against American Gomes in line with a wartime law. He is serving a prison term in the DPRK for the encroachment upon its sovereignty.

The U.S. government is requesting the DPRK to leniently set him free from a humanitarian stand, but such thing can never happen under the prevailing situation and there remains only the issue of what harsher punishment will be meted out to him.

If the U.S. persists in its hostile approach toward the DPRK, the latter will naturally be compelled to consider the issue of applying a wartime law to him.

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